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Congressman Attends Veterans Day Ceremony

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MONTOURSVILLE -- Dozens of people came out to Montoursville Cemetery on Tuesday to honor those who fought for our country.

U.S. Representative Tom Marino was on hand at the Veterans Day ceremony at the Wall of Honor in Montoursville.

The Wall of Honor has the names of veterans who have passed, as well as some that are still living.

Marino invited any veterans who needed help to stop by his office.

Speakers said there are about 2,000 vets buried in the cemetery in Lycoming County.


    • Jim Brony

      At least he had the decency to go to a ceremony. And where is our muslim in chief on this Veterans Day? Not even in the country…


      What is your beef with him? He did a nice thing in honoring the Veterans. Let me take a wild guess here, you are a Democrat. Do you know the Constitution? Do you have a copy? If one would read the U.S. Constitution one would see the U.S. government has ignored the Constitution and assumed powers it was never granted. Any powers not described in the Constitution concerning each branch of of the federal government is supposed to be handled by the states. The states abdicated their power it seems when the federal government starts waving money in front of them.

      • jbrony

        Let’s see – Castoff calls Rep. Marino a POS and challenges that he doesn’t know the Constitution, then he gets beligerent when I call a muslim a muslim. Yep, I would say that ole Castoff here is a Democrat. Go easy on him / her MBINNEPA, their back side is probably still sensitive from the whooping they got in the last election.

      • cast0ff

        Morons rate a POS politician by what “party” he is. You arent smart enough to realize there is ZERO difference. As to Obama being a “muslim”, do you know how many innocent muslims this traitor has murdered, how many muslim countries have been destroyed?

      • Jim Brony

        So tell us Castoff, since you phrased your comment like you know the answer, how many innocent muslims has he killed, and how many muslim countries has he destroyed? I can’t wait to hear your answer. Oh, we’re still waiting to hear why you have a beef with Rep. Marino too while you’re at it. Or, are you just one us those bunker-preppers that’s just mad at everyone and everything and can’t wait until the shooting and bombing starts so you can break into your MRE’s?

      • jbrony

        I’ll take it that since you avoided answering my questions Castoff that you are just another person angry at everything because of your own shortcomings. Let go of the hatred, you’ll live longer and happier.

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