Football Fans React to Ray Rice Video

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SCRANTON -- In February, video of Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice surfaced. It showed him dragging his then-fiance out of an elevator at a casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Once TMZ released the video, Rice was suspended for two games.

But now, another video was released by TMZ. Photos taken from that video show him and his now-wife inside the elevator. They show Rice punching her and dragging her out of the elevator. It's a violent scene that caused the Ravens to drop him and the NFL to suspend him indefinitely.

"There's no excuse for it. He needs anger management. He needs to go to jail, and he needs to pay for what he's done," said Tina Booth of Olyphant.

Football fans in our area say they're disgusted by the latest video.

"Respect, I don't respect him as a player anymore because you just don't treat people like that," said Jack Rafalko of Minooka.

"He's not a man. Doesn't take a man to beat a woman," said Booth.

"I think they should punish them more and that he should actually go through the court system, and I think that he should actually be in jail right now," said Laura Smith of Ransom.

Since the first Rice video was released, the NFL updated its personal conduct policy, requiring players to serve a six-game suspension and pay $500,000 for wrongdoing. But football fans say Rice deserves the indefinite NFL suspension.

"I think he's a low life."


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