West End Fair Kicks Off in Union County

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LAURELTON -- Whether it be baked goods, quilts or vegetables, people in Union County are competing to win "Best of Show" at the 89th annual West End Fair near Mifflinburg.

"It`s a good thing for the children around here that they get to grow things themselves and they can enter it. It teaches them a little bit about the agriculture," Nettie Schlegel said.

Nettie Schlegel and her grandson chase dropped off some items Chase entered in the exhibition portion of the fair. It is his second year competing.

"Did you win anything last year?"

"$2," Chase Schlegel said.

And it's not just children who enter their prized possessions. Judy Rishel of Mifflinburg brought a carload of items. She said she hopes to win "Best of Show" for the fifth time.

"We usually bring flowers. Today I only brought 44 items. We usually do this every year," Judy Rishel said.

And what would a fair be without livestock? People spend the day registering their animals and getting them ready for judging.

"On Wednesday they show their sheep, so we'll wash them today and we'll also wash them tomorrow," Betty Hook said.

Everything from pigs to goats and of course cows, the West End Fair has livestock everywhere you look. For the Hook family of Lewisburg, it's a family affair.

"My husband has been bringing sheep up here since he was a little boy and we have five children. All five of our children have brought them every year and now our grandchildren," Hook said.

The West End Fair is also filled with rides, which open daily at five, and of course, lots of food.