Owners Hope To Clean Up With New Soap Shop

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STROUDSBURG -- A new soap shop has opened up in the Poconos.

The owners in Stroudsburg say it's a fresh start after a fire destroyed their other business, Kitchen Chemistry, just last month.

Fresh scents of soap fill the air at this new store in downtown Stroudsburg

Pocono soap owner Lisa Diemer said it's her "fresh start."

Early last month, her store Kitchen Chemistry was destroyed by fire and still remains closed, with smoke and water damage throughout.

"I'm scratching my head saying a month and a half ago I was baking cupcakes, and so excited about that and now I'm here making soaps and bath balms, and lotions," Diemer said.

"It was really sad it was like a loss. It was like a real loss in the family," said Amanda Beam.

Now Diemer and her daughter Amanda are using some of their other skills to create homemade soaps, bath salts, and lip balms. It's something that was only done on a smaller scale at their old store.

"I've been making soap for over 10 years and actually in Kitchen Chemistry we did have a soap making section and I offered soap making classes," said Diemer.

Susan Douglass had her apartment damaged in that same fire at Kitchen Chemistry. She's back in her apartment and loves the new soap shop.

"Oh, is this great! I can understand why she wouldn't be putting a lot of time and energy into that because she wanted to get this off the ground. Awesome stuff! You should have smell-o-vision," said Douglass.

Even though the owners opened Pocono Soap just down the road, they still have plans to get Kitchen Chemistry on Main Street open as soon as possible.

"Baking and teaching cake decorating is definitely my passion and I will definitely reopen kitchen chemistry," Diemer said. "I'm still baking cakes. I have a licensed kitchen."

Demolition will begin soon and Kitchen Chemistry hopes to open by Thanksgiving.

In the meantime, owners hope Pocono Soap is their silver lining.

"I hope so, only time will tell, but i definitely think it's unique."


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