Sky Zone Scranton Leaves Some Walking Away With Sprains, Dislocations

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JENKINS TOWNSHIP -- Ambulance crews tell us up to four times a month they are called to Sky Zone, a trampoline park in Jenkins Township, near Pittston, for folks who injure themselves bouncing on trampolines.

Customers sign waivers to assume risk, but the injuries still concern medical personnel.

Little Savannah Roberts remembers two things about her recent trip to Sky Zone.

"We were jumping everywhere. My brother tipped me over,” Roberts said.

She wasn't hurt, but members of the Greater Pittston Regional Ambulance Association tell Newswatch 16 they respond up to four calls a month to Sky Zone for injuries that include sprains, fractures, and dislocations.

"I mean any injury is serious. The dislocated knee is obviously more serious than a sprain and so is a fracture,” said Capt. Bob Kane of the Greater Pittston Regional Ambulance Association.

Kane said his crew has had to rush patients with dislocations from Sky Zone to the emergency room. It's an injury that can be so serious, he says, it could take six to eight weeks to heal -- and avoiding an injury like that can be difficult.

“There's sort of no way to really prevent it,” Kane said. “You're on a trampoline bouncing. It's not like you're doing a sport where you'd wear protective equipment.”

Sky Zone does require bouncers to sign a waiver that says Sky Zone is not liable for any injuries. But Dr. Ronald Strony of Geisinger Northeast says not everyone should be bouncing on a trampoline.

“For someone who may not be on a trampoline all the time, especially adults, getting on there and trying to do stuff and then flying off, it doesn't always make for good endings,” said Dr. Strony.

Channing Roberts hasn't jumped in Sky Zone herself, but she says she'll continue to allow her little one, Savannah to bounce around there.

“It's a little concerning,” said Roberts. “I just feel like your kids can get hurt no matter what they're doing."

Sky Zone sent Newswatch 16 the following statements:

“At Sky Zone, awesome healthy fun is our first priority and our safety rules are in line with industry standards, which we helped to create through ASTM. At Sky Zone, all activities are supervised by our trained court monitors. Our safety rules are displayed on our website, in park on signage and through video displayed throughout the park and we require all guests to follow these rules with no exceptions.” – Jeff Platt, Chairman of International Association of Trampoline Parks and CEO of Sky Zone.

“Sky Zone Scranton takes every possible measure to make sure our guests keep it safe. Our dedicated court monitors oversee all of our guests while on the trampolines to enforce the rules and ensure their safety. We conduct weekly maintenance inspections of the equipment and use various information systems to explain the rules and risks associated with the trampolines.”

Jeff Bowne, Owner of Sky Zone Scranton.


  • Carolyn

    Why on earth do you run a big story on injuries at Sky Zone and then glorify full contact sports like football on your sports reports? Makes no sense!

  • Brandon

    Hah, broke my ankle here on a date back in November. We had a lot of fun and we knew the risks. Staff was fast to realize I was injured and helpful. I would love to go again… If my girlfriend would let me near a trampoline, again

  • Dev

    Are you serious? This is a load of crap and not even in the slightest way news worthy. The writer needs to stick to 1 star yelp reviews where his subjective “journalism” would be appreciated. Kids get hurt doing things all of the time and that’s is life. Parents choose to bring their children just like they chose for them to play sports. What would the writer suggest I do with my children that would be safe by his standards? I believe a public apology is necessary for the Sky Zone.

  • Tshirt Mn

    Oh good a nice fear monger story. Whats next a sex registration story. Media loves some fear mongering

  • Keep kids in padded rooms

    Waaaaaaa! Why doesn’t the state force me to keep my kids in a protective bubble for their safety? I’m not a responsible enough parent, and I need someone to shut these dangers down so we don’t have any potentially dangerous fun. Booo Hoo Hoo…

  • justfinethanku

    Other stories for you to run with this week:
    “rain makes grass wet, local paramedics concerned over slip injuries”
    “Lego’s should be banned, stepping on them hurts”
    “We really don’t know what news is and isn’t… so we breed fear instead”

  • Pete

    I’m so sick of ski slopes always making people fly down hills at Mach 5 and having them fall and break bones…if ambulances are called to them they should be shut down pending a full safety audit…and Matty the super apprentice reporter needs to go back to running the printing press (after he apologizes to this business) (on air)

  • nicole

    Is this satire? ? This is ridiculous!!
    The kids should be home playing video games right?? Lol- this writer and news outlet should be ashamed…

  • Karl

    Skyzone Scranton is completely awesome for the kids. The staff is great. You clearly assume the risk of injury and liability as you should. Hopefully this news article doesnt affect their business at all. Its a great place with great staff and your kids will love it (and you for taking them)

  • Jim

    Well this is informative…not. Guess what people get hurt doing any kind of sport! I grew up in the 80s, I drank from a hose, I played outside, I jumped things on my bike, OMG I was riding in a car without a seatbelt! Getting hurt is part of life. If I were healthy enough I would love to do this!

  • Steven Johnson

    Thank God Dr Kane gave his expert medical opinion on the dangers of trampoline bouncing. Oh wait, he isn’t a doctor? So why is he giving medical advice on something he obviously doesn’t know anything about? Gotta love how they answer calls “up to four times a month”. Well that could be zero in a month. This whole article is way too vague. Matt Petrillo is well on his way to a great career as a political spin doctor. Hey Matt, how about actually getting some actual hard facts into an article before publishing it? Ridiculous. Expect follow up articles on the dangers of indoor rock climbing, spin classes, and Zumba. BTW, for the chuckleheads questioning the waver…I’ve actually had to sign a waver for Yoga classes, so this is not uncommon.

  • Kelly

    My daughter twisted her ankle there one of our trips there. The staff was prompt with assistance and immediately brought her an ice pack and took our information. We have since gone back several times. They take a risk playing hoops in the backyard of coming down wrong on an ankle just as much as on a trampoline.

  • Joann

    WOW kids can get hurt doing a physical activity???? Who knew!! The answer must be to continue to let them stare at their cell phones, ipads and video games. Oh yea – they can hurt their thumbs and necks doing that. Kids get hurt – accidents happen. Why are you bashing this company? They are providing a safe place to get some good fun while getting some exercise.

  • Catherine

    I am an employee of SkyZone Scranton and if you follow the rules it is almost impossible to get hurt. It’s a great place to have fun! The rules are in place for a reason and when people do not follow them, that is when they get hurt.

  • Tom

    how about this…let’s start writing news articles about places that provide a place for kids to play, let’s bash them for 4 injuries a month out of probably 5000 visitors (number completely assumed) at a TAMPOLINE PARK. Let’s find a way to sue them so they close down…then we can move on to commenting on articles about kids hanging out on streets breaking windows and how no businesses will open anything to cater to kids….

  • Pussy...

    I didn’t know this existed! I can’t wait to take the kids! If you don’t want to risk getting hurt, don’t go…no one is forcing you…

  • Valfreyja

    Has anyone looked into the legality of Sky Zone’s waver? Just because you sign something someone else writes does not make it legally binding, nor does it defacto exonerate them from culpability.

    • Wilkes-barre

      Most express waivers will get you out of simple negligence in most circumstances. You are entering in to a contract that no one is forcing you in to. Especially if it’s voluntary, which clearly this is. You’re obviously assuming a risk to jump around on a trampoline.
      I would imagine they had an attorney draft the contract, so there probably aren’t any issues with the contract itself but you never know.

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