Autopsy Done On Baby Found In Trash

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MIDDLEPORT -- We're learning more about what happened last week at a home in Schuylkill County where the remains of an infant were found Tuesday.

We learned that it was other people who lived in that house who discovered the baby.

According to court papers, they found the little girl after they smelled a strong odor while taking out the trash.

Police tape remains in a trash can outside the home in Blythe Township where a dead baby girl was found in the garbage outside just a day earlier.

Tara Paltanavage, 22, is locked up in Schuylkill County in connection with the death.

According to court papers, Paltanavage claims the baby was stillborn after she gave birth in the bathtub of her home on Winfield Drive.

When she realized the little girl had no pulse and wasn't breathing police say she put the baby in the garbage and brought it outside.

"I don't think it's right what she did. She should have called the authorities right away," said Mary Ann Zimmerman of Middleport.

Housemates said they smelled an odor and found the baby when they took out the trash a week after the birth.

Police responded and later charged Paltanavage.

Police say Paltanavage admitted that she denied to her housemates and boyfriend ever being pregnant.

Neighbor Mary Ann Zimmerman told Newswatch 16 the woman has another child, a little girl named Gemma, age 2.

When she first heard what happened, she thought Gemma was dead.

"And here we found out it was the newborn, which I didn't even know she was pregnant."

We tried speaking with the other people who live with Paltanavage, but they didn't want to speak with us

One of Paltanavage's housemates told us he didn't know she was pregnant and "I'm glad she's in jail now. She can rot there."

My grandson died in our house, and we called the authorities right away," said Zimmerman. "So, I don't think anybody should ever do that."

Paltanavage is charged with endangering the welfare of children, concealing the death of a child, and abuse of corpse.

An autopsy was done Wednesday on the baby girl but the coroner says more tests are planned.

Paltanavage remains locked up in Schuylkill County.


  • Erin

    I really don’t care what the “whole story” is!! It is the fact that she put the baby in a garbage bag and let the baby rot in the trash for an entire week that is so callous and demented!!!! And that is all the “story” we need to know. She has been charged appropriately. If she would have been caught giving the baby a proper burial I would have some sympathy for her. But what she did is cold and heartless. I don’t know if she killed the baby ,but if there is water in the lungs it would prove the child was born alive in the tub and a murder charge should justly be added to her list of crimes.

  • concerned

    Has it ever occurred to you not to take sides until you know the WHOLE story? Unless you know everything that happened and were there (In which case you should of done something yourself) its not for you or me to judge. Isn’t God’s judgment enough? Can you do better than hell? This is not liberal or conservative, this is common human decency. She is 22 years old and look at her life, no children, heavy jail, and then what when she gets out? Certainly her friends and family aren’t going to want much to do with her. Essentially, her life is over. At least her baby is in heaven. She isn’t headed the same place. And personally burning for eternity is more than enough punishment for anyone, even her.

    • Jon Markey

      You are also presuming that you know what her eternal fate is. Only God can decide that as well, and if she repents and turns to Jesus, she will not be not be condemned to an eternity in Hell. So let’s stop the judgments on BOTH sides, shall we? She may have done a horrible thing by throwing away a stillborn baby, but that doesn’t mean God will turn his back on her if she turns to him for forgiveness.

  • Me

    She will get whats coming to her. Maybe not in her lifetime, but for all eternity her soul will burn in hellfire. Such a rotten scumbag. Take that other child out of that family’s hands. Dear Lord

  • Lloyd Schmucatelli

    Anyone who disagrees with her needing to be sterilized, probably needs it done themselves. Anyone siding with this gutter rat just shows how far from grace we have actually fallen.

  • Autumn

    A deceased human body does not go out with the trash. Obviously that’s where this mother belongs. It gets more and more difficult every single day to have any kind of faith in humanity because of the soulless, evil, empty cavities like this walking the earth. God bless that poor child, she is better of in heaven than with a mother like that anyways.

    • deborahrmorgan

      Your right about the soulessness. ….etc……this is yet another example of the failure of our social system…….that woman is mentally ill…….,as is her boyfriend.

    • domari nolo

      By soulless cavities your referring to the elected elite that make society turn into monsters? Heres an idea vote in 2016 for change hahaha…the country is being run by demons expect more of this until you take a stand and say no more.

    • Observed

      Pretty soon women will no longer give birth ….it’ll be an inconvenience so they will be incubated outside the mother. Modern technology.

  • Kim Kunkle

    We do have a 911 system in place!! There was absolutely no reason to discard of a baby like that. She needs to rot in jail.

      • Don Helowitz

        Because they are liberals. Did you figure it out yet? If this baby was killed a couple of weeks ago, it would not be a problem. What is the difference Libs or hypocrites?

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