UPDATE: Police Shoot, Kill Armed Suspect at Walmart

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East Stroudsburg, PA -- Police shot and killed a heavily armed man from Northampton County at Walmart in East Stroudsburg late Saturday night.

State police have identified the man as Andrew Todd, 20, of Mount Bethel. Authorities say he walked into the store with two handguns and a machete around 10 p.m. He then began pointing a gun at customers.

When officers from Stroud Area Regional Police entered Walmart, the man started pointing a gun at them. That's when officers shot at the gunman, hitting him in the chest area.

Todd was taken to a nearby hospital, where he died. No employees or customers were injured in the incident in Monroe County.

"It was chaos," said Chris Torino of Stroudsburg. "We were standing by the garden center and people started screaming. Everyone started running and you heard a gunshot."

Torino was picking up some Christmas gifts for his two children when he saw the man inside. With sweat still dripping down his face, Torino told Newswatch16 just how lucky he was to be able to spend another Christmas with his family.

"It happened so fast," he added. "You don't know what's going to happen."

"This was an isolated incident," said Trooper David Peters. "As we go forward to determine why Walmart, why this individual and why now, I'm sure as we interview people that will come about, but we don't believe there is any threat to the public whatsoever."

Given how close it is to the holidays, shoppers at the Walmart told Newswatch16 they'll be extra cautious when they head to the stores.

"I won't even come here by myself," said Vanessa Canfield of East Stroudsburg. "I always ask my husband to go with me because I'm so scared. Now there's a shooter. I'll never come here alone ever."

The Walmart in East Stroudsburg is expected to reopen sometime Sunday morning. Representatives of Walmart released the following statement:

"We are thankful there were no injuries to customers or our associates. We would like to thank the Stroud Area Regional Police for their quick response.  We will continue to fully cooperate with their investigation. We take the safety and security of our stores very seriously so that Walmart remains a safe shopping experience for our customers."

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  • Leo

    I am so thankful that no innocent people were hurt or killed, my first thought is that it is suicide by police…If he had really bad intentions…I think he would have gone in firing the weapons…Glad he didn’t..God Bless. Be careful out there everyone, be aware of your surroundings..report anything suspicious!

  • Tammy K

    Thank you Stroud Regional for placing yourselves in harms way to protect the public. Awesome job keeping your citizens safe.

  • Dianne Hildebrandt Hill

    So where were all the “gun supporters” who vowed to arm themselves so they can protect themselves and others against this type of attack? What they fail to realize is that you can NEVER prepare yourself for these random outbursts of violence. More guns does not equal public safety.

    • JC

      Trust me – plenty of people are armed in PA. Carrying is only a self defense option that you wouln’t have otherwise. This is why we have police officers…who we are thankful for doing a great job!

  • Lee

    Big difference between an assault weapon and a machete. According to the Pocono Record the man had a machete and 2 handguns and was walking around threatening people. The cops shot him. Man I thought we were under attack. Please get a better news source or learn your weapons.

  • Tim Pommell

    Hate the way they do this…. News feed says East Stroudsburg, but no state…. 320 million people, 3.8 million square miles, it’s hard to care about the news when the people reporting it don’t seem to……

      • Shirley cain-smith-jones-michael

        Lloyd please tell me your not one of those fools that feel the need to comment and insert your opinion into others lives that do not concern you! Hyphenated last name or not, your shits still going to stink. How about putting an effort into stuff that actually concerns you!

      • christined62

        How about instead of “crapping your pants” you learn how to protect yourself. What if he started shooting, would crapping your pants have saved you? No, take your safety into your own hands and stop relying on other people to do it for you. The police are not here to protect you. They are here to enforce the rule of law and to draw that caulk line around your dead body after the fact.

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