Missing “President” Found Near Bear Creek

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BEAR CREEK -- A few days ago, we told you about a President Obama statue from Wilkes-Barre that had been stolen. But today, a man who lives near bear creek found the statue. It's now been returned to its the owner.

The search for the Barack Obama statue started earlier this week, when Tiffany Bruce reported her $1200 statue was missing from its normal seat on her front porch.

"It's Obama. Everybody loves Obama. Well, I do," said Tiffany Bruce, of Wilkes-Barre.

The statue had been swiped. She filed a police report, but didn't expect anything to come of it. She was wrong.

"The statue was sitting right here like this," said Bill Phillips, of Bear Creek.

Bill Phillips, of Bear Creek, was driving past the Francis E. Walter Dam near Bear Creek Thursday morning when he spotted the Obama statue.

"I come down here and as soon as I got a look at it, I just burst out laughing, like 'Oh my god, I found the President," said Phillips.

The President appeared to be sipping on a few Twisted Teas. He had a broken finger, but was otherwise in good condition despite the theft.

Phillips stepped into action, calling police and attracting quite the crowd.

"Then everybody from the dam heard the news and came down here and saw him and took pictures of him sitting here," said Phillips.

The statue was later picked up by police and dropped off at Tiffany Bruce's home, just where it had sat for more than a year up until this week.

In the solved case of the missing president statue, everybody wins. Tiffany Bruce gets her president back. I get to take a selfie, and Bill Phillips gets the title of 'hero.

"I'm sure they didn't mean nothing malicious that you know, they should learn that people like their possessions and they shouldn't take them," said Phillips.

We tried to speak with the victim, Tiffany Bruce, again today, but she wasn't home. There are still no leads on who took the President statue in the first place. But again it's back where it's supposed to be.


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