Moviegoers in Lackawanna County React to Theater Shooting in Louisiana

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MOOSIC -- For moviegoers at Cinemark in Moosic, whether they were here to see “Trainwreck” or any other feature film, most were aware of the tragedy that took place in Louisiana.

“I have friends there and they're just sad, that something like that could happen,” said Lela Emmett from Plymouth.

“Nobody has any respect for anybody's lives or property anymore. It's a shame. It's all going down the tubes,” said Terry Kresge from Florida.

On Thursday night, during a showing of “Trainwreck” at a theater in Lafayette, Louisiana, a gunman opened fire, killing two people and then himself and wounding several others.

Some people at Cinemark in Moosic feel no place is truly safe anymore.

“There's too many guns for one thing and a lot of people who don't care about anybody,” said Kathy Hurling of Gouldsboro.

“Whenever you go to the movies, you have to look out for yourself, something like that happens, that's kind of crazy,” said Brandon Golson from Washington, D.C.

“It just makes me feel you can't be safe anywhere now. You always have to keep your guard up and make sure nothing crazy is about to happen, but you can't control what happens. That's the scary part about it, you can't control it,” said Shyla Liverpool from Maryland.

Others say the one thing they can control is their own lives and fear will not control them.

“I just look at it, things are going to happen anywhere, it doesn't have to be a theater. I know other things have happened at theaters as well, but it could be anywhere. I can't really change my life based off the actions of a few,” said Shane Yetter from Carbondale.

“You have to live your life the way you have to live, one day at a time and if it's your time, it's your time. But I think we have to just live one day at a time,” said Steve Hanley from Nanticoke.

Authorities investigating this latest shooting in Louisiana say the gunman did obtain his firearm legally.

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  • GoodJobNews

    Honestly I blame big media. For 2 months all we saw in TV was the Colorado movie shooting and his exact plans, a copy cat was going to happen. When something in sensationalized stupid people will copy it……..

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