What’s New With The Brew At Susquehanna Brewing Co.

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JENKINS TOWNSHIP -- A beer company in our area that opened only two years ago is now investing almost half a million dollars, expanding due to high demand.

Susquehanna Brewing Company in Luzerne County is bringing some "new" to the way it brews.

As the sun came up, work got underway on a $400,000 expansion project at Susquehanna Brewing Company in Luzerne County.

"The craft brewing industry is experiencing a tremendous growth," said co-owner Mark Nobile.

It's a growth that SBC has experienced itself, forcing the brewery near Pittston to purchase these four new fermenters and additional bottling equipment.

"We weren't able to brew the number of products and meet the demand that was required, "said Nobile.

When the brewery opened in 2012, it brewed two products. Now it makes six plus seasonal varieties.

SBC has only been around for two years, and already seven fermenters aren't enough to produce what they need. Owners and distributors say that's a good sign for the company and the region.

"The bigger they get, the better because the last few beers they put out, they really nailed it."

Pat Revello owns Revello's Pizza in Old Forge where SBC beer is available on tap or in the bottle.

"It's a beer that I sell here at my bar and it's a beer that I drink at home," Revello said.

He says SBC beers are his best sellers.

"I think they're getting away from the big names and going with something local, going with a craft. Also my wait staff really likes this beer, so they kind of push it to the customers."

A push that Mark Nobile is thankful for.

"I hoped that our game plan would be in a situation where we are today, and so far, so good."

And he hopes it's even better when the expansion project at Susquehanna Brewing Company is complete in a few weeks.


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