FAA: Plane Did Not Dump Toilet Paper On West Pittston Home

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WEST PITTSTON -- The Federal Aviation Administration said a plane did not drop toilet paper onto a home in West Pittston.

The FAA has completed its investigation after Paula Viccica said she saw debris coming from above and landing all over her property. She was gardening Monday morning when she saw the stuff come down.

“It's really strange to see this fall from the sky. You'd think it came from an airplane. How else did it come from the sky,” Viccica asks.

Even though the FAA said the debris did not come from a plane, officials there are trying to figure out where it did come from and how it landed all over her property, and even on top of roofs.

The FAA says if the paper came from a plane's bathroom, then it would have likely looked blue.  Now, Viccica’s left asking, where did it come from?

“It's just a mystery right now,” she says.

Monday morning did have strong wind patterns, according to Newswatch 16's Chief Meteorologist Tom Clark. So we asked him if the wind could have possibly thrown the debris from a bag of trash or a dumpster.

“Sunday night into Monday morning, we had winds over 40 miles per hour -- 43 here at the station -- so there could be strong winds, like a whirlwind that could have developed locally, that could have picked up some trash and carried it a distance,” Clark said.

Meanwhile, Viccica still wants to find exactly how this mess happened.

“I just hope they have some sort of answer but i don't think they will,” she said.


  • Skeptic

    If it was a plane, the paper would be over a much larger area. Not isolated to one small lot. I’m also a touch suspicious that the first story made no mention of her seeing it fall from the sky, yet now she was outside gardening and watched it all happen? Seems more like an industrial or recycling spill that blew onto her property. Or just a flat out hoax by a woman who is clearly enjoying the attention.

  • Joseph

    Is there not a paper plant on Route 92 between Falls and Pittston? They have papermaking machines there. It could have come from that plant and blown down the road from the high winds that day.

    • Bike NEPA

      Cascades Tissue is in Ransom but it would be a stretch for anything to make it that far. It has to be at least 7 miles from West Pittston.

  • Passo

    Right off after seeing this woman, she comes across to me as a person with a major attitude. Not sure if she is this way on a daily basis, my gut tells me she is…Now, it could be she is just livid about the toilet paper, which I would be too. However, if she acts like she does in this news report on a daily basis, maybe she needs to take a look at people she may have acted nasty to recently as the ones who may have done this. In the first report I don’t even remember it saying she actually saw the stuff being dropped from the sky. Now she says she saw it coming down.

    Anyone who has ever worked on planes knows it should be a blue tinge. FAA has no obligation yo investigate further. She’s on her own to do that.

  • Steve

    Such gripping news lately. Toilet paper falling from the sky and today’s top story at 5 was (wait for it!) a peacock. Guess the world is doing ok.

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