Source Of Stink In Wyoming County Investigated

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MONROE TOWNSHIP -- State DEP officials and Wyoming County EMA officials are investigating an incident at a natural gas dehydration station.

Officials say a substance used to give natural gas its odor was somehow released from one of the storage buildings after 10 p.m. Monday at the station south of Tunkhannock.  The wind then picked it up and the smell spread.

After doing air tests, DEP says the substance is not harmful to the public.

They are investigating how the substance got out of the storage facility in Wyoming County.


  • Gary

    Not saying the chemical is not dangerous but any chemical with low saturation can be not dangerous. There may not be enough in the air to be dangerous, though houses right next to the plant may be different. Those people should be pissed and inform the docter about any health issues even the sniffles, just to get it on record.

  • deanmars2013

    Mercaptan: Guide 28
    “poisonous; may be fatal if inhaled, swallowed, or absorbed through skin. Contact may cause burns to skin and eyes.

  • Jerry S.

    My property ajoins the dehydration plant. This is the second day in a row there was an incident and the seventh incident since the plants’ inception. When will this be fully investigated and concerned neighbors be given an explaination?

    • Brian

      Because it’s big business at work, stupid. The Republican big business machine that puts business first and the people and environment second. Talk to people in Wyoming and Colorado to see just what natural gas drilling does to an environment. Well, okay, maybe not Wyoming…big Republican state; they probably don’t care that the land there has been ruined for future generations. But you get the point.

      • mdog

        Look deeper you will be surprised.
        Its the Dem Sun that rises in the East.
        O’Bama Power O’Bama Jobs.
        Who’s Sane ? Bore Rock !

  • Alex L

    If it was ethyl mercaptan, it’s not exactly true that there’s no harm to the public. It comes with an MSDS sheet for workers that says short term exposure may cause, “irritation, nausea, difficulty, breathing, headache, symptoms of drunkenness, bluish skin color, convulsions, coma” (

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