Worker Hurt During Roller Coaster Testing

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ELYSBURG -- A worker at Knoebels Amusement Resort was hurt when he was hit by a roller coaster Thursday morning.

According to Knoebels, the worker was hit by the Impulse roller coaster during testing.

Knoebels has not released the name, but he was taken to a hospital to be treated for cuts on his head and hand.

A spokesperson for Knoebels says the longtime employee was standing near the coaster, in an area which is not accessible to the public but no one knew he was standing there.

The employee was part of the crew testing the new Impulse roller coaster, getting it ready for opening day next month, but a spokesperson for Knoebels says no one knew the employee was standing in that spot.

Officials with the resort said the worker has a broken hand and staples in his head. A CAT scan did not reveal any issues.

"The area that he was in is not accessible by visitors, so this will not affect the safety of the ride. The areas of the ride that will be accessible by visitors have a certain clearance," said Knoebels spokesperson Stacy Ososkie.

Testing on Impulse has been shut down until the safety procedures can be evaluated.

The incident is still under investigation to figure out how fast the roller coaster was going.

Officials at Knoebels said the Impulse coaster features 2,000 feet of track, a 98-foot high lift hill, a 90-degree free fall drop, several inversions, and speeds over 55 miles per hour.


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Knoebels Amusement Resort in Northumerland County


  • Patrick Smith (@PatrickS200)

    As a former Supervisor of ride operations at a different park, I can say this employee is lucky to be alive and will be fired from their job. Him being near the track and being hit by the car does mean that he is what we call in the industry a “danger zone” where all people both guests and employees can not be when their is power connected to the ride. It doesn’t matter whether or not their is even a car on the track, you must disconnect power to the ride and lockout/tagout the ride before entering a danger zone regardless if the ride is testing or not. Since the ride was testing, engineers can stand beside their ride in areas they know is safe for engineering purposes but the operator dispatching the train will always know if someone is near the track area observing the ride and in this incident, no one knew the employee was standing in the danger zone.

  • Inexcusable

    This is about as dumb as people getting struck by trains duh those tracks your on well guess what stand on them and your probably going to get hit duh IDIOT. I agree with you Jim about the lock out tag out however most people haven’t a clue what this means


    After seeing this I changed my mind about going it must not be safe at that park, AINT GETTIN ON THE MURDER RIDE!!!!

    • Todd Reeder

      The ride is safe. The unsafe things is standing near the coaster tracks and not paying attention to what is going on. The employee likely knew they were testing it. They likely were not paying attention to what was going on.

  • Ed

    This is news worthy because it is going to be a big attraction upon opening. If people found out that someone was struck by a test car through gossip it could possibly raise concerns as to the safety of those both on and around the attraction. This small segment allows people to be informed that during operation they’re not going to be in any danger of being struck by mechanical parts or passengers or the coaster. Of course you do have a point on work related injuries happening on a regular basis, its not however every day that someone gets hit by a roller coaster in the NEPA area.

  • My Dog Is Smarter Than You

    I clipped my left big toenail too short this morning. It probably bled more than this guy’s cut. Why didn’t Nikki come to visit me? Ain’t fair!!

    • My Dog Is Smarter Than You

      All these down votes???? C’mon people…lighten up. It’s humor…you know, a joke? It’s not like the guy was “badly” injured or killed. I would have a lot more decorum if that were the case. Jeez. What grouches. ;-)

  • reggie

    Really!!! Must be a very slow day at the new room boys!!! How is this even news worthy….he got a cut….who cares…..job related injuries happen every day….so now we are going to be reporting on all amusement park injuries…get a life!!…Its not like this incident is a public safety concern or that the ride it’s self malfunctioned or had a catastrophic failure during testing, causing it to be a concern for guests this season (which would be news worthy). This seemed like poor work force communication.

    • HonestTruth

      @Rupert In your opinion, what would be more useful in this situation? Leaving negative comments on a caring persons post? Just trying to understand if you have valid feedback or your lot in life is to run around and spread your poor attitude.

    • My Dog Is Smarter Than You

      Really? What article did you read? Nothing in this one says a thing about anyone being hurt “badly”.

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