16 Year Old Charged In Scranton Cab Driver’s Murder

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SCRANTON -- A 16 year old is locked up on murder charges for the shooting death of a cab driver in Scranton.

Aazis Richardson was arraigned Friday night on numerous felony charges for killing Vincent Darbenzio early Friday morning.

Aazis Richardson is charged with murder in the first, second and third degrees.

Police said Richardson was riding in Darbenzio’s cab when Richardson shot him because he felt the driver was trying to overcharge him.

“What did you say to him when you guys were in the cab together?” Richardson was asked.

“I didn't say [expletive] to him, I just told him take this way, he didn't want to listen, he got his [expletive] shot.”

Aazis Richardson not only showed no remorse for allegedly killing a Scranton cab driver, he also appeared to justify it.

“I feel my homies die, everybody got to die,” said Richardson.

Scranton police charged Richardson with numerous felony charges, including murder in the first, second and third degrees for the shooting death of McCarthy cab driver Vincent Darbenzio.

Investigators say Darbenzio picked up Richardson at a double block home on Washburn Street around 3:00 Friday morning then drove him to Valley View Terrace Apartments.

Darbenzio's body was found around 5 a.m. on Crown Avenue, hanging out of his driver's side door with two gunshot wounds to the head.

Tracking the cell phone records of who called the cab, police were led back to the double block home on Washburn Street and found Richardson hiding in the attic with a handgun hidden in a bag and took him into custody.

Richardson told police he killed Darbenzio because the cab driver was taking the long way to get to Valley View and ignored Richardson when he told him shortcuts.

Richardson said Darbenzio was ripping him off by trying to run up the meter, so he shot him twice then stole $500 from him.

“You shot him twice, why twice?” he was asked.

“Cause that's what I do to people who don't listen,” he said.

Police do say that Richardson himself did not call for the cab, but a female living in the adjoining apartment called for him.

She told police she didn't know Richardson personally, that he told her he didn't have a phone and he asked that she call a cab for him.

“What about your parents, do you have anything to say to your family?” he was asked.

“I love y'all,” he said.

When asked: “What about the victim's family?” Richardson said “[Expletive] them.”

Richardson says he is originally from Newark, NJ and told police he is suspect in a triple homicide there.

The Lackawanna County District Attorney says investigators will be contacting police in New Jersey about those remarks.

Richardson has a preliminary hearing set for May 30.


  • km

    Racism has a place in our society because minorities consistently prove stereotypes right. It is what it is, the once quite NEPA has been invaded by the scum of NJ and NY. I believe it has to do with a loophole in the welfare system in PA. Soon the minority will be the majority. We will keep being racist as long as there’s dreadlocked homie martyrs.

    • corysiles

      Your statements are actually false idiot racism still exists because people like you can’t take things for what they are you blame a whole race for one bad apple but you are completely oblivious to applying the same concept you yourselves when the “Whites do something wrong” you can’t really blame yourself because most of you are taught hate from a young age it’s a learned behavior nobody is born racist
      If you believe in god you should really talk to him and save your soul because you are no better than this young man and if you keep thinking the way you do your going to hell

  • gafan

    LMAO, just look at him. Where did you think he’d end up? A neurosurgeon? A supreme court justice? No, he was destined to be The Bride of Big Bubba.

    • Antonio C

      He looks like 80’s Pop Singer from Jamaica Eddie Grant who sang Electric Avenue ! In this Punks Case they Should make him sing Electric Chair Avenue !

  • Antonio C

    I am no racist either, if this was white trash that did this to a poor black guy driving cabs I would feel the same way ( A Cancer on Society, that needs exterminated like the pest it is ), pull the switch. And on the same account just cause this monster is black, and a minority he is not entitled to minimum penalty.

    Whether your white, black, red, yellow, or what IF you do this to a human being ending their life, and no remorse, you need executed !

    • MoreEveryDay

      It’s so important to not be seen as a “racist”, isn’t it? Your point is well-taken, but TO HELL with political correctness- White people are being openly attacked in the streets! Blacks are not just dark white people. They are very different in the way they tend to think and behave, in general, which is why the segregation laws of years ago were put in place. Those laws weren’t meant to “oppress” any of the poor dears, but were rather intended to protect decent white people from the third-world horrors of natural black aggression.

      • corysiles

        Your crazy I’m wandering where you found out these stone cold facts or if this is all stemming from some personal envy or jealousy of a black person you have encountered or I’m wandering if you have actually met a black person at all because you sound ridiculous and uneducated

  • Antonio C

    No reforming and no wasting tax payers dollars ! Pull the Electric Switch for this heartless cancer on society !

  • Eric

    This kid is an animal. Sometimes we see a killing and you can kind of understand why it happened. In the case, however, I doubt anyone can understand why he killed this person. That “oh well” attitude isn’t going to get him very far. It’s times like these that I support putting someone to death. Also, WNEP needs to double check this story for grammatical errors. It’s poorly written.

  • Jessica Goldberg

    Wow, a lot of racism in these comments, shame on you all. This poor kid is not to blame here, it’s not his fault that he grew up oppressed in a white priviliged society were he could never have a chance of living his dream. The real crime here is your gun problem, if guns were banned and multiculturilism was embraced more this never would have happened.

    • John Lennon LOL

      Thank you Pollyanna for your contribution to the dialogue. We’ll have to consider it for inclusion in the Kumbaya Hit Parade here at the Nirvana Cafe. Take another toke, sister–I think you have a couple more brain cells to kill.

    • Richard Walosin

      More like ..If the cabby had a gun he may still be alive !! Criminals will always find a way to get a gun , most are normally stolen anyways. Get a grip on reality .. our guns are going now where !! I live by our constitution unlike our government !!

    • Dennis

      Jessica, I don’t think Colonel Allen West, Dr. Ben Carson, Dr. Walter Williams, Dr Thomas Sowell, Charles Payne, Dr. Condoleezza Rice or other highly successful black scholars would agree with your thesis. In fact, they would probably argue that multi-culturalism is one of our greatest challenges as we are quickly losing our identity as a unified America. This “hyphenated” fixation that we have engendered—or should I say that primarily liberals have assimilated themselves to, is facilitating division, not cohesion.

    • mfitzy111

      the 16 year old killer is the problem. blame the right problem- this kid and wanna be gang member -killed a man. understand that is an admitted fact – he said he did it. He said he murdered three people in NJ before murdering this man- do you honestly think any gun control law is going to stop a murder from killing someone? killing more then 2 people makes him a serial killer at 16. laws don’t apply to the lawless-

      gun problem? gun problem is an ignorant statement- it’s more like an evil problem…no amount of legislation is going to remove evil from the hearts of men- it’s never going to happen-

      …oh- and just so you know I’m not giving up my rights for your security- there is a reason that people conceal carry- the right of self defense is enumerated in the Constitution -if you don’t like guns, don’t buy one.
      if your too lazy to defend yourself and choose to be dependent on the police who can not and have no legal standing to defend you that’s your business. Good luck with that. Those guys will show up after your gone with the yellow tape and write the report.

      I blame the child prodigy here for murdering a man in cold blood- a 16 year old violates the law possessing a firearm so in case you missed it all gun control wouldn’t have stopped him from breaking laws and murdering someone. 16 year olds don’t have cash for pistols- so it’s likely that gun was stolen.

      I blame his parents for not doing their job raising this animal- they should at least be charged with corrupting the morals of a minor, and neglect – since they let him run wild in Scranton- who’s 16 year old is out at 3 am?

      having a gun wouldn’t have stopped the man from being shot in the back of the head so forget playing that straw man argument

      never forget that a 16 year old serial killer did this. blaming the illegal gun and demanding gun control wouldn’t have prevented this.

    • Karen

      Jessica Goldberg.. You are an idiot.. How can you say it’s not is fault.. He killed an innocent man who was doing his job.. Then he said he loved his family how about the family of that innocent man that he killed.. Hope he rots in hell for what he did!!!!!!

  • Don't Eat The Yellow Snow

    All of the good black folks who moved to our area really need to get a handle on these rotten relatives of theirs. I understand that all kinds of people do bad things, but just look at some of the recent stories on WNEP. Proportionately, there is a real problem. Please do something about your messed up kids. We are not accustomed to things like this in our home, and you are going to start making things real uncomfortable for yourselves. People are only going to take so much, before it “hits the fan”. None of us deserve this kind of environment, and I would assume that many of you moved here to get away from this sort of thing. If you are decent folks, you need to try to get these kids straightened out fast.

  • Scranton

    How dare you say Donald Sterling was right. You don’t know what this child’s life was like.

    • Steve Docy

      Not one had a good childhood but its not an excuse to murder someone. An apologetic bleed heart liberal like yourself is the reason atrocities like this are allowed to happen. Please remove Scranton from your name because you dont even deserve to call yourself that.

  • Ella

    Really? Actually every race has its murderers and criminals. Your the real racist. I have friends of all races and I don’t condone this type of behavior. Just as much as I don’t stereotype every old white man as a child molester. Yes there are a lot in this area. I don’t stereotype every young white man as a school shooter. They are the usual school shooters. Its not right to judge a race based on the idiots of the race. I bet you didn’t hear about the young black man that got accepted to all of the ivy league colleges did you? That’s because 90% of the time the news and other media try to separate us all. People like you need to realize (I’m referring to your ignorance not a race of people.) rlthat we are a human race and as a human race we all need to stand up against these less than human pieces of garbage of all races and let them up know that the human race deserves and demands better and will rid the world of filth such as the scumb in this article. No race is better than another. At the end of the day we are all human and the good people of all races need to stand up and rally together against evil like this. I believe in the death penalty and believe that he should get it in a cost efficient way to tax payers…the same way he killed this innocent man. Shot or we can stone him and any other filth of all races .

    • shizz

      Im shocked how your educational comment gets one like, mine, and stupid uneducated comments get 15 plus. You are 100% correct in your theory.

    • Jason

      Let me guess…You’re some kind of social justice warrior attending a little known school for a degree in Liberal Arts or women’s studies?

    • Dr. RothEisenSteinBerg

      Ella, I am FAR from racist. You have no idea who I am, who my friends are, or what kind of people make up my family. There is a CLEAR culture problem with many youth, and to ignore that is counterproductive. The sheer brutality and violence, and the acceptance of such, is a real problem and it IS glorified by people like our young suspect here. You have no reason to call me anything.

    • Betty Jane

      These people are nothing but racist morons and idiots! Grow up this is 2014 ! There are bad and good people of every race! Look at most of the serial killers they are white but not every white person is a serial killer right! Like grow up! Don’t discriminate anyone because of what a person looks like just each individuals actions WOW! (AND BY THE WAY MY MOTHER WORKED FOR SISTER ADRIAN “SISTER SNEAKERS” and my mother is a child of god so grow up and get over yourselves!

      • mfitzy111

        most serial killers are white? maybe so- if he killed 3 in NJ and now this cab driver it makes him a black serial killer- does it make me racist saying his a 16 year old black serial killer? or am I just stating the obvious facts for you… Harrison Graham, Edward Surratt are both serial killers if it makes you feel better…doesn’t matter that he’s black, blue, green – he’s a serial killer at 16.

  • Concerned about violence

    Bleeding hearts will say it is not his fault…he is a product of his environment. I say this is all bunk. He still knows right from wrong and what he did cannot be excused or permitted to be seen any other way than he is a true sociopath without conscience or feelings. He cannot be rehabilitated…it is too late for that. This is a perfect case for the return of the death penalty.

    • Jennifer Loftus

      Maybe I’m missing something here, but I haven’t seen too many bleeding heart liberal comments supporting this kid, or giving him a pass based on race, age, or upbringing.

  • NEPA

    I hope they charge him as an adult and play that news clip in court. I don’t want to hear about some bs defense in court about how he was raised, how horrible his life was or anything else from a rap song. He is garbage and should be treated as such.

    • Antonio C

      Or how he had no Daddy, and was on dope or something in 1st grade, this guy is a complete, heartless killer ! Time to book an appointment with the Homie known as Executioner !

  • BT45

    Let me say this once! I been to a bigger City called Philly and Never in a million year when I caught a Taxis did I get all bend out of shape over a stupid $10 -$18 fees… Like 16 yr old What a Moron!!! GOOD LUCK IN COURT! NOT FEELING ONE BIT OF SORRY FOR HIM!! He could of Walk Off and Not paid at all for crying out loud! But instead he wanted to shoot b/c “He feels if his homies dies everybody dies.. OH PLEASE STFU!!!! #StupidMoron.

  • Dennis

    We need to start making examples of these vermin. Bring back the electric chair and fry him on TV and make sure it is published on social media for others to see. It’s also time for the rest of us to stand up to the bleeding heart/political correctness class who will make excuses for this kind of scum and instead blame society because “the man” is repressing all of the poor little Aazis’ of the world. Until we have honest dialogue and park the politicization of our social problems, we will NEVER tackle the most serious issues we face. It will take leadership to accomplish that, but unfortunately we have a President who refuses to take the lead in calling for accountability and responsibility. He would rather pander for votes with his pet constituencies just to maintain political power for him and his cronies. How shameful is that as no one in our history has been given the opportunity to help change this destructive course as has been afforded Mr Obama. But he continues to promote division, blame, and reverse racism; fueling the racial hatred instilled in sociopaths like Richardson. This is arguably Obama’s biggest failure as he has done very little to truly lift up the black community—and we will all suffer for it. RIP Mr. Darbenzio. You deserved better. We all deserve better.

    • Dr. RothEisenSteinBerg

      I sent this story to Tommy Sotomayor, on YouTube, in the hopes that he will cover it. I mentioned how our area has always been “fairly” peaceful compared to some other areas. In the past twenty years or so, we have been very welcoming to all kinds of people who are fleeing the violence in places like Philly, Newark, and NYC. These are the kinds of relatives that many of these folks are bringing around. JUST LOOK AT A FEW OF THE RECENT STORIES ON WNEP! The people of the Wyoming Valley area are horrified by what our area has been turning into. Nobody wants, or deserves, to live like this…white, black, hispanic, or whatever. This sucks!

    • carl

      Excellent suggestion- a public execution- Broadcast on Network TV- I’m quite sure msnbc would be happy to carry it!! But I really like the idea of the Public watching

  • Kimberly Hamilton

    I don’t know how the officers on the news clip maintained their composure listening to that murderer say those horrible things. I hope he finds a nice 300lb daddy in jail tonight…

  • Jim Brony

    Since he has such little regard for life, then his needs to end too. Piece of (expletive). No hope for this lump of excrement.

  • Don't Eat The Yellow Snow

    I’m sure his brothers will really enjoy twirling their fingers through his fine young hair. Scum.

  • OhLookAtMeIamALeprechaun

    Oh yeah…he looks like a real bad dude with his tough guy face. What a dirt bag! If he is the one who did it, I hope he gets what’s coming to him.

    • JolhnnieReb

      He said he did it, the cabbie didn’t listen to him, so he killed him. His exact words were, “this is what I do when they don’t listen” He thought the Cabbie was trying to run up his fare….

      • Bosjohn

        It’s unbelievable. Kill someone over nothing. Then get caught and act like it’s no big deal. Then he says F the the guys family. I hope he’s laying on his bunk now, realizing he is never seeing the light of day again.

      • OhLookAtMeIamALeprechaun

        Yeah, I saw that. Even scumbags like this are entitled to a SPEEDY trial though. I just try not to call people guilty until they are actually found guilty…no matter how much I’d like to stomp his head.

  • Joe Schmoe

    Please tell me this bird isn’t FROM here. Please tell me he’s a transplant. I just hope that this type of mentality isn’t being raised in Scranton.

    • JolhnnieReb

      Hey Joe, he needs to be taken out back by the woodshed and one bullet right between the eyes. By the way, I’m a transplant, 66 yrs old, worked all my life, pay my bills and never been arrested for anything. Don’t judge all transplants to be like this one. I love it here compared to where i’m originally from. Seen this behavior many times in my life . We need the death penalty for people who are as cold hearted as this animal. I’d gladly be the one to take him out back by the woodshed…

      • Bosjohn

        Thanks for your service Ralph. This POS is going to be supported by us taxpayers for the next 60 years or so as he kicks back and watches cable, lifts weights, and plays hoop. I say give him the the needle now!

    • Ella

      Joe sadly there are people in our area raised here behaving like this too. It breaks my heart but its true. I’ve saw it first hand from people I remember seeing as a young kid. Its so sad. I’m afraid to let my children have friends over the fear of the people that the parents associate with. They have friends but only children of friends that I have had five years or more. Its getting so bad here in wb that I hear sirens and my kids are immediately sent into the house. Its heartbreaking.

    • SRV

      Looks as if he might be from Newark NJ…Seems like that’s where most of his peeps are from; not a nice place overall.

  • Ralph Moerschbacher

    To live in a great country and allow this slime ball to live shows how our system is in serious need of repair. Victims are far more important than these slime balls.

  • Dr. Jimmy

    Ahhh, isn’t he just a cutie! Treat him as an adult and feed him to the wolves in the State Penn.
    I’d say death penalty but that’s a fairy tale in PA.

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