Building Begins for New Playground

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MARSHALLS CREEK -- An elementary school in the East Stroudsburg School District may finally get a playground. They broke ground on the project at Resica Elementary, but now this construction project desperately needs some help.

Progress is being made, finally, on a long-awaited playground in Marshalls Creek. Volunteers began bright and early digging holes for what will be the new Resica Community Playground.

"When I was a kid here, I had the playground, so I wanted to give back to the community and have another playground for the kids,” said Andres Rodriguez of East Stroudsburg.

Volunteers are being guided by the help of a few professionals to assemble the playground this community has worked hard for.

"We're supervising. We're telling people how to build and what to build. Basically getting the show going here,” said Bill Hugill of Leathers and Associates.

The 18-year-old playground was ripped out last June because it had cancer-causing materials in it and was dropped by insurance.

But to get this new playground put together on schedule, these volunteers need some help.

"We want to be able to build the whole playground by Sunday and unless we get another 80 to 90 people a day, it may, the whole playground may not be able to be built,” said Resica Elementary School Principal Gail Kulick.

Stakes mark a hole that still has to be dug, and with rocks beneath the ground, these guys need all of the hands and help they can get.

"It has been hard, but we're getting through it, time and patience,” said Rodriguez.

Rock after rock is slowly ripped out of the ground. One hole so far has taken an hour to dig. Volunteers say they also need more tools and wheelbarrows to get the job done on time.

"If you show up, we have a job for you. It doesn't matter if you've never held a hammer or never dug a hole,” said Kulick.

The new playground is scheduled to open at 6 p.m. Sunday.

You can show up in person to volunteer or register online here.

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