Update: 17 Month Old Accidentally Drowned in Swimming Pool

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WINDHAM TOWNSHIP -- An autopsy showed a toddler found in a swimming pool in Wyoming County died from an accidental drowning.

The coroner said 17-month-old Gage Wells was found by a family member in a pool near Laceyville Monday.

The boy was taken to the hospital by ambulance but did not survive.


  • Garben

    This is totally horrific and happens way too often and they do have an alarm already in place it’s called pull the ladder away from the pool when not in use. This “accident” should never have happened period

  • Paul Zombie

    Children that age love to climb. I wish I was there to stop his fall. I’d like to invent a swimming pool alarm. What was his name?

  • marie

    My prayers go out to this family.
    This is why, unless someone is actually IN the pool, the ladder should be removed. They also make ladders that fold up on the outside and latch to prevent such tragedies. You should also fence the pool apart from the rest of the yard and keep the gate locked. Simple prevention can save a world of tears.

  • jr

    children are fast it could happen to any one I have 5 children myself I know my oldest got out of his high chair at that age and cut his finger with a knife where was I you ask in the bathroom for a minute that’s all it took … it only takes a teaspoon of water to drown … and you can’t always be there for them they are just too quick and I also know this child and his family they loved that boy and they took very good care of him so please stop judging it could happen to you ….. and this is why we don’t have a pool b/c my kids would probly be in that same situation yes I watch them but they are quick and at this age they are fearless I know my 2 oldest is not afraid of anything …. so please stop with the negativity … you think your so good at watching your kids but I am sure they got bumps or bruises on them a time or 2 all children do you can’t keep them in a bubble forever you can try to

  • JS

    People are so quick to judge. To all of you that feel this could never happen to you …..I sure hope you are right. No one knows what the future holds for anyone or the accidents that may happen. My deepest sympathy to the family dealing with the loss of their child. Prayers sent!

  • Coll

    It truely saddens me to hear of this baby boy drowning. He is an angel and in the hands of God! My thoughts for the family , and my prayers are with you. Accidents happen, as horrible as they can be, they do. God bless you all.

  • edwin torres

    My heart goes out to the family of the preasous angel that just made his way to heaven . Our lil boy was layed to rest just yesterday . And he went the same way as your angel . I can honestly feel your pain our thoughts and our prayers go out to you and your family .

  • Vicks

    You can’t physically watch a baby for every second of everyday!!! Accidents happen and sadly in this case the poor little man didn’t make it :( thoughts with the family xxx

  • laura

    Please dont judge. I know this family. Accidents happen. Right now the family needs love and support not condemnation.

  • Sandy L Strait

    I am very saddened for the entire family ~ however I have cared for numerous children of various ages over the years & am a mother of 3 that I have been with near streams & the ocean as well as pools ! NO CHILD of the toddler years in particular – as well as older ( in my opinion ) belong unsupervised for ANY length of time that it would take to fall into a pool & drown !! Why was someone not watching the child the entire time & IF they fell in accidentally would then be there to pull them out immediately !!!!!! :(

    • MB

      If you have watched children and are a mother, then you should know that it only takes seconds for a toddler to get in to mischief. Have a heart, the details aren’t known, and even if they are…a child has died. Prayers to the family.

  • Lauren

    Condolences to the family. Having two little ones, I know it only takes seconds for them to get into something they shouldn’t. Don’t judge. Have respect.

    • Theora Brunner

      Of course it’s horrible. Until the details are known, should you be judging? Please, think of all the family who will see this. He has grandparents and great grandmothers that are heart broken.

    • JP

      How long does it take a kid to get to a pool, in your opinion?? It is a terrible thing and sometimes only takes a minute, sympathies to the family.

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