Pipeline Construction Company Fined For Violations

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A company must pay about $800,000 for violations during construction of gas pipelines in several counties, according to the Department of Environmental Protection.

According to an agreement with DEP, Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company will pay a penalty of $210,000 and will fund a $540,000 cleanup program of illegal dump sites in Pike, Potter, Susquehanna, and Wayne Counties.

TGP will also pay about $50,000 in costs to DEP and state conservation districts.

DEP officials said inspections of construction sites revealed violations including discharge of sediment into protected waterways.



    How about some jail time for mass illegal and harmful dumping. Nope… just keep on doing it and keep the fine funding rolling in. Unbelievable. Please, dump it in someone’s backyard that “matters” – then I would like to see what the punishment would be.

  • 1Hope

    Fines will not stop the destruction when they are permitted to do it again, and again and again . . . Isn’t natural gas production and needed infrastructure just “great” and the industrialization of rural areas? All I want for Christmas is clean air & clean water for those with contaminated water from this industry!

  • David

    This is pathetic,

    Illegal dumping that could compromise my health living in Wayne county and the story gets a 30 second spot with no mention of where, why how or what I should do to protect myself. I live near one of these Tennessee wells, would be nice to know some details here or would that upset some shareholders!

  • What were you thinking ?

    “One day you will suffocate in your own waste” Chief Seattle warned us 150 years ago.
    Let’s build that pipeline filled with the dirtiest tar sand oil on the planet from Canada across our clean water reserves. What does Chief Seattle know.

  • dippy

    King Ruddy Pete Harold once said, ” America’s rivers will run dry.”He met symbolically the water will not be drinkable!

  • Nell

    So now it starts. $210,000 penalty, $540,000 penalty, then a pitance for DEP? Wow, what a Christmas gift that is. The gas company must be dancing with joy.

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