Man Wanted After Hit and Run

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BERWICK -- Police are looking for a man they say was involved in a hit and run in Berwick Monday afternoon.

Police think James Kemp intentionally hit a pedestrian at the intersection of Susquehanna Avenue and Ida Street around 2:30 p.m. Monday.

The vehicle was found abandoned.

Berwick police said the victim suffered serious injuries.


  • megan

    it was my brother he hit and he hit . Coke was trying to bully my sister because his girlfriend and her have problems my brother wasn’t gonna let him do that he wanted to fight my sister so my brother in in the middle he got in the car hit my brother my brother was stuck under the car for 200 yards then he went around the block to try and finish him … he didn’t even know my brother’s name or that he is a husband and a father of 3

  • scran~tony

    why are we harrasing this “upstanding citizen”? I am sure that they were just fleeing the riots in missouri…

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