Man Sees Face Of Jesus In His Chicken Dinner

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POCONO SUMMIT -- It was quite a surprise for a man sitting down to dinner with his wife in the Poconos.

He was about to take a bite of chicken when he noticed an image on that chicken breast. The man says he's not overly religious but what he saw Thursday night, he considers a sign.

Ernesto Hernandez took a photo of his food during dinner at his house in Pocono Summit.

Jesus Chicken

Courtesy: Ernesto Hernandez


"I always kid to my wife she's such a divine cook and I'm about to fork into my chicken and, lo and behold, there's a picture of what looks like Jesus to me. It really kind of took me a back a minute," said Hernandez.

The image Hernandez saw is small, just on a little bite of chicken, but he thinks there's no mistaking there's a face there.

He saved it, although he does admit the image shrunk a bit after a night in the refrigerator.

"I showed my wife and we all laughed about it and said 'wow, this is amazing,' It's so clear, it's so concise, it looks like Jesus. I'm not saying it's Jesus. it's definitely a bearded man."

Hernandez says he always looks for signs, not necessarily divine ones, but last summer, he thought he saw the face of Jesus in some clouds outside his house.

He shared this photo. If you tilt your head a bit, maybe you'll see a face.JESUS CLOUD

Despite this, Hernandez says he's isn't active in any particular religion.

"I'm not a religious man, but I'm very spiritual. I believe in oneness. I believe we're all from the same source," Hernandez said.

And these images, even in a bite of chicken, mean something to him.

"I certainly feel blessed. I'm blessed for the family I have and the life that I have and I'm very grateful for that."

Hernandez has shared this photo with friends. He says he and his wife are having some fun with it, but getting a little inspiration, too.

"If I could convey a message to people, it would be: pay attention, there are signs everywhere."

Ernesto Hernandez says he and his wife are trying to figure out a way to preserve that bite of chicken.

He said he's inspired by it, but he's not looking for any vigils or anything outside his house.


  • Cpl. Chronic

    That’s called pareidolia. I can sometimes see a face in the towel in my bathroom. The fact is we do know somewhat what Jesus looks like because the Bible gives a basic description. Isaiah 53:2 For he shall grow up before him as a tender plant, and as a root out of a dry ground: he hath no form nor comeliness; and when we shall see him, there is no beauty that we should desire him. In other words: Jesus looks just like your average Joe Israelite. So for those of you who have a classic picture of Jesus on your living room table: No, he does not look Italian, and no, He doesn’t glow in the dark.

    • blw

      I always thought after he was resurrected, if you look at the son of man you’ll go blind!Gog and Magog try to fight King Jesus from Heaven and his Army of Angels at the End of this System of Things.

  • mastermind

    Him and his wife are looking for a way to preserve that piece of chicken!!!!! That is hysterically funny!!!!!!! There are American citizens starving and they are going to preserve a stinking piece of chicken!! Grow up and get a life! Freeze that piece of chicken and take it to a food pantry, you IDIOTS!!!!!!!!!

  • mastermind

    I was on the toilet the other day and in the bowl afterwards, what did I see? It was the image of the Elvis!!! You people need to grow up and stop wasting people’s time by all this religious nonsense. Just think how silly you all sound. It’s just as bad as the talking snake in the garden of Eden. I never used to be this way, but to watch all the terrible things happening in this world and asking myself, “where is this God that’s supposed to protect people from harm”, and why do people always say the same thing after a tragedy! Oh, he’s in god’s hands now or God bless the person who has just been burnt to death in a car!!!!! My question is, Where was this God, and why did he(or she) let this happen.

  • Joel

    This man saw the Face of Jesus in a piece of chicken? Well good for him. I do see what appears to be a face, probably bearded. Jesus? maybe, or it could be the late Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead, who died almost 20 years ago. It could be Charles Manson’s face, Fidel Castro’s face, or Santa Claus or any bearded man for that matter. And of course, some people don’t see a face in this piece of chicken at all. Good for them, too. I don’t see a a face at all, let alone Jesus, in the cloud picture.

  • mother nature

    With all the negativity in the NEPA area , it woudn’t suprise me if they had a earthquake there! 8 pm tonight?

  • paul

    I think its a good thing that some people see the face of Jesus, it tells a lot about people who see this, we need to see things like this, if gives us hope, and calms us…

    • Midland

      Really, you find hope and calm in a random pattern of breadcrumbs on a fried piece of poultry?

      I’m not so easily won over. I’m sticking with my lucky rabbit’s foot for my hope and calm.

  • Cynic

    I think the fellow is having a little lighthearted fun. However, it’s disconcerting that in the 21st century there are so many who still look to the sky or in the ramblings of bronze-age goat herders for knowledge, insight, and understanding of a modern world. You would think that a supreme being would have used Gutenberg’s press, or Facebook, or Twitter for the sake of a little clarification. ……crickets….nada.

  • Belle

    The cloud picture looks like Lionel Richie if you tilt your head to the left. As for the image of Christ in the chicken, if it warms this man’s soul to connect to Jesus in this way, who is anyone to judge?

  • Amy

    I also feel that there are signs of heaven everywhere, you just have to be open to it – even if it is in a weird place. No one knows for sure, but why not believe in something positive, rather than being judgmental about it.

  • Brian

    The second time I looked at it I found out it looks like someone else….. Charles Manson, and it even has a mark on its forehead to prove it.

  • The Hermit

    This man states that he isn’t “religious” but “spiritual”. This is a growing trend in this country which I have found generally means that one is not affiliated with an organized religion nor lives the tenets of a particular faith. Given that and given that God sometimes communicates with His people in very ordinary and common things and ways, perhaps the images this man saw is a message directing him to a definite religion?

  • true_archer

    No offense to all parties considered but this story is a mockery of The Lord Jesus Christ, Savior and God of Christians. I think it’s lame when people claim to see Him in food. You can be sure when He shows up it won’t be in your chicken dinner.

    • Brian

      And how would you know? The Lord has appeared in many many forms over the years, from burning bushes to a voice from the sky. Any form is his choice, and by you stating he won’t do this means you are better then the Lord and you are telling him what he can and can not do. Seems fare to say you are not better, and should change the wording next time. :)

      • true_archer

        I do know, no one said I am better, and one thing I know for sure is NOT to listen to the likes of you when it comes to choosing words or anything else for that matter because you’re not better either. No one is better than the Lord but I know Him well enough that He doesn’t need parlor tricks to make himself known.

  • Frank Z

    Really? Jesus was a Middle Eastern Jew, what the hell makes these people think he looked like the Bass Player from Lynard Skynard?

    • mastermind

      Did you love it madly before eating it!!!!!!!!!!! Yum yum yum. I once saw a talking grain of salt on my table, and I had a three hour conversation with it. It told me that the pepper has been making eyes at it for weeks!!!!

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