Mid Valley Board Accepts Superintendent’s Resignation

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THROOP -- The search is on for a new superintendent in the Mid Valley School District.

Jim Tallarico became superintendent of the Mid Valley School District last January. At the time, he talked about how excited he was to take the position and to make changes like allowing students more time for academics by changing schedules.

School board members said they were shocked by his resignation letter, which they received Sunday. Tallarico cited "personal reasons."

Board members call it a surprise to "everyone in the Mid Valley community."

"We as a board when we first came on, we actually first came on board at the same time he came on board and as a group we decided that we wanted to make sure we were moving Mid Valley in a positive direction," said Board member Steven Vituszynski.

The board held a special meeting Wednesday night to accept Tallarico's resignation. Tallarico was not at the meeting.

Some in the community have questions about the resignation and the future of the school district.

"We need continuity going forward, but I'm wondering that are the details of the plan going forward to ensure that our students are not impacted by yet another resignation," said parent Christine Kelly.

"I am too shocked that Mr. Tallarico resigned. I was totally caught off guard by that. He is a good man and I don't know the circumstances why he retired, why he resigned," said Frank Galli of Throop.

The board members would not talk specifically about why Tallarico left.

They plan to search for a new superintendent right away.

"We're gong to put a process in place as quickly as we possibly can to make sure we have someone in the superintendent's position as an acting position for the remainder of the year," said Board President Gerald Luchansky.

Prior to taking the job at Mid Valley, Tallarico worked in the Dunmore School District and most recently was principal at Montrose Junior/Senior High School.


  • Mike

    Rumors swirling around are that he was stealing thousands of dollars and that’s the “personal reasons” he emails is resignation haha what a coward!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Afraid to face the music

    • murphy

      I remember a sign on drinker st in his hometown on a porch saying, Jim owed the guy 15k and he’s a scumbag and can’t be trusted. This was only a few yes back. So its all come full circle, he must have a gambling/drug problem

  • Steve

    Haha hate to kick a guy when he’s down, but this is a long time coming. This guy has been a con artist for many years now!! Cocky Italian from Dunmore, who thinks he can do what he pleases with no repercussions.. Finally caught up to ya “coach tal” now maybe there’s still time to get on the Simpsons, ya def look like a character on the show. Cya

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