State Trooper Facing Assault Charge

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ELDRED TOWNSHIP – A state trooper in Monroe County is suspended without pay after he allegedly assaulted his wife.

Troopers say the incident happened early Monday morning.

Trooper Mark Michael was suspended without pay from the Fern Ridge barracks this week. He is charged with assault and harassment for an incident that allegedly happened off the job in his own home.

According to court papers Trooper Mark Michael assaulted his wife Monday at their home near Kunkletown.

She claims, “…she woke up to the defendant (Trooper Michael) calling her names, making fun of her and her family and swearing at her.”

When Michael’s wife went to shut the bedroom door so their kids wouldn’t hear them fighting, the trooper allegedly pushed her out of the way and grabbed her by the throat. Michael’s wife said she couldn’t breathe.

When state police arrived, Michael was told he would be facing charges.

Court papers say that he replied “She wants to play games, huh?”

Michael went on to say that she was the one who woke him up yelling and had tried to get to unloaded guns.

Michael is charged with simple assault and harassment and is free on bail.

In 1995 Newswatch 16 reported on this accident involving Trooper Michael. He had pulled over a driver on Interstate 80 in Carbon County and got hit by a tractor-trailer. He was severely injured; the driver of the car was killed.

Michael has been with the Pennsylvania State Police since 1991.

A state police spokesman had no comment on the charges.


  • Dan

    I love how everybody automatically assumes he’s guilty. The guy always gets the blame in these situations. Both blame the other person but he gets hit with charges and loses his income! I thought it was supposed to be innocent until proven guilty. Not the other way around.

  • Helper

    I agree any kind of abuse is not acceptable but both these people do alot of good in their lives too. Be careful who you judge, unless you have never made a bad decision in your live ever.

  • Joe Public

    Why no picture of this Cop??? Some kid steals a carton of cigarettes and you post their faces as if they were the second coming of Charles Manson.

  • gafan

    I have to laugh out loud at all you people talking trash on cops. Big tough guys behind a computer keyboard. And what happens the minute you get pulled over? Boy the tune changes then, doesn’t it? Where’s all your bravery then? INSTANT COWARD MODE SET TO ENGAGE IN 5,4,3,2,…

    • Charly Lucky


    • Charly Lucky

      MY TUNE STAYS THE SAME….STILL A DIRTY LITTLE PIGGY, NOT BECAUSE HE IS A COP, BECAUSE HE CHOKED A WOMAN!!!! Maybe gafan is a woman beater too, the COWARDS tend to stick together
      By the way, I was on the job for 28 years in Nassau County, and I retired without ever hitting a woman.

  • John

    This will be negotiated down to some kind of summary offense of no charges at all. Last time you will see this on Channel 16 as well. Why ? Pa St Police are as corrupt as the come. No doubt he has enough information to destroy that entire barrack with corruption details as well as other local and federal entity’s that he has had dealing with.

  • Me

    Pa is corrupt. All charges will be dropped eventually. This is how Pa works.
    Corruption, lies, deceit, thieving. Hope when WWIII breaks out, Pa gets targeted first !!!!!

  • Skeptic

    What disgusting comments. Generalizing police officers, generalizing men, generalizing and judging… all over a news article. You all should be ashamed.

    • Helper

      Before you all judge, both people involved in this story are actually good people. They are getting their personal lives aired in public. Pray for them, don’t judge them.

    • DE

      Judging is not calling a spade a spade, That’s why judges have jobs. And if someone is “good,” they don’t beat on someone or something weaker and smaller than themselves. This goes for spouse abuse, child abuse, and animal abuse regardless of gender, culture, creed, or position in society. Yes, that makes you a bad person, and yes it means something is WRONG with that person.
      People are entitled to vioce opinions, not just the ones you agree with.

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