Police Chief Accused of DUI While On Duty

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LACEYVILLE -- Newswatch 16 has learned that the police chief in the Wyoming County community of Laceyville is accused of driving under the influence while on-duty, wearing his uniform, and in a borough squad car.

Laceyville police's two squad cars sit idle in front of an empty mobile home that functioned as police headquarters.

And this week, no one in this borough in Wyoming County has seen police patrol Laceyville's streets.

"The only time newsmen ever come here is when something bad has happened," said Laceyville native Bonnie Baker when learning police chief Scott Perry was taken into custody Monday afternoon.

Multiple sources say a state police officer in the Bradford County township of Standing Stone pulled over Chief Perry, who was driving an unmarked squad car, and wearing his police uniform.

It has left people in and around Laceyville angry.

"He`s representing the community here, and that`s a bad example for all the people here, especially the kids," said Jeff Frank of Meshoppen.  "What does that tell the kids?"

This is the second time recently Laceyville Police made news.

In June, the borough briefly suspended part-time officer Matt Chamberlain after a photo surfaced that appears to show Chamberlain selling a semi-automatic weapon from his cruiser while on duty.

Chamberlain later left the department, leaving Chief Perry the only cop in the borough, until this week.

"We do not have any police department," said Mayor Phil Brewer.  "I just called the Tunkhannock State Police, they`re going to cover for us until this situation is resolved."

"We need to start all over with policemen in our town," said Bonnie Baker.

Mayor Brewer says the Laceyville Borough Council is scheduled to meet Friday night to consider disbanding the police department. It's now a department whose one member is off the job while state police wait for blood alcohol tests.


  • Randy

    It should be manitory that he lose his position as chief, and should be sent for help for his drinking problem, he has to realize he has put his citizens an others in harms way for his actions, it so sad to hear things like this, and thank God no one was hurt.

  • Guest

    Love that Bonnie says the only time news reporters come here is when something bad happens well yeah that is their job!!! And our taxes are going to Chief Scottie’s little drinking party and then him driving, OMG he could of killed one of us, good job. Idiots most of them.

  • Patrick

    Wow, first he turns on officer Chamberlain and screws him out of his job for something that wasn’t even against department/borough policy, let alone against the law. Now he’s drunk as a skunk at court on-duty and driving the police car heavily armed, committing actual crimes. Talk about utter hypocrisy, this is something straight out of “The Bad Lieutenant.”

    And honestly, couldn’t have been the first time this guy got hammered on-duty, if he got caught by acting like this on-duty, in public he must have done it before and gotten away with it plenty of times being the only cop they had and must be a big time lush. So pathetic, so sad, so hypocritical. Appalling misconduct, and error and cruelty and stupidity and the abuse of his position for personal pleasure and nothing else, all the while backstabbing his way into being the only cop in the department so he could have things his own way because a cop like Chamberlain would have never put up with his criminality and Perry knew that. This is so disgusting and I fear the tip of the iceburg in this terrible case.

  • john

    As an officer on duty i’m sure that he was just paTROLLING around the local bars and looking for his next potential dui suspect. Unfortunate incident…

  • Dave Baran

    Wow a cop really arrested a cop. Times they are changing. Odds are he will get a slap on the wrist and he will be working in another town. They like to rotate their police criminals.

  • betty rose

    Aww come on it is almost Christmas. Give him a break. No one else ever kick back a few at work? It happens not really a big deal.

    • betty rose

      Aww come on it is almost Christmas. Give him a break. No one else ever kick back a few at work? It happens not really a big deal. Shoot, I’m drunk right now so what do I know?

  • Longdong

    Regardless what he was wearing, let the judicial system have time to figure out the truth.Hopefully the man will get help to return and serve the community.

  • get off welfare


  • Matt

    He was NOT in uniform and NOT in a Police Vehicle. The media will do anything to blow things up. DUI’s occur everyday, lets post ALL of them on WNEP, and not pick and choose.

    • Matt (a different one)

      You’re right. This story doesn’t sound right. If he had his uniform on, the trooper probably would have offered him some “professional courtesy” instead. Trooper likely didn’t know he was a LEO until he was booked.

      • your ticket to ride is over

        or, maybe, there was a citizen close by with his camera, the one who called it in, and the trooper had no chance to give the intoxicated driver a break, just sayin !!!!! Everybody is filming the police now.

    • they are all kissing cousins up there

      he wasn’t in uniform or a unmarked car??? WHAT???? OMG, they should have let him go, you are 1000% correct Matt.

      • Disgusted1952

        Really… isn’t it a fact he was at a hearing representing Laceyville Police Dept and smelled of booze… someone called and reported him and the State Police were waiting for him? Let the real story come out.

  • Jim

    Its truly amazing.Police are constantly busted for the crimes they’re suppost to be protecting us from.Say one negative word about it,your considered a law breaker,that’s been arrested many times.For all the bleeding hearts,cops are held to a standard,why is it wrong to be disgusted by they’re actions?

  • john

    lol…another sh*t show local cop that loves to serve himself and then badger the f*ck out of local taxpayers over bs driving infractions!!!

  • I am sad about it

    AAAAHHHHHHH, NORTHEAST PA….. I love the area, the outdoors, the people, some of the best. I retire in one year, and I am looking forward to going south for retirement. I hate to leave NEPA, but the disgusting level of corruption has pushed me to leave. From “kids for cash” to the corrupt municipalities, cops, judges, politicians, it is beyond belief, and let’s not forget the new one, delinquent back room tax sales that went on 2 weeks ago in Lackawanna county. I am truly sorry to leave, I made my living here, and I like to spend it, where I make it. But I can not live with all this obvious corruption. THIS FISH STINKS, FROM THE HEAD TO THE TAIL.

    • A

      And that is just what you have heard about. Don’t think Susquehanna County is any better. It is smaller so easier for the judge and DA to hide everything. Funny how bank records, witnesses and messages left on answering machines gets throw into the “not credible” pile. Absolute scumbags from the county seat right down to the local renta-cops, but it is funny how cops get fired from one town to avoid the under age sex scandals, but get hired right up by the next town over. It is like a revolving door full of clowns.

  • Robert Mills

    This man has been making believe he is a Police Officer for a long time. The Laceyville council needs to step up and demand professional Officers and not these two make believe cops like Chamberlan and Perry. They are wanna be’s

  • Rick

    Don’t worry Scott its Wyoming County, Papa kills a innocent man in his home and a x Police chief rapes a 12 year old in his cabin, and nothing happened to them.

  • HM

    ahhhh Wyoming county ….. this will go away just like the elementaryschool principal’s TWOdui’s, one while he was still on the program from the first, yet STILL has his job ! fine example of a family man

  • Walls R Closing In

    Another one of PA’s finest. Add him to the list of all the other Chiefs grabbing headlines around the area. DUI’s, compromising investigations, racism and discrimination in the work place, beating on your girlfriend… I can only imagine what the next headline will be.

    • A

      Racism?!?! You mean like taking advantage of an elderly woman with black grand kids, stealing their insurance money after a house fire and having the DA cover it all up and everyone refuses to investigate, despite all the hard evidence a lawyer could hope for? Susky Special once again.

  • Tim

    At least he didn’t shoot and kill an unarmed person. There’s still some hope for the police officers of this great nation of our.

    • A

      You mean like the cop that asked a guy for his license and when the guy reached back into his truck shot the hell out of him, or like the two cops that pulled up to a small child with a toy gun and blasted the kid NO QUESTIONS ASKED??? Which of these super troopers is your hero?

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