Car Slams Into Ice Cream Production Facility

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MOOSIC -- A car smashed into an ice cream business Wednesday morning in Lackawanna County.

Authorities said the wreck happened around 6:00 a.m. at the facility on Rocky Glen Road in Moosic.

The car crashed into the office portion of MIA Products, a business that makes ice cream.  The driver of the car was taken to the hospital.

Officials have not said if that building will open on Wednesday.


  • billybillbill

    bill you have no idea what your talking about. someone can sue you over those comments

  • Bill D

    That entire plant is run by illegal aliens and the computer programmer Andy Tran sublets apartments to them all over the area and runs them around in the company van to fast food places like long Johns and McDonalds to do cleaning at night. They pay him $300/head a month to live wherever he gets them a place! I know because he rented from me and this is what he did. Thank god my wife speaks Spanish and was able to communicate with them as they were hiding in a walk in closet in my apartment! 9 Spanish people and 3 Asian women, mattresses all over the floors in my apartment. It was a filthy mess 3 days after i leased it to him! I feel for these people because while he is driving a new Mercedes and lexus, i know how he affords them! Graduate MIT, Yeah, too bad he makes his living off of poor immigrants!

  • disabledtaxpayer

    The driver was haveing a ice-cream dream an woke up in a ice-cream plant that maks a bed dream come true fast

  • kimberly

    that’s not funny this is someones business that is destroyed not something to be making jokes

    • Pennywise

      Lighten up, kimberly. The business was not “destroyed.” No one was killed. Hopefully both parties are well insured and we’ll all be laughing about this over strawberry sundaes soon enough.

      Now grab a Snickers™. You’re a drama queen when you’re hungry.

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