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Real Estate Fraud Victim Faces Eviction

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HAZLETON -- Felix Cabrera has been living in the home in Hazleton he thought was his for more than a year.

On Thursday, Cabrera was served an eviction notice.

The paperwork shows that a mortgage company called Nationstar is kicking Cabrera out of his home on Seybert Street in Hazleton because he hasn't paid the mortgage.

The problem? Cabrera doesn't have a mortgage. He paid for this home with cash. Cabrera says he bought the home back in February of 2014 from Ignacio Beato.

State police are looking into Beato's real estate records.

Dozens of people say they also paid Beato in cash for homes, but it turned out the documents were fake.

Cabrera says the home he's been living in for more than a year isn't really his at all.

"It's like my mind is up in the clouds meaning that I don't know what to do, just thinking of my daughters," said Cabrera.

Cabrera says he loves this neighborhood in Hazleton and he loves his house.

But that eviction notice says he needs to be out next month and he doesn't know what he's going to do.

"All I want is to keep in my house, the one that I thought is my house and I want justice," said Cabrera.

Beato has not been charged with any crime, but state police do call him a person of interest in the investigation.

Beato is also nowhere to be found.

Cabrera says someone has to know where Beato is and he wants answers.

"No matter how far he is, the government they can involved the FBI and they can trace him down," said Cabrera.

Felix Cabrera's lawyer says he has two options: he can either ask the mortgage company for an extension and try to find somewhere else to live in the meantime or he can try to buy out the mortgage.

Cabrera says he barely has enough money to survive the next few weeks.

The eviction notice says he needs to be out by September 15.


  • questions...

    How much is this mortgage they are claiming he has?( Same as the cash price? ) Also is his named signed on the dotted line? And if so did he sign it? And if he did.. then guess what you have a mortgage.. otherwise it’s fraud and that is the mortgage companies problem.
    your lawyer should know this. I suggest Newswatch 16 that you give us the whole story.. not bits and pieces.

  • Yo bro gimme

    Why should the taxpayers foot a bill to track this guy down? Your the one sir who skimmed by without going through a properly licensed device to buy this place! Next time if it’s to good to be true …. Well you should’ve surely known this saying as I’m not near your age and I know better! Guess what ? …tough luck pal

    • Johnson

      You really have no clue about anything but you’re own world you live in. You’ve no clue about the countries these people come from and how easy it is to scam someone who doesn’t have the privilege of being educated in our society compared to theirs. If he was some white dude with three kids you’d be calling for justice. Just another xenophobe in the area. You fit in congratulations.

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