Sweet Treats for Easter Sunday

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Purity Candy near Allenwood was packed with people picking up Easter candy. Father John Victoria of Faxon had a basket filled with goodies--and even a list!

"We're having a little staff party today for the employees at the church so I wanted to pick up something for them. Also a few things for my family and friends," Victoria said.

"Just some chocolate eggs and some peanut butter eggs. Usually I make my own but this year I didn't," Donna Smeltz said.

The staff at Purity Candy was busy making chocolate covered eggs, pretzels
and bunnies!

"Peanut butter has really taken off over the years. It used to be coconut creme, now it's peanut butter. We've tried some new things, like fudge eggs. I don't know, anything Easter," John Burfeindt said.

Purity Candy President John Burfeindt says the store sells a large variety of chocolate bunnies, from one ounce to this big guy that's 75 pounds and almost $400 dollars! Peter Trevouledes of Hughesville chose something in the middle for his family.

"I wanted to have a little bit of shock value and walk in with this ten pound bunny. I think it will make everyone happy," Trevouledes said.

Purity Candy has been around since 1907 and many of the shoppers say they would rather come here and support the local business rather than go to the chain stores for their Easter candy.

"The quality is great. The people are just wonderful in there and you just feel like you're doing something good in keeping business local," Trevouledes said.

Purity Candy is open until Saturday for those last-minute Easter shoppers.

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