Police: Car Hits Cart Carrying Brother and Sister, 7 Year Old Killed

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TROY -- Police in Bradford County said a 7-year-old boy is dead after he and his sister were dragged under a vehicle Wednesday night.

Authorities said it happened around 6 p.m. at the intersection of Route 6 and Porter Road.

Troy police say a father was riding his bike on Route 6 and his two kids -- a little boy and 6-year-old girl -- were riding in a bike cart behind him.

The three were struck by a pickup truck.

"Very tragic. We've had too many lately. It's very sad," said Troy resident Doug Phillips.

The little boy was pronounced dead at the scene.

The father and his 6-year-old daughter are expected to be OK.

Troy police say that father and his two children were traveling on a side walk when a pickup truck made a right onto Porter and hit them. Then that truck dragged the bike cart several feet down the road.

Witnesses say the truck belongs to Tetra Gas Company. That pickup is now at Junior's Towing in East Troy

Doug Phillips lives on Elmira Street and says he's seen the family of three ride down his block a few times.

"Just riding the bike down through. He has the two kids with him, in the back," Phillips recalled.

The Troy Area School District tells Newswatch 16 that it has grief counselors on hand at the W.R. Croman Primary School for classmates of the two children.

"School just started last week. It's got to be tough for the kids around school here," Phillips added.

Troy police continue to investigate. No charges have been filed.


    • Mitch

      At the bus stop on Route 6 here in Mainesburg. Multiple times. Last time, kids were literally IN THE ROAD and the white truck FLEW right past with 4 people in it. We heard the horns honking and looked out, my cousin ran out, got in his car and followed them the whole way to Troy red light from here and got out to go confront them. They had seen him following them and writing down their licence plate number. At the red light, none of them spoke english, so all of his yelling and questions were not answered. We had called the state police to start the investigation. The men were transferred to Ohio before the police could get a chance to talk to them. If those kids had not ran out of the way, they would have been hit by them going about 55 – 60 MPH. It still bothers us. The other times were not such close calls, but it has happened about 6 times now in the past few years.

      • mdog

        GOD bless and stay sharp for those little ones sake.
        Drivers are required to face the conditions of the elements at all times in a safe manner.
        Too many cop out comments here.My other factual comments are being blocked by the 16 gatekeeper.

    • Lighten Up

      Lighten up sugar britches! It doesn’t say anything about the driver not going to be charged. It just says there were no charges yet. How about giving the reconstructionist time to do their job?

  • please god, bless this family and comfort them please

    My deepest heart felt sadness, and grief and wishes of comfort that only God could give above us mere mortals goes out to this Dad, and the sister and the rest of the relatives, friends etc. this is positively heart breaking

  • K R F

    I do not know all the details,But my heart and soul are with the children and there famlies. Stay strong and may God bless you all.

  • jb

    I wonder if the children were wearing helmets? Even in a cart it’s still a law in PA if you’re under 12 to wear a helmet. Sometimes they do save lives.

      • jb

        Shut up? Seriously? Why? Kids are supposed to wear helmets when on a bike, on a kids bike seat attached to the bike or riding in a cart attached to a bike. It’s a law for a reason. I’m just asking the question? I wasn’t there and have no idea if they had them on or not. It’s like seatbelts. You have a better chance of surviving a car accident if you wear your seatbelt. It’s just plain common sense.

  • Angry

    I say if you do not know legitimate details about the situation , driver, cyclist or the children. You have no reason to be commenting with rude negative comments. The fact that the driver was a gas worker means NOTHING. It could have been anyone’s mistake, careless or complete accident. Things happen and the most important thing is supporting the family who lost a poor little child and even the driver, as he will also have to live with this guilt/shame on his shoulders for the rest of his life.

  • Ford

    The article says it was a Pickup truck that hit the cart, not a tractor trailer, and I don’t recall needing to have a cdl to drive a pickup. But nonetheless, this driver was not paying attention to the road given the conditions regardless if the father was on a sidewalk or not. More and more people are paying less and less attention to the roads they are driving on, and then want an excuse when something bad happens. Smart phones, smart cars, —–people getting dumber or just expecting our tech to protect us.

  • Sarah

    I have lived in this town my whole life, and work about 2 blocks from where the accident happened. This is a tragic accident! Everyone wants to comment on “what should of happened” well, guess what.. a life of a young child was tragically taken and the driver of the vehicle just so happened to be “gas guy” so, go ahead and post your comments BUT you have no idea about the roads, sidewalks, the guy that was driving the vehicle or the Dad’s story of why he was pulling his children around in a cart. Its done and over with, I believe what needs to happen is people need to pray for the people involved and not judge.

    • Ford

      I agree this is a tragic accident, but I personally have been run near off the road by different gas company men either due to their speeding, talking on cell phones, and simply just not paying attention to the roads. Not saying that is the case with this guy, but I also don’t believe the arguement, “the sun was in my eyes.” And by the sounds the father of these children was out of the normal traffic path and was using a cart made to be pulled behind the bicycle. In any event the driver of the vehicle is supposed to have his vehicle under control at all times and clearly he did not for whatever reason. If he couldn’t see due to glare of the sun, he simply should have slowed down to a safer speed. In the end it is a terrible accident that could have easily been prevented and sympathy to the family of the child that died in this accident, and also to the driver. I hope other people (not just gas guys) learn to pay attention to the road and the conditions.

      • Really

        So by this comment you’re stating that you have never had a near miss yourself or I fact never been run off the road by anyone other than what you call “gas guys”? Guess what these gas guys are people also. Local or not that’s like saying “I got ran off the road today by one of those factory workers”. Makes no sense. Just because a truck from the industry was involved doesn’t mean anything.

  • alan

    I don’t know anything about this and I shouldn’t comment .But the first thought in my mind another right turn on red . More accidents happen when drivers believe right turn gives the driver the right of way .If the speed limit is above 35 mph .There shouldn’t be any right turn on red . Way too many drivers don’t even stop before the turn or turn fast to drive slow .In a rush drivers .If a driver can not see because of the sun .Poor excuse responsibility and safety first . Stop before a turn is made

  • Marie Stoves

    according to this article the family was riding on a SIDEWALK! The driver of the vehicle drove onto a sidewalk and hit them. HE IS THE ONE TO BLAME! I SAY CHARGE HIM WITH HOMICIDE BY MOTOR VEHICLE AND TAKE AWAY HIS DRIVERS LICENSE FOREVER!. If you cannot stay on the road then do not get behind the wheel.

    • Matthew

      The article says he was on the sidewalk… it does not say the collision happened on the sidewalk. Calm down Marie, use common sense.

  • jb

    Not taking a side but I thought on the news last night they said it was a truck? If so those carts are pretty low to the ground (unless the father had a flag on it) and you can’t necessarily see something like that over the hood of a truck. The backend of the cart is easily 4′ from the back of the bike. It might just be an accident that the driver just didn’t see it.

    • Marie Stoves

      the article says the father was riding on the SIDEWALK! He was not on the road. That driver had no business driving on a sidewalk. HE NEEDS TO BE CHARGED WITH HOMICIDE BY VEHICLE. Based on the article the father WAS being safe by staying off the road. He had every expectation that they would be safe there.
      Also, those bike child trailers ARE designed for children to ride in them. The ones I have seen not only have seatbelts for toddlers on up , but they also are made with a zippered mesh shell that helps keep little hands and feet, etc from getting hurt while still letting the kids enjoy the scenery and have shade and air flow. They are well designed with safety in mind. But they are not designed to take a hit from a vehicle.
      no sympathy for the driver from me. If he was unable to stay on the roadway then perhaps he has no business being behind the wheel. Sunglare is no excuse for going off the road.

      • Jay

        Cycling on a sidewalk is in most cases far more dangerous than in the road because it vastly increases the likelyhood of an intersection collision. Don’t believe me, google and you’ll find a plethora of studies. In fact in most states it’s explicitly illegal.

      • Schuylkill

        Please don’t reproduce. AN ACCIDENT. They happen everyday. I’m sure the guilt this man will live with for the rest of his life is enough. We always punish the hard working man when he screws up. Homicide charges? Really? Maybe take his cdl at best. Very unfortunate for the family hearts and Souls.

  • Archer

    What is going on out there? Are people not paying attention? Drinking? Drugging? Drinking AND Drugging? No offense but how many out there on psych drugs? How many out there on psych drugs AND drinking?

  • Solomon Grundy

    People need to stay the hell off the road and things like this would be avoided….People should not be towing there kids around behind a bike on a busy road such as Porter Rd. …If you want to tow your kids around take them to a park and stay off the busy roads….Then you will avoid drunks and speeders….These parents are just as much to blame as the drivers that hit them….PARENTS KEEP YOUR KIDS OFF THE ROADS

    • Jay

      The safest place for a cyclist to ride (other than a dedicated bike path, which are few and far between in Bradford County) is on the road, while obeying all the same traffic regulations as a vehicle. Unless the father was traveling in a manner inconsistent with the motor vehicle code, he is blameless, and you sir are a fool.

      • t miller

        Looking at the photo shown at the top of this article I see no sidewalk. Maybe this is a stock photo? That said, I never really thought sun glare could be bad enough to cause an accident. However, just a week or so ago I was driving on a road near my home. As I crested a small hill the sun glare was so bad I couldn’t see anything. I had the sun visor down and it didn’t help at all. I couldn’t even see where the side of the road was of the center of the road was. I had to come to almost a complete stop to navigate far enough to get out of the glare. Thanks God no one was flying up behind me. Thank God I there was no traffic coming at me since I am sure I must have drifted over the center line. I was truly driving blind for probably 50 yards or so. In this case I think the authorities should go to that intersection at the same time of day as the accident on a day with similar conditions to see how bad the glare is. It’s possible that is what caused this. My sympathies to the families of the child and the driver. Sad!

  • Scran-Tony

    It was probably another drunk gas driller from out of state or another country. Its about time we tell Obama to give Pennsylvania jobs to Pennsylvanians.

    • Schuylkill

      An accident clearly. Always blamed on drugs or alcohol this man definitely went for a urine sample. Let’s blame the working man with a very unfortunate accident.

    • BrotherMan

      Really ignorant comment from Tony here. The reason people are coming from out of state for these oil and gas jobs are because there are not enough oil & gas engineers and skilled workers in PA compared to the South. Educate yourself before making dumb comments. They are bringing a lot of money into the area and a lot of jobs too. I bet you woudn’t last a week in the oil & gas fields. Hard work done by hard-working Americans for great pay/benefits.

  • George V

    Such a terrible story! First thing that came to mind when reading this… was “Dad… what the hell were you thinking when you took your two young children, put them in a cart, hooked it to a bike and headed out on the roadway” !

    • Jason

      Was the father exercising? Were they spending time together outside enjoying the day? Who cares what the father was doing. I would like to understand why the car hit the cart in the first place? Was it speed? Was it an intoxicated driver? Was it a distracted driver?

    • crystal

      Dad was all over town with the kids in the cart. Kids always seemed happy and well taken care of. I believe this is just how they got around. Accidents do happen, I agree though, if the sun is too bright, stop! Going that way at the time of day is extremely bright. Not saying it’s an excuse at all. I’ve just traveled these roads, I know. I’m praying for the father. I don’t even want to imagine the pain. Our hearts are with you.

    • Angela clark

      I don’t know you dumb as maybe going to get something they needed. Here where I am from we yield to bikes ,cars, and people so why does it matter how he was getting them there? smf

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