Music Fans Invade Montage Mountain

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MONTAGE MOUNTAIN -- Camp Bisco, a three-day music festival, is bringing thousands of people from all over the country to Lackawanna County.

The ski slopes on Montage Mountain are dotted with tents.

It's a big event that brings some security concerns along with it.

It's a music fan invasion of Montage Mountain in Scranton. Thousands of them are here from all over the country to rock the mountain for three days, all part of Camp Bisco, a celebration of electronic dance music.

"Oh, my God, I can't even explain it. It's so great. Honestly, Bisco is amazing," said Daniel Alpert of New York State.

There are a lot of logistics to host nearly 20,000 people for three days, many of them camping on the Montage Mountain ski resort slopes. That's a lot of people with a lot of gear getting up a big mountain.

"You're going to get complaints about the hike up but once you're set up and looking out over the town of Scranton, you can't beat it, it's really nice," said J.P. Harris from Connecticut.

Patrick Wilcox and Mary Grace Greer drove 17 hours from Memphis, Tennessee.

"That ride was really crappy, but look at this beautiful place. Look at it!!" said Wilcox.

"The sunrise was beautiful, the mountains are beautiful. I'm so in awe of this whole area," Greer added.

This event really has taken over much of Montage Mountain. There's the traffic on Montage Mountain Road. PNC Field is a shuttle stop for people getting the bus to take them up to all the fun.

Before they get into the lots for the concert and camping, all vehicles are being searched.

Camp Bisco drew controversy during its years in New York state for drug use concerns. Now that it moved here, concert officials say all cars and bags will be searched

The concert promoter hired a private security firm. Dogs were part of the search, too.

Lackawanna County says it will also have a high sheriff's presence

"We went through a pretty hard search coming through here. So honestly it would be hard to get a lot of stuff in," said Sarah Bucci from Connecticut.

Google Map for coordinates 41.357168 by -75.686540.


  • David

    Montage Waterpark should be ashamed that they allowed this to happen to the waterpark , They opened it to the public yesterday and the water conditions were not safe what’s so ever. There was garbage and the smell of alcohol and puke all over the place. It was not a place for kids to be at. Never should of been open yesterday, it should really be looked at by the health dept on how bad the wavepool alone was. Green, slimy cig buts in there as well as beer cans all over the place. Its a joke, people hundreds of dollars for season passes and the conditions of the area are bad the health dept should take a look at it

  • sleepless in scranton

    I live in the east mountain section of Scranton, and the music is vibrating my house. I’m all for generating area revenue, but at close to 2 in the morning for the second straight night, is really pushing it. I can’t remember concerts ever playing this late.

  • Bob

    Montage Waterpark is closed until the concert is over and they will be closing for Peach Fest too. It would have been nice to know that a season pass isn’t actually for a whole season when you buy them. A lot of pass holders are pissed off that we can’t use our passes on one of the nicest weekends of the summer. If WNEP were to do a “Does It Work?” segments on Montage Waterpark season passes, the answer would be NO!

    • Francis "don't call me francis" schmitt

      sneaking over the fence does not count as a “season pass” bob.

    • Lisa

      I agree! Bought season passes for the whole family and couldn’t go on the hottest days. They should have told us before we bought the passes.

  • Mountain Man of Campbell's Ledge

    beep beep boop boop not music more like music wagon backing up not forward.
    Gimmi Jimmy Page or Eddie Van Halen any day.

  • pope

    since tom clark thinks he makes the weather not the sun….he must be responsible for global warming.

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