Swimmers Miss Lackawanna State Park Pool

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LACKAWANNA STATE PARK -- With temperatures climbing near 90 on Tuesday, a lot of people were searching for places to cool off.

But a popular swimming spot in Lackawanna County isn't an option on this hot day or for the rest of the summer.

We found people missing the pool at Lackawanna State Park.

The only water left in the Lackawanna State Park's pool is being pumped out. It is closed for the summer for a planned pool overhaul.

"It would help really with 90 degree weather. It would cool us off."

Instead Julie Zaker of Scranton, her kids and friend sit having lunch near the pool missing it.

"We were kind of heartbroken. We used to come here last summer, now there will be less pools to go to this summer."

Another group walked by, also sad to see no water

"It would be helpful to have the pool open because it's really hot and humid, so it would be nice," said Kelsey Loughney of Clarks Summit.

While the pool is closed during the hot weather this summer, there is a benefit to all this. The state park says by next summer there will be a whole new facility.

"It does need the upgrade. You look around here and it's an old pool and an old facility and they have to fix it sometime. They can't do it in the winter," said Tim Cleary of Clarks Summit.

The current pool is 40 years old. Plans are to demolish it and build a new pool, new concessions, showers, and even a splash park.

Until then it's off limits, which Casey Cleary of Clarks Summit is sad about. He came for summer camp once a week.

"It's kind of annoying because it's a hot day and you want to go swimming. It's closed and you can't do anything."

"I think we're going to go home and find some place to go swimming," said Tim Cleary. "But you know, like I said, they need to take the time to fix it. Hopefully they do a nice job and it will be ready by next summer."

The state wants to remind people who liked swimming at Lackawanna State Park that the pool is open at Frances Slocum State Park in Luzerne County, and there's a beach open at Promised Land State Park in Pike County.

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