Family Remember Man Killed in Fiery Crash

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SPRINGVILLE TOWNSHIP -- A man is dead after a fiery crash in Susquehanna County on Friday.

It happened just before 4:30 p.m. at the intersection of Route 29 and State Route 3004 in Springville Township.

State police said Andrew Stevens, 27, of Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, was at a stop sign with two other vehicles when a water tanker truck failed to stop and slammed into the back of Stevens' vehicle, which caused a fiery chain-reaction crash.

Stevens' mother-in-law, Karin Dorman, told Newswatch 16 her son-in-law was in the military and he was just home for his sister's wedding this weekend and is the father of two young boys.

"My daughter is just at a loss, because how do you tell two little boys? They love their daddy. How do you tell them?" said Dorman.

Family members said Stevens was with his family earlier in the day, then he left to get a hunting rifle from his father just a few miles down the road. When he didn't return, they began to worry.

Stevens' mother and wife and other family members rushed to the scene.

They described the vehicle as unrecognizable.

Dorman said her son-in-law was a great father. He was a Marine who had served several tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan and was in town for his sister's wedding this weekend.

He was devoted to his family, and even had his sons' names and their handprints tattooed on his chest.

"I'm just thankful the boys weren't with him, because that would have been devastating, and his mother is getting over her last chemo treatment. She's just recovering," said Dorman.

State police said the drivers of the other vehicles did get out uninjured.

The deadly crash in Susquehanna County is under investigation.


  • One of many of his recruits.

    This man was my Drill Instructor 2 years ago… This was not how i expected to hear of him.

  • Bob T

    This is SAD. Clearly another death by inattentive driving. These companies do push employees beyond safe driving HOURS!. In the attached video comment “where has all the water gone”; is this all the ‘promised good jobs’ fracking brings….Who’s idea is making progress is by sitting along the road? The whole fracking industry is, and should be held accountable, for ALL costs associated with their actions.

    • Driver

      Your clearly using a death for your anti agenda. You cannot blame an industy or drivers for this. It was one driver. He will be paying for this the rest if his life knowing what he did. All truck drivers are scum ? Really ? You know you have at least one in your family somewhere. Have some respect. These drivers are not pushed beyond they’re hrs at all !! They are watched they’re entire shift

  • Local

    I live a few houses up from where the accident took place, and it’s terrible to think that’s how the man died. The explosion shook the house and the flames were insane. Andrew was by all accounts a good person and he didn’t deserve to go like that. I hope his family can find peace in this hard time. R.I.P Marine.

  • dan

    Prayers to the families involved… is sad to see so many overcasting the tragedy by trying to push their agenda…they should be ashamed of themselves ie, frankfinan and others.

    • Scott Cannon

      “Their” is my agenda and the agenda is clean air, clean water, and a safe environment. What is wrong with that? Do you prefer greed and polluted air, truck traffic and more accidents? Really, think about what you are saying, man. We are trying to help people and prevent sorrowful accidents like this, and from a lying industry from taking advantage of people, even you.

      • Truck Mech

        Any chance you missed out on getting $$$ from the gas industry? Most rational people realize after a while that all the negative hype from (fracking, nuclear power, landfill, pig farm, insert industry here) is just that – hype. This isn’t the old days when the coal and timber barons had free reign to do what they wanted. Yes, there is increased truck traffic. Yes, a lot of roads will need fixed. Yes, some woodlots and fields have pads on them now. Get over it, this is the price we pay as a modern society with needs for energy. Should there regulations and restrictions? Absolutely. Contrary to the falsehoods that have been perpetuated on this page and others, this industry has and will continue to benefit people in this area with jobs, gas, and electricity – not to mention all the incidental businesses such as fuel sales, vehicle service, restaurants, hotels. So relax Scott, there will still be clean air to breath and clean water to drink long after the fracking is done and our own fossil fuel powers our area.

  • Amy

    I was on my way home from Tunkhannock and witnessed all the emergency vehicles responding to this tragedy,unaware of what actually happened. I am so sorry to hear of this horrific accident and the loss of this poor man. My heart goes out to his family.

  • Franko

    As a truck driver I can’t understand the part about the truck not stopping – many of these water trucks drive the same routes every day to the same fill and drill sites, so how does a driver forget to stop ? At least this is going by what WNEP said and we know that they have misreported and jump the gun before anytime it involves trucks. I hate to say it but I know of several incidents over the past 6 years where WNEP jumps the gun and states things that aren’t factual and have even said things like “A truck causes another wreck…” and then later the reports elsewhere show that it was not the driver’s fault but the cars fault… BTW, I’m not saying this is the case here at all, but WNEP does misinform and release things as facts before an investigation is completed. I know there is no way the car was to blame, but I am wondering if there are any other factors involved regarding the truck itself – Tired driver maybe ? I know, as a driver, that all of these companies work you to the max, and most people don’t understand that drivers work longer days than the average working person does and that we put in 70 hour work weeks when other people only put in 30 to 40. The stupid regulations that say we can work 70 max are out there and the companies take advantage of that, there is nothing illegal about it, but you are expected to work 70 hours, and trust me, because of the 11/14 rules where you can only physically drive 11 hours but your combination of work time of driving/non-driving work is 14 hours and trust me, all driving companies expect you and schedule you to work 14 hour days — most people complain because they worked an 8 hour day, imaging putting in almost a double shift everyday without a lunch, because unlike other jobs out there, drivers are exempted from OT pay and labor rules and many do not get a lunch break. So it can be possible for a driver to get tired. It is a sad and unfortunate fact of being a driver. You work longer hours than most people and people do get tired but again, companies don’t want to hear that you are stipping for a rest because you are tired, it’s a work-work-work industry because of logistics. So while I am not blaming the driver, there is always the possibility of driver error due to the amount of hours that were put in over the week.
    Either way, it’s a sad thing that happened, for both families.


    Dear the other tom if the fore mentioned raped the land well then there shouldn’t be nothing left to hurt right? Petty comment like yours are the reason morons vote in idiots

    • The Other Tom

      Then I guess all of the culm dumps, dilapidated breakers, mine fires, subsiding homes, clear cut hillsides, brush thickets where there were once hardwood forests and skid trails like gaping wounds don’t exist in Pennsylvania. Get your head out of the sand. There’s probably cracking chemicals in it anyway.

    • Driver

      He only has one agenda as always. To be in the public spotlight which once again he has done over something tragic. Clean air and clean water is a must however he will continue to crave and use all the products he fights so hard to stop.

  • Rebecca Roter

    Any increase in traffic will increase accidents. In our county it is UNDENIABLE we have a tremendous increase in heavy truck traffic and traffic in general due to natural gas development. It goes without saying we will subsequently have increased traffic accidents and more fatalities.

      • frankfinan

        Truck traffic associated with fracking of Teddick Cabot pad Turnpike Rd Brooklyn Township 2013
        We set up a wildlife camera on a garage, this is what it saw.

      • Jacky

        During a frack the trucks have to move 24/7 like this. A frack can’t stop. Was there a frack going on near Springville when this accident happened?

      • BZ622

        Please don’t use this tragedy for your own personal agenda. This isn’t the time or place and is disrespectful to the families in their time of sorrow.

      • Eric

        First to complain and I bet living on Turnpike Road with the huge Teddick pad, pipeline, Central compressor station, Vandermark pad, Wood Pad all have veins running through there so I am sure you have no problem collecting your royalties from it!!!!

      • Driver

        And a man lost his life and your crying about getting home ? Boo hoo get over yourself. These are all local guys in your videos making a living.

  • Stop blaming

    Lisa you are way off on everything you wrote. It is a horrible tragedy but lets not try to spread incorrect info. DOT is very very active on these trucks,They get stopped all the time for safety checks. Companies that do not abide to these protocols are banned from returning to the fracs. Its not 4 years ago when it first started out. This was more then likely DRIVER ERROR. And its terrible. RIP Marine

  • Chris

    I knew Stevens from high school. He and didn’t get along is an understatement but this tragedy left his family without a father and husband and there are too many attacking the natural gas companies. Those comments are actually true majority here, not the ones about a mans lost life. This should not be a political forum for ones pent up aggression against the natural gas companies. It should be referring to how unfortunate this occurrence was. It was an accident. I’m sure the truck driver wasn’t trying to kill an innocent man let alone the gas companies. Over eccentric political activitists annoy me to no end. Again, a man, father, husband an marine lost his life. Apparently several accidents have occurred in that area in the past and that’s the only other thing that should be addressed. People need to get off their high horse and stop looking for a guilty party and just start looking for a solution, and I don’t mean getting rid of the natural gas companies either. It is a natural resource here on our soil that is being mined to better our economy and way of life. My condolences to this man’s family and friends.

  • eric

    Here we are again blaming the gas industry for this horrific accident. My heart goes out for this young man, a husband, a father, and a hero to us for serving our country as a marine but this could have happened anywhere with any type of vehicle. These trucks ARE NOT running 16 hrs a day believe me I know for a fact. The driver of that water truck is an emotional sshipwreck and that is surely a fact as well. Accidents are called accidents because it wasn’t by choice or wanted this. Many of us locals enjoy having good paying jobs and bringing revenue and new businesses to our area. A sure tragedy but don’t be haters of this industry and make false accusations. To this family god bless each and everyone of you. RIP Andrew.

      • Eric

        Joseph your right about normal procedure with slowing and stopping at an intersection. That’s a given, isn’t it? Sounds to me that you are making an accusation?? Do you think maybe mechanical failure had something to do with it? Did maybe something happen medically to that water truck driver prior to the crash? Did he have a cell phone/texting? It can be possible. I do know that there is absolutely and hardly any cell service in that area no matter what carrier or booster you own, i think i tried them all.The moral of this story is that a young man lost his life tragically and unfairly but could have happened to anyone of us with whatever type of vehicle!!!

      • Neighbor

        False Eric, I have full bars using ATT which locally, runs off NEP wireless towers, and I have full service (and 4g data) in pretty much most, if not all, of Springville.

  • God Bless Our Veterans

    A young man is dead and a truck driver has on his conscience the knowledge that the collision killed the man. Unless you were with the truck driver when it happened or personally worked on that particular truck, you don’t have the facts. There are almost 100 people killed on America’s roads every day. Let’s let people grieve and the investigators do their jobs and save the poison-pen letters for something else, shall we.

    • Scott Cannon (@scottecannon)

      Tunkhannock wanted to stop a silica sand transfer station that would bring in too many trucks. They caved because they thought they’d be sued. When it’s built, they’ll be twice as many truck on the road. People will say that it could be any kind of truck, true, but if there were a ban on fracking in PA, this wouldn’t have happened. This industrialization comes with a price. That price is starting to be air, water, and lives. We are 10% into the gas boom, what is it going to look like in 20 years, all for the profit of an out of state corporation? Serious questions we are avoiding.

      • The Other Tom

        People stated the same argument about anthracite. The coal barons got their way, raped the region and left it for dead. People stated the same argument about logging. The timber barons raped the land and left it for dead. People are stating the same arguments about cracking. The gas barons will rape the land and leave it for dead. We all need heat but no one wants it in their backyard. It’s a no-win situation for the public. Happy New Year.

      • BZ622

        There’s risk with any industry and many have been spewing into the air and rivers for years. What’s really going into all of our landfills? Where’s the outrage over all of that? If all these drivers, etc., were unemployed you’d be clamoring for them to go get a job. How far would they have to go?

    • eric

      Frac trucks and tractor trailers!!! What’s the difference? You DO NOT know anything about trucks or transportation. They abide by same laws and weights of Pennsylvania. We are still on average same weights same amount of tires inspections and so on. Our trucks are as common as the 53 ft van tractor and trailer on the highways. Any large vehicle brings bigger risks to our roads. There are NO such classifications in Pennsylvania as a frac trucks or tractor trailers.

      • The Other Tom

        Not true. A 12 foot wide country road with a speed limit of 35 is lot different than an interstate. These roads, unlike highways, we’re not designed to carry the amount of commercial truck traffic that the gas industry demands. That’s a fact. There is zero margin for error.

      • Eric

        To the Other Tom, you are absolutely correct that these trucks on these old country roads are adequate for this type of heavy vehicle operations…..but before fracturing started up here, you telling me stone hauling wasn’t big in the area? Farming? They handled it well. I do understand that there now many out of town residents and employees that are on unfamiliar roads and terrain that they maybe aren’t used to but referring to the scott comment these trucks are no different to any other trucks. There are big, small, long and tall, over height, over weight all over the commonwealth. But laws and trucking requirements are the same for all!!

      • Jacky

        What was the water truck doing on this road? Don’t they use a lot of water for fracking a well? How does the water get there? Don’t people call the water trucks frack trucks? Doesn’t it take many trips by water trucks to frack the well? I have seen fleets of them up there.

  • Michael H.

    Andrew and his family were my neighbors in NC. He is an amazing father, husband and friend. It truly is a sad day that this has happen. God b with his family and bring peace to his wife and children.

    • America ellis

      My husband & I knew him from SD (my husband is also military), would you know if there is a memorial page in case donations are needed or where to send our prayers to ? Many thanks

  • Matthew lee

    Andrew was agreat friend and Marine. I servered with him at MCRD San Diego CA as a Drill Instructor. He we forever be remember by his friends, family and Marine that he work with and trained.

  • Pam

    Amazing… I know gas companies sponsor your channel but report the new on the crash… Water tanker for FRACKING !

    • ht

      Could have just as easily been a semi bringing other goods to the area like a fuel truck or price chopper truck or even a snowplow! No need to point fingers. Just a freak accident.

      • M.V.

        Except that huge heavy frack trucks and tank trailers are going through here around the clock. There is no traffic light on an extremely busy rural road that now has intense industrial traffic.

      • Lisa Rhinebeck

        The only problem is, yes it might have been a different kind of vehicle but it wasn’t… Even though you need a CDL B to drive those trucks, they are not held to the same standards as a CDL A truck is when it comes to having checks done on them. I also know quite a few people that drive for these types of companies that have vehicles like this an there are a lot of them that have bad breaks, crappy tires an are not maintained as they should be. These people working for these companies are made to work ridiculous hours. Sometimes 16 hrs of on time. It is just sad all around an I really hope they do investigate an if there is anything faulty on the vehicle that hit him. They make some kind of restitution to help this family out in the future. The fact is nothing can bring him back or change this. Even driving on the roads in this area that are being torn up even worse and not safe more than normal from the amount of traffic they create can be unsafe as well. I get thrown all over the place with the amount of potholes an uneven roads going to Montrose an around the area that are made worse by the heavy machines due to the gas industry.

      • Truck Mech

        Lisa, ALL commercial vehicles and drivers are subject to the same inspections and checks for their particular classification. The CDL A versus B you mention has to do with the driver, not the truck. There are also work hour limitations imposed on both types of CDL licenses. If there was malice or complacency involved let’s hope the authorities take appropriate action.

    • Mat

      Don’t be blaming it on an entire industry because some idiot can’t drive. Here’s an idea, if you are using natural gas lets shut it off on you. Freeze then during winter because you keep blaming fracking this and fracking that. Do you even know anything about fracking? I work in the gas industry for 3 years now. PAM you quickly to judge before having any knowledge on the matter. So freeze during winter then.

      • The Other Tom

        Exactly. We all need heat and to cook, etc. it’s fine in some faraway spot as long as it’s not our backyard. Those far away spots have residents also, either people or wildlife or marine life. Perhaps we should seriously begin to develop methods that are not dependent on fossil fuels? Probably not enough money in that so don’t count on it.

      • V Appalachia

        You like to drink clean water? Why don’t we shut that off, Mat?
        Why does the gas industry and its supporters think it’s OK to limit the First Amendment freedoms of people who criticize their predatory, irresponsible industry?

        If citizens don’t want fracking in their backyards–near property they own and pay taxes on–we should have policies in place to protect taxpayers who don’t consent to this from harm.

      • Driver

        Lisa …. All commercial vehicles are inspected to the exact same federal and state laws. There is no in between. Get your facts straight

    • BZ622

      They chose to report which is the professional way to do it and leave your prejudice out of the story. This could have been any truck delivering products to your home or mine.

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