Body Found in Wilkes-Barre

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WILKES-BARRE -- Neighbors who live in Interfaith Heights Apartments in Wilkes-Barre woke up Thursday morning to yellow tape, police everywhere, and a man's body lying in the middle of a field inside the complex.

"I actually came out to put my three year old on the school bus this morning, and the cops came flying in," said one neighbor who did not want to give her name. She said she didn't hear anything overnight, but another neighbor says he did.

"Just two gunshots, nothing out of the norm around here."

He says the shots were fired between midnight and 1 a.m., but says when an Interfaith Heights maintenance worker found the body, it was already after 7.

"It's a common thing around here anymore. People are afraid to take the garbage out. People are afraid to take their kids to school."

"I don't bring them outside to play. They don't have a life. We basically sit in the house."

The Luzerne County coroner later identified the man as Tyzheke Seward, 23, of Wilkes-Barre. Police believe he died from gunshots. Neighbors say the closeness to the troubled Sherman Hills complex is part of the problem.

"The fence is a waste to begin with. You could jump them easy, waste of money."

Police spent the morning searching the area for evidence, but neighbors just want answers to their questions.

"What happened now? Or what's going to happen? Or is my children safe?"

"Doesn't matter who they shoot, doesn't matter. They're kids shooting kids. That's what's happening."

An autopsy is scheduled for tomorrow.

Neighbors also say they heard gunshots between midnight and 1 a.m..

Investigators say it is a young man who appears to have died from gunshots.

Authorities identified the victim as Tyzheke Seward, 23, of Wilkes-Barre

An autopsy is scheduled for Friday.

People who live in Interfaith Heights say this apartment complex and section of Wilkes-Barre is just getting worse and worse.

"Useless, senseless, probably over a $20 bag, $10 bag. Useless, senseless."


  • Thereaper

    Do away with low income government housing do away with welfare and give stricter sentences and you’ll find crime goes down

    • Randy

      So you feel this will help feed children, and taking the roof over their heads away, your not very smart at all, these services are to help low income people in times when thing are hard, be a single parent with children (only once) you will never comment about these services again, Thing could get a lot rougher and maybe you will see a jail, but the good thing, you will receive Room and Board (Free) Food (Free) warm heat (Free) Clothing (Free) TV (Free), remember not one dollar goes back into the system. Think before you shoot off (do the calculations).

  • Thereaper

    Don’t bother to read the sentence ” it was the body if a young man” before posting your comment there FORD people like yourself are the reason this country is falling apart as you open your mouth before opening your ears

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