Victim’s Family in I-80 Rock Throwing Incident Seeks Justice

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Two teen boys from Union County are charged with assault and a woman from Ohio is in critical condition after a rock throwing incident on I-80 near Milton.

Sharon Budd, 52, is from a small town in Ohio. Her four children and husband said she is always the life of the party and will help anyone out, but now her family needs to be there for her.

"She's a fighter, she really is," said Randy Budd, Sharon's husband.

Budd was on Interstate 80 in Union County heading to New York City when police said two boys from New Columbia threw a rock from an overpass.

"I've never seen anything like it. That rock hit her straight on, straight on in the face," said Randy Budd.

The Budd's teenage daughter, Kaylee, was driving and Randy Budd was sitting in the back seat when the rock, which he describes as an eight inch boulder, came right through the windshield, hitting Sharon square in the face. The family didn't know what happened until Kaylee pulled over and turned the lights on.

"I saw her face and it was bad," Kaylee Budd said.

Budd is now at Geisinger Medical Center near Danville.

Her family said she is still in critical condition. She had to have emergency surgery on her brain, and she lost an eye.

Randy Budd wants the people involved to know what they did to his family.

"They need to be brought to justice," Randy Budd said.

Lucas Budd, the oldest of the four kids, was on the phone with his mom just minutes before she was hit.

"She said, 'I love you and miss you,' and I said, 'I miss you, Mama.' And that was about 15 minutes, but it happened and that was the last thing I said to her," Lucas Budd said.

He has faith his mom will recover.

"She's super strong. She's already survived breast cancer that whole thing 15 years ago and she fought through that. And she'll fight through this too."

The family hopes their mom will regain consciousness soon.

Especially since Lucas Budd leaves for Afghanistan with the Ohio National Guard on Thursday. He'll be overseas for a year.

"When I come back, I just want to get off a plane, have my mom just run up to me and give me a big hug and I hope that can happen," Lucas Budd said.

When asked if they planned on transferring Sharon Budd to a hospital closer to home, the Budd family said the 52 year old has recieved incredible care here and they'll stay in the area for as long as they need.


  • uuh

    You know people make mistakes everyday. This is on the news everyday. On the internet. If people put this much energy into everyday murders, or starving people or children being raped or beat on a daily basis in there homes. But its probably because the budd family is in a higher living group a teacher and husband is some kind of army guy. You should be praying instead of trying to get the media’s attention so much

    • Really?

      You are as bad as the criminals who performed the act. May God have mercy on you ! You are appalling and heartless. Do not insult a victim or family of one by acting like you know best how they should handle their situation because fact is unless you are any of those people you can not know for certain just how you would handle your grief. The family was innocently driving along and if they need the media to help them through this long tragic process then so be it. Maybe even you should find a way to help this family or even help yourself to be a kinder human being.

    • K

      HUH?!?! Either you’re crazy, or one of the perps, or family or friend which is NOT a license to turn this around on the victims. So lame.

    • Teresa

      You would have to be a heartless lost individual to even comment on how much this family is in the news. It has to do with a beautiful individual that someone’s dilengent children have taken her lively hood from herself and her family. To this rude heartless commenter…may you travel under this bridge and get a Boulter dropped in your face and endure the pain and suffering this poor lady is enduring. While your being so rude and heartless may you Find JESUS.
      TO THE FAMILY: may God bless your family and be with each of you for the strength, courage and love you have for one another. My prayers are with your family that Sharon has a speedy recovery and that justice be served to the ones that decided hurting someone would be a cheap thrill. Your family is in my prayers and God be with your beautiful mother.

  • JolhnnieReb

    Shaina, if you ruled the world, someone would be paid to take you out ! This country is not Iran, pakistan, Iraq or Syria, This is America . I do believe this was a terrible crime and warrants severe justice but don’t ya think your idea’s are a little over the top. Hard labor and 20 to 30 years would ensure they’d never throw rocks again. They ‘d be pounding large rocks into tiny rocks everyday of their miserable lives and constantly reminded that picking up that next rock to be pounded, put them in the situation they now find themselves in.

    • MWM

      Yah, shaina needs to move to the middle east and try a burka on for size. I do hope this woman makes and I am sure she will, and I am unsure if 20-30 yrs hard labor would be worth anything in their reconditioning them being so young other than to ruin any hope for any change in them which is clearly necessary because they are without a clue or conscience even tho one was legal adult age and the other but a breath from legal. I do believe however they need to do a significant amount of time AWAY doing some “reprogramming!”

  • Shaina Housen

    Death penalty!! Public execution!!!! Those “kids” should be tied down on their backs and have giant rocks dropped onto their faces until they die! Anyone who murders or harms someone intentionally or out of stupidity (drunk drivers) does not deserve forgiveness or a place here on earth!!! If I ruled the world people would be terrified to step out of line!!!!!

  • Emily Kate McGuire

    The two boys should be taken to the hospital where this woman is and be shown what happened!

    • JP

      I am sure they were aware of the potential harm they could cause, THEY DID NOT CARE. The only thing they should be seeing is the inside of a cell and their new life partner. Maybe they could paint the inside of their cell with the image of her laying in her hospital bed and her loved ones there with her, while their life partner introduces himself.

    • MWM

      If you were a family member, would you REALLY want to see them? Unless it was to exact revenge? Seeing your assailants except in a line-up is prob not the first thing on a victims wish list!

  • JEM

    Maybe if the parents of these kids were also charged or at least made responsible for what their kids have done we would see less of this happening. These kids did this with intent to harm and it should be considered attempted homicide. They need to be punished to the full extent. My heart goes out the Budd family and i pray and hope she has a speedy recovery. You just wish you could do more for them and it makes you wonder why?

    • Kelly

      I really agree with this. If parents were held responsible for the crimes their children were involved in there would be less crime. Parents would finally take an interest in what thir children are involved in and who they are associated with. Children would no longer be left to run wild all hours of the day and night. It would serve some of these self-absorbed parents well to be brought before a judge and handed a stiff fine, and sentence for what their lack of involvement in their kids lives has encouraged.

  • JP

    I think the chain gangs of days past should be brought back. Let these kids do work around the highways for the next 20 years, chained to their bunkmate. And get rid of all the niceties of prison, give them a cell and enough food to keep them alive and do the work. If they can’t do the work, then they should be confined to their cells with limited time outside. Prisoners should not be living better than people who follow the law and try to be good citizens. Hope she makes a complete recovery.


    How could ANY Human Being watch this video, and see the PAIN these Evil BA*TARDS caused this women and her family and thumbs down ANY comment for any poster asking for these monsters to be punished to absolute MAXIMUM they can be ????

    God Bless this family with as much strength as possible, I am FURIOUS at what these Monsters have done ! I have traveled under that same spot SEVERAL times ! With my spouse and kids ! This could of happened to anyone innocent !

    The Law needs to stop being so brutal on petty crimes offences, and crack down on the REAL HARDCORE crimes and this one is HORRIFIC !

    • Luz Vega-Hidalgo

      …17 and 18 years olds, some of our millennium middle class, no sacrifice, computer, social media savvy youth think life is a series of Family guy episodes…but no one is laughing…

      I pray Budd has a miraculous recovery…

  • Amie

    If you would like to help the Budd Family with medical expenses…as Sharon has already undergone one brain surgery and has many more surgeries to come…go to and type in her name. There are funds being raised for her and the family there.

  • sherri k

    So very sad for this family. It’s most especially sad that her son has to go away for a year and not be around to see if his mother heals. Prayers to the whole family. I feel so bad for them.


    What are these idiots going to say ? They didn’t mean it ? They didn’t know it would knock her eye out and almost kill her ? What the hell did they think a boulder would do dropped from that high into the patch of a car going 50 plus MPH ??? NO EXCUSES LADS ! You need to pay the price for this evil act, and I hope a court and Judge give you your just due ! This family has the right to seek justice ! If this woman does not die, she could be a vegetable, she will at least be blind after losing 1 eye, so if she lives 40 more years, no eye cause you dumb guys had to commit this evil act 1 night in you life and impact and ruin anothers, and their family ! SHAME ON YOU ! Yer lucky I am not the Judge, I would literally make you the poster boys, and under direction of those qualified, make you go to each and every overpass in the entire state, and manually labor put up fences to stop other future idiots like yourselves from committing this evil upon underserving, unsuspecting human beings driving along a road at night you are EVIL !

  • kevin

    They put up a Fence on the Turnpike Bridge in Clarks Summit to keep people from hurting themselves there. What is wrong with protecting everyone else. I will say, every time I drive under a Bridge and I see people standing or walking on it I am all eyes. Been doing that and I have no idea why for my entire life. Take away that fear and put up fences. It also keeps snow being dumped on the Highway by Plows on the overpass. I’ve had that happen too. Best wishes for a full recovery to Mrs. Budd.

  • Me

    Let’s not forget how corrupt the state of Pa is.
    Nothing and I mean nothing is going to happen to these kids.
    This woman is going to suffer and have to look at her injuries for the rest of her life to her face. Her family has to look at her face everyday.

    I say one day a week , that these little “bast@rd” children should have to go to her house and any “odd” jobs that need to be done, will be done by them while being escorted by armed prison guards. Let them do that once a week for 30 yrs.
    or be sent to jail for life !

    These kids are going to get away with it

    When have you ever heard of fairness in Pa. Drunk drivers that kill people don’t even sit in jail that long. Justice system is broke and if you think these kids are getting the “max” you’re sadly mistaken.
    The last was from Ohio. The charges should be sent to Ohio and let an ohio judge oversee this nonsense.
    Pa is corrupt and every state knows this. We are like the plague

    I pray that Jesus does his magic and makes this woman well again. Scars and all.
    No wonder nobody comes to Pa.

    Thugs , drugs, and bugs. The new state motto

    • Reuben

      Like I said on another news story, the attorney’s will plea them down to misdemeanors and a hundred or so hours of community service. The Juvi will probably get less than that.

    • jcondo

      This state is corrupt and the system needs an overhaul, but not how you imply, you must have never heard of cash for kids.

  • Andrew

    Incredible that ANYONE would also blame the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for “not putting up barriers” to prevent this sort of crime? Would this person like the Commonwealth to come over to their house to change their diapers as well? Let’s get real. This is a crime and these kids should be punished to the max while sending a message to other hooligan teens to get a job somewhere while building a real life for themselves.
    These teens obviously had too much time on their hands?


      Hey Andy, the Commonwealth SHOULD put up fences, why ??? Because you, me, the Governor, your family, friends, anyone could go under an underpass and have this happen to us. It has been proven over and over and over and over that SCUM do this for kicks, and it must be stopped !!! SO I SAY PUT UP THE FENCE EVERYHWERE TO STOP THESE EVIL DOERS FROM HARMING INNOCENT PEOPLE ! Including you Andy — Perhaps part of the community service part of their punishment will be to make these 2 put them up on EVERY over pass in PA

  • Don M.

    this ranks up there with the knockout game as ignorant. they need to be charged with attempted murder. should be a count for every person that was in the car at the time.

  • Randy

    A little prayer is needed for the teenagers responsible for such an act, may God look upon them for there thoughtless actions and may they live there remaining days thinking of this day and how stupid this act was. Its sad how such actions only reflect there poor up bring in life, I realize we don’t have enough parks and activities to occupy there minds, but to have respect for your own family and not to drag them through such evil acts should be enough to stop and think.
    May we pray for the victim Sharon Budd and her family for the pain and suffering caused by such evil acts caused by these teenagers.

    • Ellie

      parks and recreation are not the solution! kids need parenting and teaching of moral values. These kids should have to build the fence on the overpass!!

    • MWM

      We ALL need prayer! But after the age of accountability, praying for someone to “behave” is more on them than on prayer!

  • Julie

    I feel so bad for this woman and her family. You know what is wrong with kids now? The government took the parents power away. If you touch your kid now, you go to jail. Now the kids can walk all over us and they know all they have to do is make one phone call. Back in the day, no kid would pull this crap because they know they would get a beating. Stop slapping these kids on the wrist and really punish them. They do things now because they have no consequences. They know they will get a little fine (that the parents will be responsible for if the kid is under 18) and maybe community service. It’s BS. Put them in jail and let them see what life is like their. I really hope they punish these kids to the fullest and not let them get away with this crap.

  • Fatboy

    I understand what they did was horrible . But please remember they are children of god . They need serious help .

    • MWM

      Aren’t we all? And the work of the Cross is for them just like it’s for all who RECEIVE and FOLLOW thereafter. That doesn’t change a thing. “For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who suppress the truth in unrighteousness. For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even His eternal power and Godhead, so that they are without excuse,”

      • just another forgiven sinner

        The work of the Cross does not say that people should be stoned for their crimes. What it says, hard as it may be to hear (and admittedly even harder to follow), is that we are to follow the example set by Jesus Christ, not the world. I’m not trying to convert anyone here…. Just trying to remind all of us, including me, that if we accept God’s grace, we are called to extend it to others as well. @fatboy, thank you for doing that. As you can see from the number of likes, the world doesn’t like that message anymore now than it did when Jesus set it. We are called to bear light and love into the world, not hatred or condemnation. It’s probably the hardest work any of us will ever face, and we have the freedom to deny it – or try to twist it to apply only when we want it to. But that’s not the example he set, and it’s not what he told us to do. I can’t imagine the anguish this family is feeling, and I am certainly not telling them what to believe or do. But for anyone to suggest that the Cross has any place, other than a generous and forgiving voice, in a conversation that includes throwing people off bridges or stoning them tells me that you either don’t understand his message or had a momentary lapse of Christian charity. “Judge not,” “vengeance is Mine sayeth the Lord,” “Father forgive them, they know not what they do,” “he that is without sin among you, let him cast the first stone,” “how many times shall I forgive?” – “I tell you, not seven times, but seventy times seven….”

      • K

        @justanotherforgivensinner ““Judge not,” “vengeance is Mine sayeth the Lord,” “Father forgive them, they know not what they do,” “he that is without sin among you, let him cast the first stone,” “how many times shall I forgive?” – “I tell you, not seven times, but seventy times seven….”this has nothing to do with what’s going on here. “What shall we say, then? Shall we go on sinning so that grace may increase?” Let’s do away with judge, jury, and execution while we’re at it and the prisons too. We are living in THIS world, and there are consequences for our actions in THIS life, in THIS world! So stop preaching to the choir like everyone’s stupid.
        ” “For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who suppress the truth in unrighteousness. For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even His eternal power and Godhead, so that they are without excuse,” those are versus of scripture as well. God is not stupid either, He knows what fits what situation. “All have sinned and fallen short of the Glory of God!” ALL have the opportunity for Salvation, but that doesn’t mean in any shape, way, OR form, that there are no consequences in this life!

  • Janet Schaffer

    For those of you who think that putting “fences” up is the answer, I feel sorry for you! GET A HANDLE ON YOUR ‘”CHILDREN”! And believe me when I tell you this is not the first “naughty” thing they have done! I am so tired of the public being expected to make adjustments because you cannot control your children!

    • Susan

      Stop blaming the parents. A lot of parents do everything right and still wind up with kids who do terrible things. These are not “children”, they are 17 and 18 years old. They are old enough to be treated as adults and punished as such for what they’ve done.

      • Me

        Well I raised my children not to throw boulders over interstate passes. Stop sniffing glue.
        It IS the parents fault. Poor upbringing in broken families. 30 years ago I would’ve gotten whipped by a belt for doing something like this. I would fear the beating from my father more than I would fear the justice system of Pa

        Nowadays it’s anarchy

      • MWM

        Yeah right, you’re average teenager wakes up one day outta the blue and decides to go throw boulders off an overpass at oncoming vehicles and hope they don’t hit someone. No, the average teenager often wakes up wondering how they CAN stay out of trouble today!
        Kids who do stuff like this are raised by parents who have NEVER taught consequences for stupidity and as a result we have teens like this roaming around our communities who think it’s entertainment to hurt others. And as far as corporal punishment? The misuse of spanking for every little infraction without moral education results in angry-hormone-enraged creatures without a clue as to socially acceptable norms. They sure won’t learn that in school, if they even go to school!

  • Michelle McIntosh

    This is such a tragedy. My thoughts and prayers go out to the Budd family for a speedy recovery. What is wrong with the kids in our society today. I believe they should be punished to the fullest extent. What if it was their mother. You should feel so ashamed!!!


    After reading this story this is WHY us people who feel bad for this lady ( It could of been us, or our family ) say throw these punks off the over pass ! LIFE IN PRISON ! This was attempted Murder ! When I was 5 years Old I knew better than to throw a rock at a car from on top ! These punks that did this are EVIL ! Their act was EVIL ! This lady lost an eye ! Stop babying this generation of EVIL VIPERS ! White, Black, Yellow, don’t care when you commit evil like this your are a wart on society, and society does not need this kind amongst us, LOCK THESE PUKES UP FOR LIFE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Amy

    Prayers for Sharon and her entire family. I cannot begin to imagine how they are feeling. Such a senseless act – and so scary for the daughter and husband to have witnessed as well. Glad to know she is a fighter and with the love of her family, I am hopeful she will heal quickly!
    Is there a fund to help the family with expenses while they remain at Geisinger? I realize it won’t help her heal necessarily, but may help alleviate some stress for the family members. I am sure our community will help.

  • Sue P

    Fences on the bridges would certainly make it almost impossible for kids or adults to do things like this. Prayers to the woman and her family for her recovery!!! I also agree with previous remarks the juveniles should be treated as adults and charged the same way in this case. It’s not rocket science to know it’s wrong and could cause someone a serious injury. Face the consequences of your action!!

  • K-D

    What really should be done is the names of the minors involved should be published. They need to be treated as adults and everyone close to them should feel ashamed.

  • Mike

    Kids for years thinks this is a game. The state really should put up barriers on these bridges to help make this type of foolish activity a bit more possible.

    • Mike

      opps I meant impossible. Actually after how many incidents like this that has happened the state should be held accountable too.

  • MWM

    I hope these two are punished to the fullest extent of the law, which BETTER be more than a 5 minute cat-nap in the play-pen. And anyone who defends their actions in any shape way or form, are idiots.

    • Cath

      Aggravated Assault that causes serious bodily harm is a first degree felony that is punishable by up to 20 years in prison and a fine of up to $25,000.

      • Sgt Charles

        Incrorrect. It’s only a felony of the 4th degree and under Ohio sentencing laws, they WILL NOT be sent to prison. All involved need charged with attempted murder and felonious assault.

      • Sgt Charles


        I may owe you an apology. Aggravated assault is an F4 under Ohio law. I didn’t know that this happened in Pennsylvania.

      • MWM

        Thanks for the info guys! I hope you are right. But if they plead that might change the rules of the game.

      • Me

        Pro life is before they are born,…..stupid !

        Not after the fact that they tried to kill someone. They knew exactly what they were doing. This is premeditated murder. They TRIED to hurt someone. They should be executed. Pro life or not !

    • MWM

      We reap what we sow, supposedly, I hope and pray this woman makes a full recovery. However, these two loon-weens should be punished to the fullest extent of the law for this heinous crime.

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