Student Suing Misericordia University Officials After Failing to Pass Course

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DALLAS TOWNSHIP -- A nursing student is suing some Misericordia University officials after she failed to pass a course twice.

Jennifer Burbella of Stroudsburg said school officials failed to abide by federal law.

Burbella was enrolled at Misericordia University in Luzerne County, but her attorney said because of disabilities including anxiety, depression, and stress, she needed help.

Harry McGrath specializes in education law, representing students, families, teachers, and administrators.

"She has some disabilities and under section 504 of The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1973, you can make certain accommodations, not only in educational setting, but in the workplace, et cetera," he said.

According to the federal lawsuit, Burbella asked for help including extended time to complete exams, and communication with a professor during a test.

She said Misericordia officials did not follow through on those things, so she failed to pass the required course, not once, but twice.

At one point, according to the lawsuit, Burbella tried to call her professor during the examination. When that professor did not answer, a witness saw Burbella "...on several occasions during the exam...breaking down and crying."

Misericordia University officials told Newswatch 16, "We do not comment on matters of litigation," but others are talking about it.

"I think that it's very important that people get accommodations when they need them, so I think that's where my mind went first," said Michelle Berley of Shavertown.

"If you're going into a medical program that if you need that certain kind of time, my opinion is maybe it's not for you. I'm doing physical therapy here and I feel like I want to be the best and I want to know that I'm able to do what I need to do in the time frame to be done. That's how I feel about it," said Misericordia University student Kevin Collins.

Burbella's attorney said his client's disabilities should not keep her from being a nurse.

"I think many people suffer from anxiety, depression, and those types of things who are doctors, lawyers, nurses," said McGrath.

According to the lawsuit, Burbella is seeking in excess of $75,000 in damages, but her attorney said what she wants more than anything is a chance to take the exam again.

"She's not looking for the university to ordain that she get this degree, she's looking for a fair opportunity, which the statute provides, to take the exam. If she fails it that's her own problem and she has to deal with it," said McGrath.

Burbella is no longer a student at Misericordia University.


  • Lorraine Rosen

    I believe this individual does not possess the ability to be a nurse. Nursing is an extremely stressful profession. I have been a nurse for 38 years and I can tell you that this is the truth. She would not be able to access her professors when she is in an emergency situation. Would you feel comfortable as a patient having a nurse who herself probably needs a nurse? She may be an intelligent woman, however, professions that just plain exude stress, such as Nursing, are not the ideal for a person who exhibits such needs.

  • Jerry Sparrow

    First of all stress is not a disability, everyone has stress to some degree and you darned well better learn early how to deal with it. Clinical depression and acute anxiety are disabilities and if she was truly diagnosed with those then she should seek help from a trained therapist. Who on Earth has been advising this girl? Maybe Mom and Dad should have told their daughter, this probably isn’t the best career choice. Maybe her academic advisors should have given her options. How did she pass all of her tests in High School? This is a University she is attending and as such they have certain academic requirements which must be fulfilled, it is not supposed to be easy, it is intended to weed out those who cannot handle it. This is the problem with the “everyone should attend college” mentality it lowers the otherwise high standards universities are supposed to be setting. Her depression, anxiety and “stress” didn’t stop her from taking the tests required to graduate high school, and I am sure she did not get special help in every class and on every test! I have put one through high school who had moderate learning disabilities and he was afforded very few special accommodations.

  • full bed pan

    She sounds like a MENTAL PATIENT instead of a nurse. A self admitted career pill popper is not what I want as my medical provider. What would she do when confronted with a full bed pan?

    • hopeful

      Get with the times. Do you even know how many nurses steal pain pills and zanax used to treat anxiety , out of the same doctors offices they work at, especially in smaller , rural areas? It goes on all over. At least this girl admits she has a problem instead of being sneaky and vindictive, unlike those that just clearly have a pill popping addiction. Lol. How about police officers and emt workers, especially those that volvolunteer? I am sure your life is safe with all those high standing citizens. Especially late at night on a weekend when you rely on volunteers and they just left the bar to come to your rescue. Sorry to interrupt your perfect utopia. God forbid that you ever have a child with Autism or some mental health needs that is trying to make it in this world and they are criticized for that. To the person suggesting she work at Burger King or Mcdonalds….. Just because people suffer from mental health issues does NOT mean they are dumb or far from intelligent. Six digit incomes are made by psychiatrists , who often have had bouts of depression and finally got help and can now help others. It does not mean she has no compassion, unlike those that have anger issues that HAVE NEVER GOTTEN HELP and work with the public everyday. Guess that means that you do not believe in giving our vets a decent job when they come back from war with PTSD. It is better to be a little depressed than to not be born with a brain. You self centered, egotistical t$$$s

      • Holiday Bug

        “…suggesting she work at Burger King or Mcdonalds….Just because people suffer from mental health issues does NOT mean they are dumb or far from intelligent.” – ‘HOPEFUL’
        Nice. So employees of Burger King or *McDonald’s are all ‘dumb’ or ‘far from intelligent’?
        As for the ‘pill popping/stealing’ you both referred to, I failed to read that in this article. There was no mention of drugs, whether OTC or otherwise.
        Perhaps what was meant was, that if this person gets so anxious and distraught over an exam that she publicly breaks down in tears, maybe a stressful job such as nursing should not be her first choice. That being said, we are not her counselors/advisers, and she is allegedly arguing on the principle of having her required assistance during that exam. Period. We do not have to agree with her life/career choices. If these things were to be provided to her, then the institute was/is legally required to prepare accordingly.

      • Blah

        Anxiety and depression in no way/shape/form constitutes her getting extra time AND calling the professor in the middle of the exam. What in the hell would the professor actually do if she answered her phone? Give her the answers? What she needs to do is work out her issues FIRST then go on to school/work when she can actually function, because what the hell does she expect her environment to be as nurse?

    • Epi Ren

      You’d be surprised how many people in professional jobs and with very high levels of responsibility have a mental health condition. You, dear madam, have a very good chance of suffering from a mental health condition in your lifetime. “Career pill popper”? That’s the kind of idiotic statements that keep mental health from moving forward and so many people in the shadows about their conditions, until they come out of the shadows in the worst ways (e.g. suicide).

    • Caravan Lulubelle

      No where in the article does it say anything about her taking any medications for her depression, anxiety, and stress. Did ever occur to you that everyone with these conditions DOESN’T take medication, or traditional Western medication? There are people who use non-traditional methods of dealing with these conditions, such as meditating, yoga, herbal remedies, behavioral/lifestyle changes?

      • Rachel Erickson

        Well, if she is using “alternative” treatments, they’re clearly not working if she’s breaking down in the middle of an exam.
        You know what they call alternative medicine that’s proven to work? Medicine.

    • Jeffrey Hart

      While your comment is a little “abrasive”, some of it may be correct. They are suing based upon the “disability” of her. This in and of itself means she has been diagnosed and is probably receiving ongoing treatment. Her reactions indicate that she either is not responding or she is not following the prescribed treatment. It says she failed the class twice. Very few classes base a whole semester’s grade solely on the final exam grade. It would be safe to assume she was not able either complete or perform the other requirements for the course, either. I have well over 200 college class credits and have never had one where you could ask the prof. as question about the final exam while you are taking it. She is probably highly intelligent and compassionate, but a patient depends upon personnel who are able to keep themselves level headed, confident and in control to receive the best care possible. Before she goes further, she needs to realize in the nursing profession you will not always have help available to get you through traumatizing events. She should actively seek out professional help to recognize what her stressors are and have a plan on how to deal with them, thereby allowing her to continue with her education and reach he career goals. If this is not possible, there are many other opportunities available in the medical field less stressful but allow her to assist people.

      • selenedestiny

        200 college credits and you’ve never been able to ask the professor a question on the final exam? I find that hard to believe. I have about 120 credits and I’ve never had a professor refuse to answer a question I have during the final exam.

      • Sarah

        I don’t know how nursing school works, but I am an attorney and nearly 100% of law school classes base the entire semester’s grade on the final exam. I knew plenty of people in law school that needed ADA accommodations (extra time, quiet room, etc) in order to take the exam, because yes, their entire grade depended on passing this one exam

  • Frank Rizzo

    If you can’t handle the anxiety of a test….how you can possibly handle the stress of a patient in dire need of medical attention? This is a joke, the college can’t let someone slide by in a profession where lives are at stake. People with disabilities always ask NOT to be treated differently than others. This should be no different.

    • Kate

      Not EVERY nursing job requires you to work in a hospital or emergency room where people’s lives are at stake. There are public health nurses, ambulatory nurses, school nurses, etc. who work at doctor’s offices and clinics. Broaden your horizons just a little bit.

      • Danny

        that’s a pretty ridiculous comment Kate. A nurse needs to know the material regardless of where he/she will end up working. A degree shows she is just as proficient and knowledgable whether she works at a senior center or a hospital…. Sounds to me like you are arguing just for the sake of arguing

      • Frank Rizzo

        Seriously? A nurse would still be a first responder in any of those situations. A panic attack, would kill the patient.

      • Max

        Just so you realize, there are many different triggers for anxiety. I’ve known several doctors who panicked and were a complete mess during exams all throughout medical school, but are completely calm and focused during surgery. Sometimes people react differently under different conditions. Having anxiety during a test is not an accurate indication of her emotional state in a medical setting.

    • Shan

      You realize that anxiety has triggers, right? What if her anxiety is all about classrooms, and test taking? Lots of people suffer from anxiety, and hold down all sorts of jobs. It is completely possible for her to be an outstanding nurse who has anxiety, and can’t handle taking tests because of that same anxiety. In my 15 years in working in the mental health system, I have seen people with all sorts of disorders hold down jobs from janitor to doctor. Perhaps you should educate yourself a little more on this illnesses before telling someone they can kill someone because of their condition. Besides, people who don’t suffer from anxiety make mistakes in nursing that lead to deaths as well. What’s their excuse?

  • Lloyd Schmucatelli

    Well, they legalized weed. Maybe you can get some pot for your troubles and call it a day.

    • Valfreyja

      No they didn’t. The State Senate passed a bill the House is unlikely to pass and which will probably never reach the governor’s desk. This isn’t the first time such a bill has passed the senate.


    I had to stop reading the comments about a quarter of the way down the list. It’s awfully sickening to see how ignorance has spread like the plague. There really is no difference between a mental illness and cancer. This poor girl wouldn’t be as scrutinized if she failed due to a terminal illness. Just because she has a mental illness doesn’t mean it’s not real. The stigma attached to this is so hard for sufferers to break away from. It’s debilitating.
    I think that most readers missed a good point in this article. She asked for help and received nothing in return. She pays tuition just like the other students, so why should she get slighted?
    I hope all of you posting negative comments never have to feel what it is like to deal with the every day pain that this illness causes. I pray for this young lady. I hope she gets the treatment that she needs and another chance at life as a college student. I am sure that this young lady will excel in whatever it is she wishes to do. I live everyday watching a person with a mental illness struggle to just about anything.
    Jennifer, get the right course of treatment from a really great doctor. Don’t stop until you find the best fit for you. God Bless and I hope to see you graduate with honors!! I know you have it in you. Keep your chin up!!!

    • Bren

      None of the comments tried to diminish her as a person for having mental issues. They simply said that for a person with mental issues who has already shown she needs extraordinary help and guidance to manage the prerequisites for working in the health field, should choose another career for the safety of others. Should a person with the mental aberration of pedophilia be allowed to work in a school? Should a person confined to a wheelchair be hired to fight fires? Should a person who suffers from debilitating stress without a superior holding her hand be allowed to work in a fast paced life or death situation where other people’s lives are at stake? I am sure the others who posted here join me in wishing her the best, but I stand firm in my belief that what is best for EVERYONE, including this young lady, is that she drop her seemingly futile quest to be employed in a patient care environment and choose a life path that she is more equipped to excel at without suffering a break down from stress.


        Many a genius in history had some form of mental illness. Many would be disturbed to see the actual mental capacity of the health care workers we all see on a regular basis. Your point is valid and understood. I was simply stating that mental illness, be it depression, anxiety or bipolar, is in fact an illness. It’s sometimes considered worse than a cancer of the brain. Yes both can be treated, but most end with the same outcome. Neither person has the luxury of choice when it comes to any of those diseases. Maybe they don’t deserve to get a second chance…
        You probably don’t realize how many people you know with these same diseases. No one speaks of them as they don’t wish for others to look down on them.
        I am sure there are plenty of people who wish that they could do something else with their lives. And then there are people who will do whatever it takes to get there. I commend those for doing this. Now individuals in wheelchairs have a great chance at basketball.

      • Don Potata

        you are an ignoramous Bren your assumptions are baseless. read the article and leave you baseless assuptions to your high and mighty self.

    • No News Here

      I’ll buy your mental illness defense for some applications, but not this one. If you don’t have what it takes to enter into any given profession, then you pick a different path, especially if your path potentially involves people lives. I spent many years as a United States Army trainer and I saw dozens of kids who bought into the Hollywood stigma and wanted to be GI Joe. Several copped the mental illness plea as the reason for not making it. I still scrubbed them. You can’t bend to special needs pressure where lives are involved. Most weren’t bad kids, and many stayed in the Army in other capacities, but I trained elite forces and there was no gray area, regardless if it were due to cancer, mental illness, physical or academic limitations. I feel for this girl, but her mental illness, while real and in need of attention, is not everyone else’s fault. It’s not fair to her classmates or her potential patients.

    • George Jones

      Her claim is that she didn’t receive the special treatment she demanded. Not that they refused to help. If she can’t handle the emotional aspect of nursing school, she can’t handle nursing. Her patients won’t be giving her special considerations for her stress and anxiety.

      • selenedestiny

        It’s called “accommodations”, not special treatment. Maybe they offered some type of help, the article doesn’t say, but it might not have been what she needed. If someone was drowning and you offered something to help them that wouldn’t do diddly squat, like an inhaler (so they can breathe!), you wouldn’t blame the person for dying, would you? This isn’t a life or death situation, but the analogy applies.

    • balling on a budget

      perhaps, rather than using her “disability” as a crutch, she should have looked for a tutor to help her better understand the course material. I would like to know what types of accommodations were made for her in her other courses. I’m sure that she didn’t have the instructor sit next to her for all tests with the ability to ask clarifying questions for every test question. such accommodations would level the playing field, they would give her an unfair advantage over other students.
      also, this article points out that she failed the final exam, final grades in courses aren’t solely based on the grade of a final exam, grades are based on semester long performance.

    • eric stratton

      Just out of curiosity would you be cheering her on if you or a loved one had her as your nurse?

    • Tonya

      I’m mentally ill [rapid cycling bipolar]. Even though I’m well medicated, I would NEVER consider taking such a stressful, heart-breaking job. I have to wonder what’s up with this woman that she feels the need to put herself in such a bad situation? If she’s so stressed out by the TESTS, she’s going to have to be committed the first time a patient dies!

      I can understand needing time if you’re a poor tester, or needing access to the professor if you have a documented problem with understanding the context of questions [ie, autism, dyslexia, etc] but not for depression and anxiety. She needs to study for some career that doesn’t cause significant stress EVERY DAY.

    • bob herpkins

      the other students do not receive help during a test! what will she do on the job when a patient is in an emergency situation? ask for more time or assistance?

      • David

        Maybe she’ll ask the patient to have that heart attack a bit slower next time, or to warn her an hour before the event so she has the proper time to prepare for it.

      • Marilyn Jess

        I just fear it’s a slippery slope. Diagnoses such as anxiety and depression, PTSD, ADHD are being placed on more people. People are given meds at the first mention of these conditions, without the proper workup, because providers have few options in a short appointment time. At the end of a term, students who aren’t doing the work over the term often try to raise their grades by asking for “extra credit,” etc. which is really another type of accommodation. Where will this end? I feel badly for all the students who read the syllabus, did the work, prepared for the exam, and did all this without complaint.

    • schizo

      helpusall, it’s amazing that the plague has spread onto you, and you continue to speak with such affirmation without realizing you too are sick…

      if a student nurse had cancer, they would acknowledge it and either pull out of the program for the time being, or do their best to manage both. they would not get any special accommodations.

      as a nurse, when the plows are not even out yet and it is snowing like crazy outside, you do not get any accommodations, you get to work however.

      if you are looking for an equal opportunity, you need to create that equal opportunity for yourself and show up prepared as every other student has.

      almost every nursing student is out of their mind before and after every exam. it is a very challenging course – arguably the most challenging undergraduate degree. we sometimes go home and cry in showers. we do it after work too – but guess what, in the moment, when it matters, we keep our cool, and we get the job done. that is what we need to do, and that is what we do. if you cannot do that, you are not doing your job right.

      as a nurse, your job is to care for individuals. in doing so, you need to be accountable in identifying whether or not you are fit to care for the individual(s). in this case, this girl was not even fit to stand the stress of a final exam.

      too many kids are growing up having been entitled to everything. i even have people in my class that have their parents calling teachers to bully them into a pass. get over it kids, it’s the real world. paying for school does not mean you get to be successful in school. if you fail with your investment as a result of not remaining accountable for your disability, well then that is your problem.

  • George Jones

    She wants to be in one of the most stressful careers out there, yet can’t pass the program and feels entitled to special considerations for… wait for it… anxiety and stress. And now she’s suing because she failed. There has to be a punch line here somewhere. If she was going for her degree in basket weaving, I can understand some considerations for her “disability”… but nursing? Not a chance. Does she expect her patients to give her special considerations to make her job less stressful and let her take more time to provide treatment?

  • Jerry Sparrow

    Another spoiled little princess. I have seen kids like this way too often. Mommy and Daddy over-indulge their little princess and give her a pass every time she fails to do her chores etc. She has no coping skills for the real world. What are you going to do when you finally get a job, any job, and your boss is reprimanding you because you messed up? Are you going to call daddy and have him fix it for you sunshine? This is way too pervasive in our society!

  • Seriously??

    what is wrong with all of you??? Based on these comments, if any of you knew half of what goes on in the medical field you would never seek medical help! Do you know what goes on in every nurse/dr’s personal life? No! There really are some people that do not test well but do know what they are doing. Some people test horribly on paper, but are better than the straight A student when performing!The point to this story is that there are laws put into place and they should be followed. There are nurses, doctors, CEO’s of companies who have learning disabilities. You would be surprised. Next time you are bleeding out or can’t breath make sure you stop and ask if your caretaker is a “head case” before they treat your judgmental ignorant selves! Shame on you.

    • Jerry Sparrow

      So let me get this straight. You contend that even though some people cannot take a written test, they should still be qualified to go to Nursing school, where they know they will have to pass scores of written tests< and then they should get a pass because they are unable to comply to the requirements of that school? I want to be Tom Brady and get paid millions for playing a game, but wait i'm out of shape and can't throw a football accurately for 5 feet. I know I think I'll sue the NFL for net giving me an exception! Wake up it's this attitude that is destroying this country!

    • parent

      It’s stated above that she has a mental disability NOT a learning disability! Last I knew there are not specific accommodations for students who have stress, anxiety, etc. I understand mental illness is a real issue and it needs to be treated by a professional but in no way should a school accommodate a student on a test for it. If a student isn’t mentally stable enough to pass a nursing exam how are they going to be stable enough to deal with traumatic issues that occur in that field. She obviously made it through college with no assistance but now because she cant pass the final test she’s suing!

      • selenedestiny

        Under the Americans With Disabilities Act, mental illness is treated as a disability. People with mental illness are allowed to ask for accommodations in schools and the workplace, and, within reason, must be given them. Asking for extended time on an exam is a common accommodation.

    • Gwen

      These exams are in place to weed out the people who do not know or cannot completely perform their duties. ( Not only in the medical field, but all career fields.) The final exam may have been a big part of her grade, but I went to medical school and you also have to be able to do the practical part of the course, i.e. turn patients, give baths, tube feeds, ambulate, give meds., and deal with patients who are sad or violent. Believe me when I say not every patient is easy. Sometimes you have to make split second decisions as to what is best, at that time, to save that patient’s life. If she needs extra time to take a test, God forbid she should ever be in a situation like I just described! She should apply for a job with medical records or transcribing for a doctor. She would still be in the medical field, but not performing as stressful a job as having someones life depend on you being able to act fast.

    • Lawrence Han

      So those doctors, nurses and CEO(That you just mentioned) who have learning disabilities passed their courses without suing a college. They did get help maybe without the need to sue. Maybe they didn’t need help I don’t know. They were able to cope weren’t they? I don’t know if suing is the proper course. Even if she doesn’t attend this particular college, If she were to fail at yet another college with more time, would she decide to sue the “new” college too?

  • Me

    I suffer from anxiety too but I don’t sue my employer over it !!!
    Walmart is hiring. Mcdonalds is hiring. Amazon is hiring. Burger King, subway.
    This is why I stay away from health care professionals.
    Because they give people who don’t belong “a chance”. A chance on someones life ???? Really ????
    If she can’t do the course, not once, but twice,….and still failed. The school isn’t at fault dear,…..YOU ARE !

  • Lloyd Schmucatelli

    Oh great, anxiety, depression and stress. Sounds like every other person alive.

    Maybe you didn’t deserve to pass? Maybe hospital patients don’t need people like you taking care of them.

    This PC fairness nonsense has to stop, sometimes you just can’t do what you think you can do. I hope the hospitals you apply to look up your history and see your frivolous lawsuit against the college and put your application on the bottom of the pile.

    Bad taste momma. You failed. Twice. Let it go.

  • AL

    Not everyone is cut out to be working in the medical field. If she can’t handle the stress in the classroom there is no way she can handle the stress in the ER. Just cut you losses and move on.

  • Bren

    Any facility or health care provider that hired her would be setting themselves up for a lawsuit if a patient died or was injured while under her care. She is publicly admitting that she suffers from disabilities that prevent her from acting in a rational manner in a fast paced or stressful situation, so for a hospital to deliberately put her into a patient care situation would be gravely irresponsible. If a simple exam causes her to become frantic, she has no business putting herself in charge of others, and the facility that hires her despite her disabilities has no business being in business! Her “rights” end where patients’ safety begins to be compromised. If I ever see this flake coming at me or a loved one with a syringe or bottle of meds, I will be calling my lawyer. Two can play the lawsuit game, honey!

  • dan sypeck

    If she has depression stress and anxiety. Why is she going to be a nurse? I wouldn’t want her working on me. I think the school is write. I want to be a dr. but I know I can’t pass the course. Doesn’t mean my mommy and daddy are going to sue the school over it. Quit crying grow up and find a different profession.

  • Valfreyja

    I’m sorry for this young woman’s hardships in life. But frankly if she’s so disabled she can’t deal with professors and take exams in a timely fashion then she has no business being a nurse where stress is a lifestyle and time is of the essence. The university has done right by the medical industry and the patients here.

  • welfare patrol

    WOW what ever medical facility she gets a job with is going to have a serious shortage of Xanax pills!

  • Bob from Plains

    Yeah we need more unstable persons with a nursing degree. Come on world wake up, the political correctness will cost you your life when your nurse breaks down on the job…

  • drmom5

    Don’t go to Mansfield. My Learning Disabilities teacher ripped me a new one over my LD. Complaints to the Spec. Ed. liason and the dept. chair of Education were ignored. This was for a Masters in Special Ed.

  • teachers pet my privates

    just like the help public Schools give to the students. none :P

    just call ya slow poke so the kids giggle, so you are to embarrassed to ask for help the next time, great way to get kids to just squeak by, but then they don’t get enough money to teach kids without oppressing the nobody’s kids

    20,000 for tuition, you better teach me

    Go to the emergency room, you bleed all over while the nurses gabba gabba gabba & the doc blah blah blah on phone, and your in there over an hour then they go, oh you should of got here sooner because you waited to long & we can’t stitch you now

    she would probably be a better nurse then most

  • nelson emerson

    Common Core doesn’t rise to the top, imagine if your in the hospital ER and this one comes out to examine you?

    • keith hinkel

      You are an uninformed idiot! Did you READ the article? Read it again. You have a problem just as Jennifer does. Need help reading? Comprehending?

      • jenniferlynn329

        I read between the words. She wants an exception. But not every situation deserves an exception. I think nursing (and Dr.) is one of those that you should fit the American testing standards. There is no Santa Clause. Work for it, do better, teach yourself to calm down and take the test “as given”. You won’t get a second chance if you freak out while trying to save someone’s life.


        You’re a dumb idiot and biased moron, Keith Stinkel. This ‘headcase’ could be your nurse. Maybe, she’ll do the world a favor and cause your untimely demise, you unrefined piece of dung and mental midget. Your comprehension skills are vastly lacking and you should demand a full refund, ASAP, from Humpty Dumpty Kollege, fool.


        No wonder our ‘politically correct’ society is counterproductive. With bicameral simpletons and mental midgets like yourself, Keith Stinkel, it’s obvious. Move to a socialistic or communistic country, where you’ll fit right in with your stupid and idiotic rhetoric, along with your substandard ‘fried’ mindset, d o u c h e b @ g.

  • Hannah

    She doesn’t deserve to be talked about like this. I’m sure she did not expect this to blow up like it has. I’m disappointed to see so many people tearing apart a girl who is openly depressed. I understand people have their own opinions and that’s fine but you don’t have to be mean.

    • jenniferlynn329

      There’s not much bashing here. I’d be curious if she could accept this little bit of negative comments..? If not, then how is she going to deal with a person who has gone off the deep end, and is screaming, spittibg, thrashing, and calling her names…?! I’d be curious whether she would accept the larger proportion of people who [herein] are indicating that she shouldn’t get what she ‘wants’. (Personally, I wish her attorney hadn’t taken this public. She might be had a better chance of winning if he had kept quiet, and just let the “law” speak for itself. Now that it has publicity, and these negative comments to boot, I think any judge/jury may be influenced by the popular vote.)


        And influenced by common sense, public safety and morals. Not being ‘politically correct’ and socialistic/communistic.

    • Valfreyja

      Stating the gods’ honest truth that this girl has demonstrated to a very reputable university, TWICE, and inability to deal with real world circumstances does not equate to bashing. You don’t get to have extra time when people are bleeding. You don’t get to be nervous when you need to be paying attention to dosages of compounds that could easily kill a person as quickly as their ailment if administered incorrectly. Nursing is no place for muligans; if you cannot do the job you need to not be there.

  • Icu nurse

    Nursing will crush this delicate flower! Trust me. You got a lot to learn if you are going to survive (let’s hope your future patients do) in this cruel world. I wonder how many “participation” trophies this girl has…

    • OR Nurse

      This is worse than when that person sued McDonald’s because their coffee was hot. This entitled generation needs a serious wake up call.

      And, I agree with the other commentors, she doesn’t sound cut out for nursing…..thick skin and balance are a must.

      • Not Entitled

        The woman who sued McDonald’s was 79 years old. Not sure she qualifies as part of “this generation.” Besides, the coffee was at around 180 degrees, which is unnecessarily hot and can cause THIRD DEGREE burns in seconds. The woman was hospitalized for 8 days and needed skin grafts. I don’t see how this was “entitled.”

  • The world is crazy

    Are you kidding me! This is ridiculous, obviously she is not cut out for nursing. Does she realize she would be responsible for lives! She doesn’t even know what stress is. Please please please jennifer don’t retake the exam nursing is not your thing, move on to something else that doesn’t involve life or death situations.


    Would you want this ‘unstable’ female to be your nurse? Maybe, she could apply for neurosurgery school and ‘sue’ them, too. I want to play for the New York Yankees and Pittsburgh Steelers. I’ll tryout. If I don’t qualify(get cut), then I’ll ‘sue’ both of those ‘biased’ organizations. How dare they tell me that “YOU’RE NOT QUALIFIED OR EMOTIONALLY STABLE ENOUGH TO ADEQUATELY HANDLE THE DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES OF THOSE POSITIONS”. I want to be President of the United States, too. If I don’t get voted in, I’ll sue the voters and the U.S. government. How dare they tell me that, YOU’RE NOT QUALIFIED,’UNSTABLE’ & ‘DELUSIONAL’ ONE. Must be a ‘daddy’s girl, though. LOL

  • Stupid is as stupid does

    The only thing worse than this girl complaining about not passing is there’s an attorney willing to take the case. After that, if a jury leans towards her favor. Sleep well tonight good people of NEPA – somewhere out there is an individual who cracks under the stress of school that wants to be a nurse. Would love to hear from her profs and HS teachers. Anxiety, depression, and stress – excellent pre-job qualifiers for someone in the personal care field. You’re a cute kid Jennifer, don’t ruin it before you start it. Who in their right mind would hire her knowing this history?

    • jenniferlynn329

      You’re right. I didn’t even think of that… who would hire her after knowing this is out there, and that she could be crying while trying to help a patient. (Not to mention she’s suing for 70k but “all she wants” is to take the test again. If that’s all she wanted, then you sue ONLY to take test again. Not an alternative recourse of essentially getting her college money back.) Sorry, kid. Wait 5yrs, do something in the meantime, then try school again. Maybe you’ll be more stable, find it easier to concentrate, and pass the test. Or maybe you’ll fall into different line of work that will suit you better.

  • it's all downhill from here

    Oh Boy, just when I thought it could not get any worse. I think she should sue her parents for a product that’s defective.

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