Cabbie Drives Himself To Hospital After Being Shot

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WILLIAMSPORT -- A cab driver in Lycoming County drove himself to the hospital after being shot Thursday morning, according to police.

Williamsport police are still searching for the suspect they believe shot a cab driver on Elmira Street a little before 6 a.m.

Police checked up on some leads and searched a home in downtown Williamsport for suspects.

Williamsport police were out in full force looking for a man they believe shot a Billtown cab driver.

Police are calling the left side of a double home on Campbell Street a house of interest.

They searched for suspects in this home which is across town from where the shooting happened.

Loushar Robinson says she knows the family who lives in the home police raided. She says a woman lives there with her two adult sons.

"It would be a shocker to me, because she is just a stand-up person, does what she need to do and that's what the kids do just work and maintain," Robinson said.

Police have also been on Elmira Street where they believe the shooting happened.

One neighbor we spoke with says he thinks he saw the suspect run down this alley just minutes after he heard a loud noise.

"A man was talking to the cab driver. He was standing outside talking to the cab driver and then just like that the cab driver took off down the road and the man took off running down the alley," Joel Henderson said.

Police say the cab driver drove himself to Williamsport Regional Medical Center. He was then taken to Geisinger Medical Center near Danville for serious injuries.

Neighbors who watched police search for suspects say the whole incident was surreal.

"I was shocked and a little frightened because it was like right next to my house," Hailey Eisner said.

Police did take two people in for questioning, but have not released any additional details about the suspect. They say the suspect is armed and dangerous and targeted the cabbie.

Anyone with information is asked to call police.



  • keithhoover1985

    This is shocking. I just relocated to Philly from Williamsport about a month ago and I can tell you, this kind of stuff doesn’t happen in my neighborhood. I hope the cab driver is okay.

  • Aunt Hazel

    When I grew up we knew certain streets were trouble like Cherry, 5th Ave and Memorial. Streets like Elmira and Campbell were nice, family neighborhoods. Now it seems like every street from Loyalsock to Newberry are scarey!

    • Scared Citizen

      Absolutely the TRUTH ! Randall Circle in Loyalsock all the way to the Former Kennedy King project in West End Newberry !

      Town is bad ! Charles Bronson could of made his movies in this town, it is as bad as the big cities !

  • jt

    this cab driver was not a drug user. He is my basically my second dad. if you don’t know what your talking about don’t comment .

  • better safe than sorry

    with the influx of people coming from places like philadelphia, reading and so on, the bad element does come with that. i know that if i were driving cab, no matter what state, city, or little cow town, I would be carrying. just like working in a small convenient store. i would never take a chance of being caught without a weapon on my person, legal or illegal. the 2nd amendment assures us the right to protect ourselves and that is just what i would do. hopefully this gentleman has learned this and if he does go back to driving cab, that he will carry from now on and if there is no bullet proof barrier between him and his passengers that he makes sure that the company installs them. best of luck to him and his family

  • Ted

    My dogs would alert me if someone was sneaking around.
    No element of surprise for those punks.
    Soon as they got in the house it would be over.
    Then take their body out to the quicksand and throw him in.
    No traces. The only ones who will miss them is their drug dealer.

  • Scared Citizen

    id on earlier post of mine –> “These no goods that came to this town our lives aren’t worth 1 dollar to them ! ”

    Well I got news to you thugs, addicts, criminals if you come in my home by force day or night, your life isn’t worth 1 penny to me, but it is worth the price of the Bullet in my LEGALLY owned firearm to greet you with !

  • CR

    To those reading this story and upset on what has happened to Williamsport, I have a very serious question? What are YOU going to do about the changes? I moved into the city from another part of the country in the early 90’s and saw what was happening. And the really funny, or sad depending on how one look’s at it, is that everyone I spoke to, knew who was allowing the city to go to Hell in a Handbasket as my Grandmother would say. They could tell you what Business/City Leaders were involved in the drug Issue. They could tell you who was sleeping with who. What parts of town you no longer went after certain times in the evening. Everyone knew certain stories were not printed in the paper and so on.. But it seemed that no one really wanted to solve anything. Heck, I had more then a couple tell me, not to make waves as that was not how things were done here. We mind our own business here, one person that lived on the block I did at that time, made it very clear to me. So when I saw that it was all about the complaining and not fixing, I moved out of the city. And that is a shame in a way, as the people there are deep down, really good people.

    • Scared Citizen

      Well for starters, here is what I did, I got a permit to carry a concealed weapon for self defense, and believe you me I do ! I could still lose if attacked even with a firearm, but at least the thug will have picked on the wrong person they might of though was a push over. And I sleep with my pistol near my pillow and my rifle next to my mattress easy access fully loaded, you come into my home uninvited day or night to rob me or hurt me or mine your gonna be in for a big surprise ! I defend my castle, and have the right to do so, walking is 1 thing in the nieghborhood, but if you scummy thug, trash break and enter my castle your truly doing so at your own risk, and it is a BIG one the thug is taking, believe me you !

      Williamsport people are good folks, and trash has ruined our once nice town.
      Our City Motto was “Williamsport, a Proud Past and Promising Future” Well after last 25 years, a revision is needed

      “Williamsport, a Proud Past and an ABYSMAL Future ! ” Courtesy of thugs, addicts, criminals !

  • Scared Citizen

    I live in WIlliamsport, and I am am sick and tired of the THUGS that have come to this once nice city and destroyed it ! This town is very dangerous to walk through at any time of day in my opinion, I am am scared everytime I do, thugs, drugs, shootings, you name it !

    A cab driver was shot over by Bowman field (Cross Cutters Park ) a few years back also. These no goods that came to this town our lives aren’t worth 1 dollar to them ! I just can’t wait to move, but can’t. Williamsport is like Back to the Future III movie, where Marty sees alternative where his principal has a drive by, and carries a machine gun, that is how bad this town seems to be going down the toilet last 20 years !

    • better safe than sorry

      I agree sharon… could it be any more vague. man in a hoodie probably describes half the male population of williamsport. and to fratboy on the narrows the list of suspects down…you got that right as well. i would make not of every conceivable aspect of the suspect, and hope that my loved ones didn’t find out who is was before the authorities….lol.

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