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Sweet Tradition Draws Hundreds to Susquehanna County

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MONTROSE --  A sweet tradition kicked off in Susquehanna County on Friday.

The 36th annual Blueberry Festival brought hundreds of people to Montrose to enjoy a variety of "berry" good treats.

Blueberries, books, and beautiful weather! Three Bs that drew a big crowd to Susquehanna County for the annual blueberry festival.

"Just enjoying it. Beautiful weather, friendly people, blueberry buckles, it's a nice day," said Ray Zekas, Shavertown.

"Oh it's so beautiful, so beautiful.  It's brought back so many nice memories from when we were little and to be able to share that with our children is just wonderful," said Heather Dyk, New Jersey.

The festival benefits Susquehanna County Historical Society and Free Library Association.

Corenlia Flower, 99, has been attending the event every year since its debut in 1980.

"From the very first one it's always been great," said Cornelia Flower, Springville.

"Absolutely wonderful. I love the tradition of it. I love bringing my kids here. Someday I hope to bring my grandkids here. It's the same and it's wonderful every year," said Virginia Owens, Maryland.

Virginia Owens said she has made the trip to the village green in Montrose every August for as long as she can remember.

She said the atmosphere and "berry" good treats make her come back each year.

"It's blueberry buckle, blueberry ice cream and blueberry sauce. I just decided to go for the shebang," said Owens.

Besides the food and vendors folks here say there is plenty to do for the this whole section that has homemade games.

"They are having a good old time and they are not pulling at you to get out of there...there is something for everybody," said Dyk.

"Kids love it, they totally love it! It's a lot of fun," said Owens.

The Blueberry Festival will run on the village green in Montrose through Saturday.