Union County Community Reacts To Testimony In Rock Throwing Case

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LEWISBURG -- Four teenagers charged with throwing rocks onto Interstate 80 were at the Union County Courthouse for their preliminary hearings Tuesday afternoon.

Investigators say Brett Lahr, Tyler Porter, Keefer McGee and Dylan Lahr threw rocks off the overpass above the eastbound lanes near exit 212, the Milton exit.

One of those rocks hit the vehicle carrying Sharon Budd, who was traveling from Ohio to New York with her husband, Randy and daughter, Kaylee.

Sharon was left critically injured and has been hospitalized since.

Both Randy and Kaylee were in court for those hearings.

“I hope maybe them seeing us made them feel bad, I don't know if it did or not, but they know what they did and it was hard to see them,” said Kaylee.

“It made it more real. It happened. Those gentlemen, gentlemen, those guys were involved. They know what they did,” said Randy.

Only Brett Lahr opted to have his hearing, the three others chose to waive their rights to one.

One of the defendants, Keefer McGee, testified against Lahr about what happened the night of July 10th.

He told the court, “We were all laughing thinking it was funny. We laughed, tossed out rocks, and drove home."

Randy Budd also testified, describing seeing his wife after the rock went through the windshield and struck her.

He said, “It was the most gruesome thing I've ever, ever seen."

In New Columbia where the boys live, people expressed sympathy for the Budds.

“That family, they seem like a nice family and whenever the name New Columbia comes up, that’s how they’re going to think of us,” said Rick Beaver.

“Those kids were evidently actually trying to hit the car, you know? And that’s just a shame because the damage they could do and they should have known better,” said Jim Harmon.




  • Good luck in the slammer !

    If this guy has rage, anger issues, hates society etc. he will get ALL the venting he needs fighting off the white,black,hispanic brothers in the pen also, who I imagine will be happy to oblige him with his destructive personality !
    Dude you hurt innocent lady, the guys in the pen aren’t ladies, so they are gonna fight back ! Best of luck tough guy !

  • A

    My heart goes out to the victims family, but as far as those unruly teenagers go, they need more than a slap on the hand and maybe instead of smirking and laughing about it on tv you may want to apologize to the victim and her family, apparently the teenagers family never taught them respect. Such a SHAME..

  • Whats wrong with this country?

    I hope justice is served, I also believe the penalty will be harsh that is unless there family is related to politicians!!! Yep politicians steals millions they walk but they like to fry the little guys. THIS CASE SHOULD SHOULD LAY DOWN A HEAVY SENTENCE, but will seeeeeeee!

      • shagtastique

        The original poster incorrectly used “them” when referring to medical bills, not lawsuits. Geeze Louise learn how use words properly.

  • K

    “One of the defendants, Keefer McGee, testified against Lahr about what happened the night of July 10th.
    He told the court, “We were all laughing thinking it was funny. We laughed, tossed out rocks, and drove home.”
    Clearly spoken from a malfunctional and dysfunctional mind! The psych meds aren’t the answer people! If anyone EVER actually read the side effects of this garbage! 70% of kids in the area are on these things!

    • Carter Pewterschmidt

      I agree, psych meds are total BS. It lines the pockets of the health”I only care about money”care industry. They don’t work for a lot of people and you have terrible withdraw when you realized they are total BS. You know the U.S.A healthcare motto: “There’s far more money to be made in treating a disease than in curing it.
      Why cure someone of cancer in a day if we can treat them for a lifetime and bill them every step along the way?”

      • K

        The answer is guidance and direction in socially acceptable norms, ethic, and morals. Which is best given thru psychology and spirituality, not poisonous pills. I know folks who put their 3 yr olds on this garbage. Has anyone ever paid attention to the commercial for abilify? May or may not improve depression, but could cause death. Problem solved. How do you put this stuff in your kids without reading what it does and what’s it made of?!?!? ALL ADHD drugs are stimulants coupled a side of AD’s, which mess with brain chemistry. Trial and error.

    • Kat

      Seems like justice will never be served here. My heart goes out to the poor woman. I still say the parents of these rock throwing delinquents should be punished as well.

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