Former Teachers’ Aide Admits To Sex With Student

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SHAMOKIN -- A former teacher's aide in Northumberland County admits she sexually assaulted a high school student.

Police say Amanda Dreher, 29, of Coal Township admitted to having sex with an 18-year-old male student three times earlier this year, twice on school property.

After her guilty plea, she faces at least three months in jail and will have to register as a sex offender.

Dreher pleaded guilty to one count of institutional sexual assault for having sexual relations with a high school student.

Dreher admitted to having sex with the male student three times between January and February while she was a teacher's aide at Shamokin Area Junior/Senior High School.

Police say two of the sexual encounters happened inside the school. Dreher resigned shortly after that.

"Kids are going to school to learn and not to learn about sex and I think it's wrong," said Shamokin resident Fern Vanderbeck

"They're not learning education now, they're learning other things. That's not good. I hope she really takes a look at what she has caused and what she's done," added Shamokin resident Sharon Carson.

Carson has a daughter who goes to Shamokin Area Junior/Senior High School.

"Teacher's aide, teacher, principal, it's just not good. It's not a good thing to do. People should be more aware. I think of children are children and adults are adults."

"It's good to be honest and it's not a good thing to do and for her to set an example for others who are even considering such a thing," said Peggy Shoup.

Shoup of Shamokin says even though the male student was 18 at the time, Dreher should have known better.

"As the teacher, she's the adult that should know better and should set the example."

The investigation started in March when Coal Township police were contacted by the school's principal about the incident.

Officials say Dreher must go through sexual offender assessment and must register under Megan's Law for the next 25 years.

She is set to be sentenced in about 90 days.


  • ME

    Last I heard, 18 was 18 and 18 is legal!!!! Now they just making this sh*t up just to have head count in lock up…….the county is broke and looking for more state money…

    • protectandserve

      Think about it, 18 year old children are just babies without pampers,I could just imagine all the pain he was encountering, and the emotional stress that has been caused by this cool-aid’s actions.

  • I AM A MAN NOW AND ...........

    CHRIS said: “For anyone who says she shouldn’t be charged they are wrong. She is in a position of authority, it is still a crime. But 25 years as a sex offender common already.”

    When I was an 18 y/o guy, I would of told a 29 y/o Hey babe you ARE in Authority, teach me how to be good ! And that is no lie, I am not a hypocrite

    I think most normal guys would agree that most 18 y/o guys would be most HONORED to have a 29 y/o

    I would of 100% been

  • I AM A MAN NOW AND ...........

    In all Honesty when I was 18 I would of felt like “THE MAN” if I got a 29 y/o woman !
    My guy friends would of High Fived me, and I would of been the envy of all my guy friends !
    Heck I drooled over my 43 year old English Teacher when I was in High School

  • Jason

    She’ll be teaching in Mt. Carmel School District in 2 years. That’s how Northumberland County stuff goes.

  • chris

    For anyone who says she shouldn’t be charged they are wrong. She is in a position of authority, it is still a crime. But 25 years as a sex offender common already. Give her probation for a year or something for abusing her position at her job in a school. He was 18 and it was consensual so that does matter. In the same situation if it were a guy I would feel the same way.

    • Mike

      What about the former shop teacher who was just arrested with cocaine a few months ago. He use to have sex with female students all the time. People know about that. Why wasn’t he charged?

      • Chris

        What are you asking me for? Its not my fault that guy wasn’t charged. If its illegal its illegal. Nobody wants to take responsibility for their actions anymore. If you can’t do the time don’t commit the crime. -Chris-

    • Travis

      I’m sorry Chris I gotta disagree with you he is 18 as long as it was consensual there shouldn’t be any charges filed it’s a waste of the courts time and money at worst maybe a fine for having sex at school and termination of her job and if people still want to make a big deal out of it then take away her teacher’s license there’s no need to ruin her life just for having sex with another adult

      • Phillie

        I agree that she shouldn’t be labeled a sex offender because they were bot adults and it was consensual. But there is a law in PA that makes it illegal for a teacher to have sex with a student, regardless of age. In this case, the punishment isn’t fitting the crime.

      • realitycheck

        why the thumbs down??? she isn’t a licensed teacher. she is an aide. how can you take away a teaching license from someone who doesn’t have one??

  • Travis

    Why are we wasting our courts time and money on this he was 18 and not complaining while he was getting some I can guarantee that I get she’s a school official or whatever so take her job away not her whole life this is ridiculous

  • K

    How did she get busted?? Why did he rat to the cops? Did she rape him?
    He was 18, what’s the big deal?
    Any more facts?

    • Joe

      DUmb kid. That’s what happens when you bragg to your friends. He should have kept it all hush hush, it would have been much cooler in the end.

  • Billtown

    No doubt, she should be held accountable for her actions…. but what about the 18yr. old?…. Or any of the 15-16 yr olds who get into these situations that we’ve heard about over the years? Unless it’s a rape situation…that’s completely different….its consensual on both sides. I think these “kids” should also be held accountable as well. It takes 2 to tango. No community service? no probabtion?…even on a minor scale?… Sorry, but these “kids” who have these flings with these older, individuals, school related or not… know better and they get left go as “the victim”. If you start holding them accountable as well… you’ll see these types of situations practically disappear. Again, I’m not defending the accused in this situation by any means…shame on her and anyone before and after her that is foolish enough to get themselves into these situations. Rediculous.

    • RealTalk

      Totally agreed Billtown, these kids are allowed to run around and do what they want, having no real effect on their futures besides some bragging rights. Something needs to be done in the juvenile department as well.

  • Ridiculous

    That’s a ridiculous sentence for what was most likely a consensual relationship. Shame on her but not 25 years of shame.

      • Outrageous

        Another teacher just got sentenced yesterday. HE pleaded down to “corruption of minors” after doing a 17-year-old student. HE gets to be registered as a sex offender for 15 years. Sounds like SHE needed a better lawyer.

  • RReedy

    Registration as a Sex Offender, even for 25 years, is a life sentence. Not only for this person, but also for her entire family, including her children (present or future). For a willing and voluntary relationship with a legal adult.


      • RReedy

        Being on this shaming list, even if it is for ‘only’ 25 years will ruin an entire life – past the registration time, plus that of one’s family. It is the gift that keeps on giving. Ironically there is not one single study that remotely supports that it reduces sex crimes.

    • Public Opinion

      Forget it, she’s out of your league. I doubt any woman wants to go out with an old obese neckbeard such as yourself.

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