Consumer Reports: Organic Produce Healthier

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CONYNGHAM -- You might want to think twice about the type of produce you buy next time you're at the store.

According to Consumer Reports magazine, shoppers should be buying organic fruits and vegetables.

The report claims buying organic lowers your exposure to pesticides, and that's healthier.

We stopped at the ShurSave in Conyngham where some shoppers aren't convinced.

"I'm sure if they take away what they're considering pesticides, they'll find something else wrong with it in the end. I mean, I buy organic occasionally, but it just depends on what looks better when I'm here," Tom Widitz of Sugarloaf said.

Experts for Consumer Reports say long-term exposure to pesticides can increase the risk of Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease. They say spending the extra cash could benefit your health.

Most shoppers Newswatch 16 talked to say they choose their produce based on the price.

However, there were a few that like it just for the flavor.

"I like the celery hearts and the carrots, huge difference in their flavor. Also, they're pesticide free. They're a little more healthier to eat," Thomas Lutsky of Hazle Township said.

Rodney Heckert says organic or not, the cost of some veggies are just too expensive.

"There's people that want to be on organic because they think it's healthier for them. In some cases it is, but over the long haul it isn't because you're paying more for it. So you're losing," Heckert said.

Even though Consumer Reports recommends organic produce, experts say if you can't buy organic, it's still important to get your daily servings of fruits and vegetables.

You can view the full Consumer Report on Pesticides and Produce here.


  • Tom

    I notice a lot of people commenting on “What looks better” or “Organic stuff has bugs and worms” – FYI, humans have evolved after thousands of years to be able to tolerate bugs. What about the pesticides that cause diseases and cancer? The WHO just released a study that found RoundUp as a carcinogen. GMO wheat, corn and soy are all GMO to be “RoundUp Ready” and the same company that makes RoundUp makes GMO seeds (Monsanto). Humans have not evolved metabolic processes to handle the chemicals that are slowly killing us because food without worm-holes “Looks better”
    I am not suggesting someone should buy worm-infested food or eat worms, but they’re still healthier in large quantities than pesticides are in pretty much any quantities. If cost were no factor, everything I would buy would be organic. I do, however, ONLY buy organic produce from the “Dirty Dozen” because of the quantity of pesticides required to keep them clean.

  • Rupert

    This is a load of Prius driving hippie crap I don’t buy it even when its the same price, and let me guess weeds better for you than a cigarette!?.

    • J

      Organic produce doesn’t get sprayed with pesticides, fungicides, or herbicides. True organic produce isn’t GMO either. Do some research on Monsanto and GMO.

      • Curious

        It also costs a heck of a lot more to buy. Which is better, buy one carrot or a whole bunch of them? Go to an organic farm stand and look at the produce that has been attacked by bugs. Worms in the ears of corn. No thanks.

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