Second Movie Screen Opening at Circle Drive-In Theater

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DICKSON CITY --  The Circle Drive-In movie theater in Dickson City is finishing up a construction project that will expand the landmark.

The drive-in movie theater just off the Scranton-Carbondale Highway in Dickson City has been a hot spot for years. Now the drive-in is getting an upgrade with second screen for visitors to enjoy.

"I'm a firm believer in perpetuity and that's forever and everything here is going to last forever. It's going to be here permanently and that's why we are doing that," said Michael Delfino, Circle Drive-In Theater owner.

Michael Delfino, 95, has owned the Circle Drive-In Theater since the early 1960s.

He tells Newswatch 16, the expansion cost a couple hundred thousand dollars, but will give moviegoers more options and will fit about 300 more cars into the upper lot.

"You want to take ma, pa, the kids," said Delfino, "I think they are going to like this because they can roam, they can talk, they can walk, they can do anything. You go to an indoor theater you can't do that."

The new screen is just a little bit smaller than the original and the plan is to show more than just movies. They hope to show live concerts and sporting events, too.

"I think in the next five or six years you're going to see sporting events on that screen. You're going to see Penn State football on that screen," said Delfino.

Other businesses in the area hope the extra screen will attract more people to Dickson City.

"It's important to the business. It helps bring in more customers there, and everyplace else.  Getting more activity on the highway is better for everybody," said Jack Minelli, Idle Hour Lanes.

Owners of the Circle Drive-In hope to debut the new screen this weekend.

One movie scheduled to show so far is "Terminator: Genisys," starring Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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