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In Lewisburg, A Picnic To Raise Awareness

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LEWISBURG---In Lewisburg, it was a pretty good night for a picnic.

"It's nice that we can just hang out and yeah, we're happy to be here," said Tasha Hall of Lewisburg.

"It's nice to be part of a community and see, yeah, see a lot of friendly faces," agreed Matt Lamparter of Lewisburg.

At Soldiers Memorial Park, overlooking the Susquehanna River, there were picnickers and food trucks Thursday night.

The event was organized by the Lewisburg Downtown and Neighborhoods organizations as an effort to get people to recognize the park and river and all they have to offer.

"We want to bring people who already know and love the river together because there's not really one group in this area for that and we also want to introduce new people to this amenity that would would not be blamed that you didn't know was here because you can't see it through the trees," said Samantha Pearson of Lewisburg Neighborhoods Corporation.

Some people thought the picnic was a great idea.

"A lot of the shops are situated close to the highway and this part of town is beautiful, but there's not as much foot traffic so if people are made more aware that this is something they can utilize and a space they can you know whatever they want to do, it would be great, for the town in general," said Noah Deibler-Gorman of Lewisburg.

Organizers were pleased with the turnout of the first picnic and said they are already talking about doing more.