Water Main Break Halts Work Day at Industrial Park

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CARBONDALE -- The work day at an industrial park in Carbondale came to a halt before it even started Monday morning. A break in a 12-inch water main shut off water to a neighborhood, a nursing home, two manufacturing plants, and a few other companies.

When employees from Creekside Health and Rehabilitation Center in Carbondale saw water pouring up from the street, they implemented an emergency plan.

They stocked up on bottled water for their 77 residents and when the water trickled back on hours later, they boiled it just in case.

"We are lucky because the residents, they get so used to a schedule. They're used to their showers on certain days at certain times. When they don't get it, it disrupts their whole day," said Creekside administrator Theresa Slachta.

The 12-inch main underneath Clidco Drive in Carbondale disrupted a lot of people's days since it interrupted water service for the industrial park Creekside shares with several other businesses.

Hendrick manufacturing, which makes steel products, brought in port-a-potties for its employees and the work day went on.

But for some of the companies in the industrial park, the water main break was too much for a port-a-potty to fix.

Workers at AGC Flat Glass North America rely on running water to do what they need to do. So, the boss decided to send most of the employees home for the day.

The water main break interrupted water service for several homes along Scott Street, too. Homeowners said, whether they had to go to work or not, not having water made it tough to start their day.

Officials with Pennsylvania American Water said crews finished patching the 12-inch main just before 6:00 p.m. Monday.