100-Year-Old Woman Credits ‘Booze’ for Long Life

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PLAINS TOWNSHIP -- A woman from Luzerne County had good reason to celebrate Tuesday.

Pauline Spagnola of Plains Township celebrated with friends at her 100th birthday party at the Golden Living East Mountain Center near Wilkes-Barre.

She says the secret to her longevity is "a lot of booze."



  • Harry Calahan

    I know this lady personally. For a person that age, her mind is as sharp a tack, as well as her humor. If you don’t know her, keep your negative thoughts to yourself.

    • Loving Family from New Jersey

      My Aunt Polly was the greatest, most loving person and always looked after her daughter, who had poor health. She has a great sense of humor and lives life to the fullest! She has inspired many and shame on those with negative comments!!!!!!!!!

  • flexdoc

    I love when they ask these old people the secret of their long lives and they just make up any shit since they really have no idea. Probably just genetics and luck. But people are quick to quote them as if a long lost secret has been found.They could say eating feces and you just know there’d be some people quoting them and trying it.

  • speakeroftruths

    It’s all up to fate and your genes….i knew 2 people who drank, smoked and lived to be 98…..then i knew a lady who went to sleep early, woke up early, ate fresh fruits and vegetables from the garden she grew and she died of cancer at 54 years old….when the reaper wants to come and get you…HE WILL TAKE YOU….no matter how you live!!!

    • Bob Keister

      After several brushes with death , I broke free from a terrible alcohol addiction and am sober coming up on 38 years … Everyone is built different . Stories like this are fine as long as they don’t promote heavy use of ” booze ” . As it destroys more people and families than most will ever admit .

  • Lee

    This woman obviously is not very educated, or just doesn’t care about the influence or impact she can have on our young people. Insinuating that alcohol increases your life span, when the general public knows that alcohol is one of the leading causes of death in the United States, with no age discrimination. If Alcohol itself doesn’t kill a person, it will kill indirectly through an accident, or even murder. It is inexcusably wrong that this even made the media…Shame on her and them.

  • tantalizingtehya

    I can find no problem with this woman’s logic! My grandfather who lived in Pittsburgh, lived to be 100 yrs 6 months and when he woke up each morning he would have a glass of wine with a raw egg in it…

  • sickofitall

    I wonder why this article has so many comments – oh, yeah, because it’s about drinking. Good for her if she can drink to her hearts content every day and not have fatty liver, cirrhosis of the liver, or some other heavy drinking related disease. Most people I’ve ever known who drank in excess weren’t so lucky, losing their families, crashing into trees, or dead from alcoholism. I think it was just a comment she made in humor. Without sounding like a goody-two-shoes, it’s pretty irresponsible to use her comment as a headline and glamorize excessive drinking, which in reality is very problematic in society, including spurring on domestic abuse.

  • agentdanni

    I love it! That’s the kind of woman I try to be (hey, any excuse for my whisky and scotch!)

    • Chris the Diss

      pretty sure assisted living homes and nursing homes are paid by her insurance or family. go back to pornhub

    • Jody McKibben

      How on earth do you know that…. and apparently “bad behavior” got her to 100 !! I think someone else smells like poo poo instead of PA…. Don’t have nothing nice to say don’t say nothing at all!!!

    • Sick_Of_The_Hypocrisy

      Hey POO POO Head who are you to judge this woman?
      Whatever works for her is fine with me as long as it’s legal. She got to celebrate her 100th birthday. Will you?
      If you don’t drink what other “so called” bad habit due you personally enjoy?
      Or maybe your one of these perfect people walking around and don’t have any.


    WHAT !!!!! Are you people going to believe a woman whose mind is pickled on a “lot of booze” getting her to 100??? seems like dementia talking ….??? MAYBE a little bit could help any of us… but LOTS???? I doubt it …. I wouldn’t take her advice seriously … However Congratulations for her 100 benchmark in life…if we all could reach that age in good form it would be great !

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