Parts of Pike County Back in the Hunt

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BLOOMING GROVE-- It is a sweet return to normalcy in for some hunters in Pike County.

Officials had banned hunting in seven townships where police believed Eric Frein might be hiding, or might have left explosives behind, but on Friday that ban was lifted in some areas of Pike County.

At the Lone Pine Hunting Club, teenagers John Topalanchik and Tyler Spinosi thought they might completely miss out on archery season.

Topalanchi says, "I was devastated, I was thinking how long, how long would it be?"

The club president says last weekend some members came up and went fishing, but it just didn't feel the same.

"They were like caged rats, that is the expression I use. You could see it in their eyes the disappointment,and this morning even though it was cloudy and rainy, there was sunshine in their eyes and their face," says Rich Spinosi.

While the search for Eric Frein shifted away from this area several weeks ago, there were fears he might have left behind explosives. Tyler says he is still taking extra care.

"To be more cautious really so you don't trip on anything or get caught up in a trap, just watch where you are going and be aware of your surroundings."


  • jar23666

    I am familiar with this area of Pennsylvania have traveled NE on US 209 through Milford, Matamoras, and Port Jervis on the way to Albany, NY. I am starting to surmise Frein has left a “trail of Ritz Crackers” to elude law enforcement and may be inside the Catskills or Bear Mountains of New York, possibly even Western Connecticut. I am not able to receive WNEP in Hampton, Va., but, I am curious what the morale of the ATF, FBI, and Penna. State Police is on this manhunt. After over four weeks, they have to be overstressed!

    The possibility does exist folks that he may never be caught. Frein is not a dumb bunny. Forty years ago outside DC in Montgomery County, Md. a U.S. State Department officer named William Bradford Bishop killed and torched his entire family, took the German Shepherd dog, and fled. He was last presumable in the Great Smokies National Park in NC. He has not been seen or detected since that time. He and Frein are on the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted List.

  • Lloyd Schmucatelli

    Normalcy!!!??? I used that word yesterday commenting on the hunting article! You guys honored me in using it! Are you offering me a job?

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