Escaped Prisoner Sparks Luzerne County Search

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WILKES-BARRE -- Luzerne County officials confirmed a prisoner escaped from the minimal offenders unit around 11a.m. Thursday by climbing over a fence.

Jail officials said Kevin Kuklinski is serving time in the minimal offenders unit, not the prison, for trespassing and burglary charges.

Newswatch 16 found police and firefighters from all over the Wyoming Valley searching wooded areas across the Susquehanna River near Nesbitt Park, as well as crews putting boats in the water.


  • Ross678

    He’s been gone how long? Somebody had have been waiting on him and got him out of there. He will get caught for sure and when he does he will have plenty mor charges…. Wow what an idiot I was in jail I thought about trying to break out but it was not worth the trouble that I would have been in! I only sat 6 months and I’m happy to say I love my freedom today! This guy is really not that smart to weigh out the charges he will have after…..

  • Mike Dietz

    It’s not always an easy task for the guards to watch over all the inmates at all times. I understand its their job, but in my eyes their under paid for the duties they have. Also they have their hands tied as to how much they can do. It’s a shame that he got away, but I’m sure he won’t be gone long with search teams out. Idk what this guy was thinking other then maybe he wanted a free hot meal and a warm bed for a few more years lol.

    • jj

      You should go work there see how hard the job is. Some jails have one guard for over 150 inmates because they are under staffed thanks to the governor. Its not as easy as you think to pay attention to every inmate you have. Its takes a lot of training and experience.

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