Real Estate Fraud Victim: ‘Everything was fake’

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HAZLETON -- Attorney Ed Olexa is representing 20 people in a case against Hazleton real estate agent Ignacio Beato.

They all say they paid Beato in cash for homes they thought they were buying, but the buyers say it was all a scam.

Those 20 people say they paid Beato about $1 million total.

The Greater Hazleton Real Estate Association says it knows of about 50 victims.

Newswatch 16 talked to a man who says he and his family were duped by Beato.

A house on Locust Street in Hazleton was the dream home for a couple from New York.

Gregorio Rosario and his family had saved up to buy the home.

Rosario's uncle, Jose Santos, lives in the city and thought the house was perfect for the young family. He called the real estate agent listed on the property: Ignacio Beato. Santos knew Beato from church and trusted him.

Although Santos says he thought it was weird that Beato told his nephew to pay in cash: a total of $13,000 for the house.

Santos said Beato then gave Rosario a deed and a set of keys.

"My nephew, he wanted to buy a new house and make the American Dream. Now everything is gone because all that paperwork was fake," said Santos.

Santos said his nephew was so excited to move to Hazleton from Manhattan because he would finally have a big yard, but when that family got here and tried to put the new keys in the door, the keys didn't work.

Santos and his nephew called Beato again and again.

"He lied. He never answered the phone. He ran away."

Santos feels awful because he thought he could trust Beato since they're both from the Dominican Republic.

"He's one of us, so we think he's working for all the community," said Santos.

Rosario is now stuck in New York, out all that money and he can't afford to buy another home.

Santos said his nephew will now have to rent since he lost most of his money.

As for Beato, he has not been charged with any crime at this time, but state police are calling him a person of interest.

Newswatch 16 tried to reach out to Beato, but he is nowhere to be found.


      • Magicmikexxsm

        No little Stevie, NOT small minded, small personality, I have visited more countries then you have fingers on your hands , I have lived in some of them.. I know what’s going on in the world and here in america..I’d say you are the small minded and blind one NOT to see what the DNC is doing to our country……Oh and did you ever hear of the movie Magic Mike? Duh….

  • Magic Mike XXsm

    Real Estate Fraud Victim: ‘Everything was fake’……………………….

    Glad to see it was one of your own kind that scammed you “Dominican” LOL Do us all a favor Move……

  • disturbed....

    I am more disturbed by his ” He’s one of us” …. and what would that be?? if you are here in America.. aren’t you American now? Sorry that anyone gets scammed. but a $13,000 dollar dream house?

    • Racist as a mellon farmer

      “one of us” = Dominican

      Its in the paragraph right before that quote. They are both from the D.R.

      buying up all the Luzerne county ghettos to create their dream barrios.

    • Racist as a mellon farmer

      Also to show how dumb your comment is…

      NO just being “here in America” doesnt make you an “American” or “U.S. citizen” ….that doesnt technically make them illegal either. You do realize they have a test to become a US citizen that MOST Americans wouldnt pass.

      • Magic Mike XXsm

        You do realize they have a test to become a US citizen ……………………………………………………………
        That’s only if you go through the correct channels , no these people are waiting for Obama, and the DNC along with RINO Republicans to give them blanket amnesty……..Vote Hilary and Vote Often .

      • Marylin Hanson

        You do realize that your ancestors just showed up here in America and were given things for free? Dont act like you weren’t eating Free government cheese as a kid.

      • Magicmikexxsm

        You do realize that your ancestors just showed up here in America and were given things for free? DuH….
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    • meep

      your comment is exactly what is wrong with this area. I think people like you are more of the problem. It’s one thing to not like someone for who they are, but to dislike them due to their heritage is absolutely disgusting. Go travel to other countries you’ll learn way more from people with different backgrounds than you ever can by sitting on wnep commenting on others peoples race. I am not sure how to live with yourself day to day with such hate in your soul. I hope you find peace and an open mind. I can’t stand people like you and you’re probably “just like me.” giving “our” people a bad name. We’re a HUMAN race not a battle of skin color. You can speak when you can spell melon right. Until then, please stop talking and “breeding” for the sanity of others, you look incredible weak and small when you speak about others.

  • Joe Jablonsky

    Buyer Beware! Learn the process, the Gentleman was probably unaware of the title search process, and that it usually takes 4-6 weeks to process all paperwork for closing. They need to find this guy and give him hard working labor to repay all the families he ruined, restitution plus interest!

    • keith hinkel

      This should never happen. The Atty. Gen. of Pa is responsible to investigate this type of fraud as well as auto dealers. Atty. Gen will not do this. Or AG takes too long to begin anything. As usual no one cares about the consumer–“it is only $$$”!!! Well it is not. It is about the LAW!!

  • Pat

    Watch out for the scammers, they’re everywhere. He thought it was weird to pay in cash? Didn’t he think it was unbelievable to pay $13,000 for a house?

  • roman

    I Read This Article This Very Bad News For Real Estate Market.
    In This Case All The Investor Feel Very Bad Because Of This Very Big Victim In This Time Everything Was Fake…………

    • Racist as a mellon farmer

      How Did You Get Capitalized Letters On All Your Words And Not Realize You Are Doing It Wrong?

      its like a really long book title

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