Mountain View Teacher Charged for Sex with Student

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KINGSLEY -- A teacher in Susquehanna County is facing sex charges for improper contact with a student.

Megan Clough, 29, of Susquehanna was arraigned Friday on one count of institutional sexual assault. Investigators said Clough, a teacher at Mountain View High School, had sex with a male student.

Clough is also accused of sending nude pictures to that male student through the popular app "Snapchat."

Those pictures would end up in the hands of at least one other student, and in front of the eyes of many more throughout the school.

Institutional sexual assault is a kind of charge is usually filed when the victim is 18 or older but still a student.

In an interview with state police, Clough admitted to having sex with a student once, saying, "I guess I had feelings for [him.]"

"If you're going to have a job - at least be professional about it," said Jake Krupovich, an upcoming senior at the school. " [Be] as professional as you can be and have some respect."

"Teachers shouldn't be messing around with kids or nothing like that," added Chase McLaud, a 2009 graduate of Mountain View High School. "If they do, kids are going to talk so you're better off just keeping on your own. Outside of school, that's your private life and students shouldn't be in your life outside of school."

Adults in the area we spoke with told us there's a delicate balance in maintaining a cordial relationship between a student and a teacher. But more often than not, it's the teacher's responsibility to not cross that line.

"That whole relationship requires specific boundaries and trying to keep those boundaries is where it can get kind of difficult," said Trena Hedges.

Clough is free on bail. Newswatch16 reached out to Clough, but was told through family members that she had nothing to say.


  • Kathleen

    Typical comments from the men! You’re just as sick as to not knowing when you shouldn’t cross the line. Legally it is wrong and morally disgusting to manipulate a student. She’s a predator that should placed on the Megan’s law website for sexual abuse of a student right there with the rest of them!

    • John

      Must be a bunch of dumb teenagers…they don’t what they are talking about,they think everything is COOL!

  • Tshirts

    Teachers need to work on their game if they are gonna sleep with a grown 18 yrold man or woman. Meet them through a local gym. Then all legal right! You can day I didn’t even know he was in my school. Probably a better plan but there are ways around sleeping with man in this over governed country

    • Mr Wales

      Perhaps you need to go back to school so you can express yourself in complete and logical sentences.

      • TSHIRTS

        You got me there. No idea what happened with that reply. I typed out more and thought it all came through.

  • Mad In Hazleton

    Well if the kid was 18 she didn’t break any laws he’s over the age….but you know the old saying, don’t krap where you eat……..and she did ……..but she shouldn’t be charged, just disaplind by the school.

  • Mad In Hazleton

    Mountain View Teacher Charged for Sex with Student…….
    She’s hot, wish some of the hot teachers I had in High School put out….back in the late 70’s…..I’d kept my mouth shut and keep tapping that while thatapping is good………LOL

  • Tshirts

    Where are the charges against the govt for letting 18 yr old men join the service. This country has instituted so many laws that it has become laughable. She slept with an 18 yr old man who mad a decision to hit it

  • Mike

    Dude…. Where were the hot smokin’ teachers when I was in high school!!?? The only crime here is the crime of the student and teacher for being stupid and running their mouths!! If I was in high school and tappin’ that I would a kept my mouth shut!!

  • What's right is wrong

    That would be OK. They can get married now too, and force Christian bakers, pizza, and flower shops to cater their wedding. Then one of them can become a woman and call herself ‘Megan’ (apologies to any Megan’s out there) and the country would celebrate their courage to become who they really are. See, nothing wrong here at all.


    Seriously from a guys perspective, when I was 18 if I would of scored with a hot teacher like this, I would of been the envy of all my male friends !

    This Teacher is very cute and good looking !

    When I was 18 years old, my lady teachers had white mustaches, wore ugly cat glasses and had bee hive hairdo !

    Very cute teacher in this article ! 18 is an adult, and maybe I am a chauvinist, becuase I only feel it should be a penalty if the teacher is a man and the girl is 18, in this case I would of been the envy and hero to all my friends when I was 18 with this hottie !

    • don't be a dope (keepin it real)

      the kid was UNDER 18, that’s the issue here. Are you too much of a DOPE to realize that?

    • What's right is wrong

      “When I was 18 years old, my lady teachers had white mustaches, wore ugly cat glasses and had bee hive hairdo” Don’t forget the foam leisure-pant suits. Thanks for opening old wounds, years of therapy down the tube…

  • Mr. Slave

    Lucky guy! I mean, the teacher’s actions were pretty dumb, with the pics and all, but I would have loved to have an experienced teacher like that when I was 18. Wooo Hooo!!! Of course, I graduated high school long before I was 18. Man, I had a few teachers I would have loved to get some “private lessons” from.

    • Chip C.

      Can you REALLY be so, um, stupid? Your comments are alarmingly infantile and COMPLETELY uninformed not to mention biased and offensive. Your rock misses you, please crawl back…

    • What's right is wrong

      And what would you do, tough guy? This stuff happens all the time, doesn’t make it right but the boys are high- fiving (if they still do that) with their buddy scoring with teacher.

    • BZ22

      He was 18, not 12, and knew exactly what he was doing. Showed the pictures to prove it!! Maybe having a talk wtih your son might be in order as well!

  • Daniel

    How is this a crime? Getting with a hot older teacher, well done kid. If that were my boy I would give him a high five!


    Ch. 16 is now reporting the student is 18 and no longer considered a minor. According to police records the incident occurred March 12 but the Supt. wasn’t made aware of a “situation” until June 9. I absolutely DO NOT condone the teacher’s actions but the timing and reporting of it seem a little off. No one knew anything or had a problem for three months but four days before graduation and school was out someone decided to talk?

    • Valfreyja

      Some of the dirtiest politics in this nation go on in schools. If you’revnot part of a PTA or involved with the administration you may be surprised.


        Nothing surprises us. Add power and ego to those politics! Those pictures were passed around and no one in an official capacity knew or heard whispers? Really?

      • Valfreyja

        Luckily for me there are laws protecting unpopular speech. Popularity is no measure of the worth of a statement.

    • Random human

      Maybe it did come out a few days before the end of the school year… But maybe, being good supervisors and leaders, they wanted to focus on the children who accomplished an important life milestone (like graduating) instead of the teacher who screwed up royally. Not everything in life is about politics. Although usually in schools it is, I just don’t believe it was this time around.

  • georgefinnegan

    Looks like she’ll be in for a wrist slapping – even though she should be in Jail for 20 yrs.

  • This is how it is folks

    Van Halen’s 1984 Song : “Hot for Teacher” was written for a reason back in the day ! Most students, were hot for a good looking female teacher !

    But these days more and more, it should be rewritten and named : “Hot for Student” as more and more Teachers appear to be hot for students in my opinion ! Troubling times folks ! Troubling !

  • ERIC C.

    Fingerbang bang bang Fingerbang bang bang bang bang
    I’m gunna fingerbang, bang you into my life.
    Girl, you like to fingerbang and it’s alright.
    ’cause’ I’m the king of fingerbang, yea, that’s right .
    I’ll just fingerbang, bang you every night.

  • Get Real

    This is happening all too frequently lately. If a teacher is convicted they should do jail time AND lose their teaching credentials.

  • Buck Clemington

    I heard the student had to be admitted to the hospital for a broken hand due to all of the high fives from his classmates.

    • Bren

      Same as when your high school age daughter slept with her make teacher, right? What’s good for the goose is good for the gander, as the saying goes.

      • Just Bob!

        I see no problem with that either. As long as she’s above the age of consent that’s fine.

      • Valfreyja

        Sorry Bren, but just because there’s a double standard doesn’t mean it’s wrong. I’m not going to sit here and condone sex with ANY underage person. But there is clearly a GIGANTIC difference between an older teenage boy and an older teenage girl. The two sexes are at completely different places with their psychology and sexuality. You men need to practically be restrained to keep their dip sticks out of places they shouldn’t be.

        I don’t know anything about any of these cases anyone else in the general public doesn’t know. But were I a betting man I’d lay good money down that in a solid half these cases the young man was the aggressor. Women…don’t really know what goes on in the mind of teenage boys and for that you may be grateful.

      • Johnson

        In what way is this similar to an older male doing this to a younger female? So you’re saying male and females have the exact same experience in society and are biologically the same. Wrong. Just because it seems like it’s hypocritical doesn’t mean it’s wrong.

      • Tshirts

        If she is 18 she can do what she wants. Rather have her with an older teacher then some young puke. Better yet that or join the military at18 to support a country that is in distress

      • Valfreyja

        Haha! I totally get people disagreeing with the philosophical content of my comment, but why did you all dislike the typo correction? And MORE people disliked the typo correction than my actual comment (0,3 on original statement, 0,4 on typo correction at time of this posting.)

        We’s some fickle people here in the mid state.

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