Thinking Spring at Dairy/Ag Day

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HONESDALE -- On one of the coldest days of this winter, farmers in Wayne County were thinking spring.

The annual Dairy/Ag Day took place in Honesdale and it was filled with thoughts of planting season and warmer days on the farm ahead.

For a group of people used to working outside in all kinds of conditions, this is a rare day to focus on farming, inside, on one of the coldest days of the year.

It's the 32nd Wayne County and Sullivan County, New York Dairy/Ag Day at Honesdale High School.

"I've seen how many people here today I only see once or twice a year. It's like a family reunion," said George Haser.

It's a day for the agricultural world here to talk with each other about life on the farm and new products and services available.

But for dairy farmers like Hank Curtis from Canaan Township, this little break inside isn't an escape from this bitterly cold day.

"Yeah, but on the farm, you still have to do your work and it takes three or four times longer in this type of weather than on a dry day or a sunny day."

On a day when it's in the single digits outside a hot item was the ice cream, from a farm just a few miles away.

Ag Dairy Day teaches the next generation the importance of farming and where so many of our foods come from. It gets the current generation of farmers anxious to start planting.

"I'm ready for the fresh vegetables and things like that, so we can't wait for that," said Julie Yatsonsky from Cherry Ridge Township.

Penn State's master gardeners brought plants to get people thinking spring and the growing season, but also learned it's not quite time yet.

"It's nice for us to have them here, but it wasn't good for the plants to bring them in. They're a little chilly," said Faye Rossi, Penn State master gardener.

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