Two Dead, Two In Custody After Shooting In Luzerne County

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HUNLOCK TOWNSHIP — Police say two people are in custody after a shooting that left two people dead in Luzerne County.

Troopers say it began around 1 p.m. Wednesday on Sunset Lake Road near Hunlock Creek.

Troopers say that’s where they found a man and his son shot to death.

Police have taken James Roche and Holly Crawford, both of Sweet Valley, into custody in connection with the death.

James Roche

James Roche

Roche and Crawford were picked up after a search of the area.

This all happened a few hundred yards away from Northwest Area Intermediate School.

The superintendent says the school was in lockdown and everyone is safe.

Troopers tell us a state police chopper helped them track down Roche and Crawford, who were hiding in the woods, not far from Dobson Road in Ross Township.

There is no word from investigators on the identities of the victims.


  • Cheryl

    Rest in peace Barney and Jeff. Bless all your loved one in this sad time. May your killers get what they deserve and more.

  • Chevy

    WNEP, why do you insist on using a picture of Holly that is uncropped and includes a picture of her daughter, she is still young, and shouldn’t be subjected to this kind of media, even though she isn’t the focus of the picture, you shouldn’t put an innocent teen in the photo. Hasn’t she been through enough?

  • just an old friend

    Jim was a good guy in hs a friend of mine very suprised to see this cuz hes never hurt a fly, I really cant see him doing this, maybe im in denial but its been ten yrs since I seen him

    • DE

      A lot can happen in ten years…we had gone thru changes in people that were close to us that we never thought we would see the day…

  • mandy smith

    Why do you feel the need to troll this thread and act like a cowardly douche hiding behind a computer?! You’re a sick hill billy, sitting on a computer looking to stir a pot instead of being a productive member of society. If you’re not going to offer any intelligent or legitimate comments, dont type anything. You’re truly pathetic, obnoxious, disgusting and I’d GLADLY fill in for Jackie and shut your mouth for you!

  • Chris

    I live on Post Office Rd. and had 4 State Police vehicles come flying up my drive, tear up my yard, and head towards the woods that separate our property from Dobson Rd. So nobody knows scared untill you find out those creeps were in your back yard and you’re waiting to find out why the bus was late and where your 2 kids are. My kids go to Ross Elem. and were on lockdown because of this. None of the parents that I talked to were notified about any of this. We were all scared as hell. I hope they get what they deserve.


    What this area and I am sure all surrounding areas need is to clean up the drugs first, this can be done by making the punishment harsh, not just a slap on the wrist. Don’t put them in a country club prison, put them in tents surrounded by a high fence and guards, as a prisoner you lost your rights. Make them work doing hard labor.

  • James

    Just like people from this area to convict someone in the court of publc opinion. What happened to INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY . Or were you people there to see what happened? UNBELIEVABE Read the constitution

    • Chuck Herring

      First things first i heard the old man was using his lottery winning s to keep her strung out and was using her for sex by feeding her drugs and that her friend had enough and put a stop to it so until all is known maybe we should all keep quiet .

  • pforrest

    We who grew up in Hunlocks remember it as a nice country town. Until the crap from the city moved in. Just because we are a rural area, we are not INBRED!!!!!

    • DE

      That’s interesting given the fact that most of the “crap” of which you speak is right here from good ‘ol NEPA.

  • sue

    Umm lets not discriminate. I live in the hunlock/ shickshinny area and believe me we arent the same! so i would watch your words. Yes we might be getting known for our meth labs but please we aren’t all the same.

    • KMZD

      Stay in Nanticoke or Plymouth, dear Miss Jones. I grew up in Hunlocks and it’s a beautiful little country town – until dregs of society come in and sh*t it up

  • Laura

    Thank You WNEP. I live on Main Road Hunlock Creek. My son attends Hunlock Creek Elm. I saw the State Police flying up my road. And had to find out what was happening on Facebook. Thank You so much for your prompt service!

    • michael

      I hope they fry them two i just hope that it wasnt the gather and son i know from out there. god bless there families.

    • Eve

      Yup! I live on Benscoter Ave. less than mile away from Ross Elem. I was waiting for the school buss and nothing, I had to follow an unmarked cop car that was flying on main road that was heading to Ross Elem.
      Poor kids, they really got scared. My son was shaking a’ bit.

      • Ned Reck

        Your son will also be a piece of trash in short order .Will you call for his head or will you place the blame elsewhere?

  • J

    yes – it’s the same woman who pierced the cats. she’s a heroin addict who was also involved in the Casey Zalenski killing in Dallas some years back – she drove the two murderers to New Jersey in exchange for heroin before they were caught

    • DE

      I hope that judge is happy for letting her walk to kill yet again! It’s getting real bad over that way..Did she do ANY time? And if she did, wouldn’t a parole/probation officer have to keep tabs on her? Urine tests for starters? Would anyone not be keeping tabs? How did a convicted felon get a hold of guns? That guy looks like a real peach. Hope they both fry.

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