Labor Day Fun at Knoebels

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ELYSBURG -- Many people in central Pennsylvania spent their holiday packing up their campsites, after a fun-filled weekend at Knoebels Amusement Resort.

The spokesperson for Knoebels says all 600 campsites were booked for Labor Day weekend. Many families say camping here is a longtime Labor Day tradition.

"My daughter's 44 and she was 12, so 32 years," Connie Green said.

The Green family from New Albany says they enjoyed their Labor Day weekend.

"Now that the kids got older, we can sit up here and they can go to the park. Of course great-nanny sits up here and baby sits while the other kids go to the park," Green said.

Since it's the last full day of the summer season at Knoebels Amusement Resort, people are flocking to the park.

"That's why we're doing it. It is the last day and unfortunately it's September and it's just a reminder the fall is to come," Hannah Boseich said.

Some families say they like that there is no admission fee at Knoebels, so it was a good place to spend Labor Day.

"It's an extended weekend and with the holiday, everybody's off from school and work. It's close and it's just a nice place to be," Francesco Armenise said.

Others say they wanted to spend the day outside, to enjoy the last few days of summer weather.

"Not looking forward to the snow flying, and it will be coming shortly," Joseph Stein said.

People say spending the day at Knoebels was their way of saying goodbye to summer.

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