Gun Maker Moves into Pike County

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BLOOMING GROVE TOWNSHIP -- It was pretty clear Tuesday's grand opening of Kahr Firearms was much more than just a business story.

The owners picked Pike County because, according to them, they want to be where it's gun friendly, and where half the county residents are members of the NRA.

Before long, Kahr Firearms plans to sell its handguns, sub-machine guns and more from inside a room at its new facility in the Pike County Business Park in Blooming Grove Township.

On this day, however, it was packed with staunch gun rights supporters for Kahr's grand opening celebration.

"We are so inspired to be in this land, so different from other states in which we've been," said Reverend Sean Moon, Sanctuary Church.

Justin Moon, who started Kahr Firearms in the 1990s, followed up his brother's blessing and spoke about the move to northeastern Pennsylvania. He saw heavy restrictions on his firearms business in other states, including nearby New York.

"We had to look for more gun-friendly state in northeast. Pennsylvania as a large state is most gun-friendly northeastern state," said Justin Moon, owner of Kahr Firearms.

A Tommy Gun, a Thompson, manufactured by Kahr Firearms, is the kind of weapon company officials say they wouldn't have been able to manufacture in New York State. Pennsylvania doesn't have laws on the books like New York and Kahr can make the semi-automatic firearm right  in Pike County.

"When somebody else is stupid, somebody who's smart is going to come out on top," said Doug Williams, employee of Kahr Firearms.

Company officials said the new headquarters and firearm plant will bring about 200 jobs by next year. Local leaders gave Kahr a tax break for five years, worth thousands of dollars. This helped to secure the move to this so-called "gun-friendly territory."

"I've been a staunch supporter of second amendment, very pro gun, we live in a pro gun county," said Pike County Sheriff Phil Bueki.

But in a country that's endured unending gun violence, and in some cases, senseless mass shootings, Kahr is standing up against gun control efforts knowing it also has backing in Pennsylvania.

Justin Moon added, "It's the minority that keeps on saying we have an issue, issue is decided, we love freedom, we love our guns, we're not going to give them up."

Kahr has another plant in Massachusetts which company officials said will stay open when the one in Pike County gets up and running.

Manufacturing of the firearms is set to start next year.


  • Dan Wesson

    Maybe we should get Ruger, Smith and Wesson, and Kimber to come to PA. The more gun jobs the better. For those who do not know crime is 32% higher in gun free zones. Maybe that is because only the criminals have the guns and target the people who can’t have a gun. If a robber breaks into your home while you are there, what are your chances of getting to 911 and help arriving in time. Good luck with that. I will keep my 1911 handy at all times.


    Nobody else finds it odd that the unification church, aka moonies, called by some as a religious cult are in the gun business?

    • Scott

      No Ron I don’t find it odd…It is their 1st Amendment Right(Freedom of Religion), another words none of your business how they worship, as long as it does not harm anyone. Actually the family are very nice people and they have been close to Pike County for many years, just across the river in Port Jervis, NY is New Hope Farms Equestrian Center..Or maybe it is odd for them to have horses too.

  • Bill Grace

    That Thompson is not a submachinegun nor is it a machine gun. That is a semiautomatic firearm which is only capable of firing one shot per pull of the trigger. On the contrary, semiautomatic firearms are the most popular firearms in America. New machine guns for civilian ownership were banned from manufacture May 19, 1986. Please issue a retraction.

    Additionally, your reporter exhibited terrible gun safety habits when he pointed the firearm at his cameraman. Please exercise better judgment in the future.

    • Jim Hamill

      A Kahr employee called it a sub-machine gun. Also, there was no cameraman. Safety and accuracy are both important to us. Thanks for the comments.

    • Bob Meluskey

      actually you can own legally a fully automatic weapon all you need is either a tax stamp or qualify for a class3 batf fireams license, also good point on the pointing of the gun even though no camera man was not present doesn’t mean its the proper safe thing to do naturally the newmedia is deaf dumb and blind to any progun issue, but quick to jump at anything for gun control

      • Bill Grace

        Bob, you’re correct, however I specifically mentioned the ban on the manufacture and sale of “new” machine guns to (non-class 2/class 3 FFL-holding) civilians. Of course, as you suggested, those few that were registered and held in private hands before the ban date, May 19, 1986, are legal to purchase/possess with the proper tax stamp.

  • Mike Bazinet

    Reporter Jim Hamill must have heard from someone at the Kahr Arms facility opening that the firearm he was waving around in violation of all safe handling practices is not a “submachinegun.” It is a semiautomatic. It fires one shot at a time. That was bad enough, but the two anchors seem both embarrassed that Kahr was now in the Keystone State and confident they didn’t need any facts to back up their banter about more states considering gun laws in the wake of recent tragedies. Really? What states? Legislatures are not in session and the governors in South Carolina and Louisiana have both said that more gun control would not have prevented the tragedies.

  • marbs

    Justin: You may want to consider having 24hr security in your building especially at night if the facility closes. The State Police do the best they can around here but are in my opinion very short handed. Besides that I wish you well and I will check out your firearms when you open a store at the facility.

    • Sassy

      I agree. There is a section of the Poconos, not far from you that is known to have some real problems with gun violence and drugs. Welcome to the neighborhood and good luck.


        not sure where you’re getting your facts. see stats from Asian American news agency
        Support for stricter gun laws is strong across the board among Asian Americans, ranging from 74% among Filipino Americans to 86% among Vietnamese Americans. It is also extremely high among Asian American women and among those in older age groups.

  • Franko

    Once again, another business that the wonderful Wayne County Commissioners lost out on… They could have brought jobs to the area, but yet again, our county doesn’t want progress — they have done nothing in the last 25 years to attract major employers, always letting industrial parks and manufacturing and distribution centers get awarded to other counties…
    And why ?
    Because Wayne County doesn’t even attempt to get jobs into the area — they didn’t even approach this company, whereas some other counties did…
    And they wonder why we have a brand new abandoned industrial park sitting in the Hamlin/Sterling area for several years with absolutely no businesses in it — The county makes no attempt !!!

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