Police Say Death in Wilkes-Barre is “Suspicious”

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WILKES-BARRE -- Police were called to an apartment on Coal Street around noon on Friday after a man's body was found there.

Officials are waiting until his family is notified to release that man's name.

Luzerne County District Attorney Stefanie Salavantis said there was blood found in the apartment, and the case is being called suspicious.

A neighbor told Newswatch 16 she last saw the victim Sunday night at a dinner at the Wyoming Valley Rescue Mission.

A friend of the victim came to check on him Friday, and called police.

Friends described the victim as a Navy veteran who liked to spend time at the rescue mission and tried to help people who were down on their luck. They say he allowed a homeless couple to stay in his apartment over the weekend.

"He was a good person, if you were homeless or anything he would let you stay in his house," said Patrick Meininger.

According to the coroner, an autopsy is scheduled for Saturday at 10 a.m.


  • Solomon Grundy

    Oh well …you want to be a bleeding heart liberal and help these scumbags…you get what you got coming… people should have more sense when dealing with savages such as this….Maybe people will learn a lesson…I doubt it!!

    • truthbetold

      Actually, many Christian conservatives as well are involved in this type of work, and they will be just as likely the ones to take care of family members or friends that are sick with drugs/mental illness as well. Sometimes it works out ok, most times not. Been there done that. I do believe if one does this as their ministry or for humanitarian efforts much precaution must be taken and assume the worst with these people. One can tell early on whether the person has a propensity for violence or behave odd in any way. Even when working with women and teens as they can be just as volatile.

  • truthbetold

    Too many stories like this where family members, friends, and good Samaritans are getting robbed, beaten, and often killed for helping the mentally ill and drug addicts by allowing them into their homes. If one feels compelled to assist these people by all means do so, but it’s better at arm’s length. Unless one feels it’s a specific calling, you never put yourself or your loved ones in danger even if it’s a loved one who’s in need of assistance. It’s like opening your home up for a home invasion. They hold your entire life hostage at best, and you end up dead at worst.

  • fedup

    Isn’t the rules if you don’t live in sherman hills you can’t or shouldn’t be in sherman hills. Rip and god love yoh for opening your door to strangers that were technically not allowed on the property and now hopefully they aren’t the ones who murdered you. Such a shame when people take straight advantage of someone who is just trying to “hell someone who is down on their luck”

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